York barbell neoprene hexagon fitbell with cast ergo deal with

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  • product kind: sporting goods
  • bundle peak: 17. 018 centimeters
  • package length: 4. 318 centimeters
  • package width: five. 334 centimeters
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product description

the york neo hex suit bells are available with a thick black neoprene coating and characteristic a hexagonal head layout, to save you rolling. They may be bought one at a time or in club packs (#15612) and are without difficulty saved on our neo hex rack (#69031).


3 lb, 10 lb

3 reviews for York barbell neoprene hexagon fitbell with cast ergo deal with

  1. Cheryl Lockett

    I ordered the York Barbell Neopren and on the contrary, I received 1 10 lb barbell opposed to 2, as I expected. Regardless, the biggest disappointment was receiving even the one barbell in a used condition. In addition, the neopren fiber was blue, instead of black as displayed in the advertisement posted on Amazon. As well, the neopren material was cracked in 2 places. Clearly used and not brand new. Yet, I was charged for a new item…Again, to which I thought was new. Buyer beware! Read more

  2. Asav88

    Does the job but is blue, not black as shown. Not the biggest deal but my gym equipmemt is black so its annoying. They come as singles so do not expect to get 2 dumbbells. Read more

  3. kate s

    Read description carefully. Thought i was ordering a set of 2, not one single weight. Otherwise happy with this product. Read more

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