Yes4all wrist and forearm blaster – wrist roller & forearm roller for schooling, exercise – wrist/arm blaster – match 1-inch wellknown & 2-inch olympic weight plates

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your model range.
  • heavy gauge metallic creation: built of heavy responsibility steel core this is noticeably long lasting and will retain top overall performance even after long time heavy utilization
  • top rate percent cope with: functions a tear-resistant, high density percent take care of to minimize your hand fatigue and offer a better, firm, comfortable grip while operating ou
  • adjustable nylon strap: comes with a excessive first-rate nylon webbing strap to offer more comfort and additional safety for the duration of schooling, making sure that your fitness development stays uninterrupted
  • fits all fashionable weight plates: the weight loading pin is designed to be well suited with all popular 1-inch weight plates and can support up to 100lbs, exquisite for fitness fanatics of all levels
  • extremely good for arms and forearms: allows strengthening the wrists, arms and forearms as well as increasing muscle tone, perfect for athletes who’re looking to improve their performances
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from the producer

construct your monster forearms

  • expand ultimate grip power
  • best for hand & wrist rehabilitation
  • create energy and powerful energy on your wrist and forearms
  • clean to use, appropriate for domestic exercise, industrial gymnasium, rehab center
  • ideal for sports activities like golf, baseball, tennis, wrestling, soccer and climbing
  • functions

    long lasting metal creation holds up to 100 lbs, would not slip while the usage of heavy weights.

    excessive density padded foam grips gives relaxed & anti-slipping grips and reduce hand fatigue.

  • works with standard 1 inch weight plates.
  • heavy-obligation nylon webbing rope is designed for excessive power education.
  • just roll the burden up and down, do as many reps as you could to efficaciously improve the energy to your palms, wrists and forearms. Upload extra weights as you get stronger.

    technical specifications

  • dimensions: 14. 8 x 1. 3 inches (lxw)
  • deal with length: 5. 7 inches
  • adjustable durable webbing strap
  • product weight: 1. 5 lbs – weight potential: a hundred lbs
  • product description

  • strong metal construction with padded foam grip
  • build power in wrists and forearms
  • work with popular-size weight plates (not included)
  • dimensions: 15. Seventy nine x 1. 1 inches (lxw)
  • handle length: 6. 27 inches
  • adjustable durable webbing strap
  • product weight: 1. Five lbs
  • weight ability: one hundred lbs
  • color_name

    Wrist and Forearm Blaster

    8 reviews for Yes4all wrist and forearm blaster – wrist roller & forearm roller for schooling, exercise – wrist/arm blaster – match 1-inch wellknown & 2-inch olympic weight plates

    1. J. R. O. Neal

      In the beginning it worked great. I used a carabineer to attach it to my Bowflex. Unfortunately after only 3 uses the foam started spinning on the handles. This makes it impossible to use. There are MANY reviews sharing this same issue so I know it’s not just my unit. Spend your money elsewhere. UPDATE I decided to try to get mine working so I wouldn’t have to go through returning and buying something else. I pulled the foam off, sanded the powder coat and used plasti-dip to coat each handle. This works great. Read more

    2. brad

      I bought this product along with a 10lb weight and a pair of 7.5lb weights. I use it with the 10lb weight the majority of the time and, in total, I’ve probably used this product about half an hour since buying it a few weeks ago. Well earlier tonight while using it with the 10lb on it, the clip gave out when I had the weight half way up and it dropped to the ground narrowly missing my toes. Thinking that it must’ve been a freak occurrence since it hadn’t happened before and I didn’t see any obvious damage to the clip or rope, I simply reattached it and went back to my workout. Well it wasn’t a freak occurrence because it immediately happened again, only this time it didn’t miss my toes. Luckily i only had it about a foot off the ground so my injury isn’t severe. I warn everyone considering buying this product to AVOID IT and buy s better quality brand. Read more

    3. Gator

      Cheap piece of junk the 3 spot welds that attach the pipe are microscopic, broke after minimal usage of light weights. Buy anything else Read more

    4. Curtis B

      I have used quite a few wrist rollers from the various gyms I’ve worked at. from the cheap, thin gripped and rope kind…all the way up to the crazy expensive flat strap style that this is similar to. This is definitely towards the top of the pack! Pros + thick bar means more of a wrist workout + comes with the weight holding attachment, others you have to pay extra for that + flat strap means a more consistent roll up and no tangling + Even withthe bolt set out a bit, I like that little extra work to roll past it (see con) + ridiculously overbuilt. not sure what the max weight is but it is definitely not going to break anytime soon Cons – I am not a huge fan of the coating, gets a little slippery if you are sweaty. I added grip tape and have had no problems since – the bolt that you use to hold the strap on is set out a bit and doesn’t give a consistent roll, maybe a deal-breaker for some but not me All in all, I absolutely love this thing and will continue to use it regularly! The only reason I knocked a star off is because of the weird bolt position. Read more

    5. Colin

      Tested this product with 10lbs and the grips slipped instantly even with a tight squeeze on the handles. I removed the grips by hand and coated the metal pipes with gorilla glue. I let set overnight and the grips didn’t move at all. An alternative might be removing the grips and replacing them with tighter bicycle grips. After the glue the product is fine but it should come with some type of adhesive to hold them on to prevent the total slip out it came with. Three stars because it needed modification. I’ll update this review if the welds don’t hold up over time. Read more

    6. M

      The handle material is very poor. I use it with about 23 lbs of weight and it’s nearly impossible to use to to it slipping in your hands. Next I tried using gloves, which solved the grip issue, but now the handle itself would begin to slip off since even the inside of the handle didn’t provide enough friction to the plastic. I wish my old one didn’t break. Needless to say I plan on returning this ASAP Read more

    7. Joseph Herrington

      Product is effective in targeting forearms. The loadable anchor is sturdy enough. I have been using 1-inch diameter plates, which I would recommend if possible, so that there is not a lot of listing if the weight shifts. My only negative criticism is that one of the handles is not in a fixed position and will rotate slightly as you perform your rolling motion. The give is not enough to make me regret purchasing and can be solved with liquid glue. Read more

    8. Jim Scwartzman

      I broke one just like it with 15 lbs, The plastic , or pig iron whaevter the clip is , broke. I would not want to put my toes under the touted 100 lbs this product claims to be able to handle. Read more

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