Zeiss victory v8/ht turn-up rifle scope objective lens cover, 50mm


  • zeiss turn cowl 30mm for victory v8/ht
  • designed for the the zeiss victory v8 series riflescopes
  • suits 30mm goal lens
  • will not impare the field of view whilst open
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product description

riflescopes need to get up to many one of a kind external affects in the course of looking. Whether or not it’s miles uncovered to rain, snow or dirt û the capability of your riflescope have to by no means be impaired. To that this is the case, zeiss has now advanced the brand new turn covers. The brand new riflescope flip covers flawlessly guard the lens in any climate. The superb lens cap is screwed onto the lens clear out thread and may be locked in any function, making it ideal for both left and proper-exceeded shooters. The zeiss turn cover is exactly tailored to the necessities of hunting and will provoke you with its long provider existence. At some stage in a hunt, the flip cowl can be operated reliably, speedy and quietly. The sphere of view is in no manner impaired by using the turn cowl.


30mm, 50mm, 56mm, 60mm


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