Yes4all mini deadlift barbell jack – appropriate for loading, unloading and changing weight plates – designed for deadlifting, powerlifting, and weightlifting

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  • ensure this suits by way of coming into your model quantity.
  • full equipment for deadlift – beautify your overall performance and smash the boundaries: whether you are into weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting or crossfit education, it’s time to improve your muscle size and strength in the top lower back, traps, and hamstrings with utmost safety
  • [deadlift jack] eight lbs total: 14” long x 1” diameter strong metal handles & 4 collars with rubber trims
  • [deadlift jack] uhmw padded grip: the touch plate is uhmw padded which enables guard your bar knurling in addition to maintaining it in region
  • [deadlift jack] clean elevate step design: designed for leverage usage, the barbell jack lifts fully loaded barbells conveniently
  • [wrist strap] effectively enhance your lifts & maximize your gains: regardless of what the lifter’s software might also entail, there’s usually the threat of sacrificing shape as fatigue sets in. With terrible shape comes injury. You already know one positive way to save you it
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A. Mini Deadlift jack – Steel, A. Mini Deadlift jack – Steel + Wrist Strap, Wooden

8 reviews for Yes4all mini deadlift barbell jack – appropriate for loading, unloading and changing weight plates – designed for deadlifting, powerlifting, and weightlifting

  1. blazingsunn3

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. For the price of this jack, I expected lesser quality. I was very wrong. I love this thing. It’s very sturdy and easy to use. Awesome purchase for a garage gym with limited space! Read more

  2. C. Owen

    I found myself skipping occasional warm-up sets because of the hassle of progressively adding plates. This jack saves me time and energy and makes setup and cleanup a breeze. Rogue’s model lacks a handle and is about $20 more expensive before shipping. Fringe Sport, my favorite gym equipment supplier, has what appears to be the exact same design but is also $20 more with free shipping. The bar jack I received appears to have very good weld quality and I’ve got no concerns about durability for a home gym that gets heavy, daily use. Read more

  3. Nightsong

    This item was functional and a good value for the price but I ultimately decided to return it. Construction was solid, lots of UHMW plastic coverage on the bar contact points, and the welds were passable (though certainly not the quality you’d see from Rogue). I like the handle feature – it makes it easier to utilize the jack. I was pleased with the quality onn the whole. It was just as good as comparable products from companies like Titan, though slightly less refined than Rogue. However, for what this tool is used for the Yes4All product is more than adequate (assuming it hold sup after regular use). That being said, I felt like the geometry just wasn’t a great fit for my setup as it requires a good amount of leverage to jack the bar, which ended up gashing my wood platform a bit. It worked great on rubber and carpet but my platform doesn’t have enough rubber space available to jack the bar on rubber on both ends without moving the bar (which defeats the purpose). I bought this min jack to replace a DeadWedge but after a few lifts I realized that I preferred my DeadWedge. The downside of the wedge is that you can’t use it to add/remove the first or last plate. I load the first plate on my rack and move it to the platform to get around this issue, but that doesn’t work for everyone. On the whole I think this is a solid product and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a compact jack at a good price. Read more

  4. Joseph Kline

    I really like this thing, its one of those nice little extras you don’t need just sure does come in handy. The handle on it is incredibly useful for scooping in under the bar. The jack point space is wide enough to be used on normal barbells as well as fat axle bars ( about 2″ opening). The high density plastic pads do a good job protecting the knurling on my nice barbells. I highly doubt there is a weight any person could lift that this jack couldn’t handle. There is no need to really look any further unless you just want to buy American made. Read more

  5. Thomas

    I brought this after I saw a gym have it available for everyone. At first I didn’t know what it was, but then I tried it one day and immediately knew I would be getting my own deadlift jack. I’ve had several people approach me in the gym and ask about this tool or make comments. All of them were positive. If you don’t have a tool like this already to do your deadlifts and other barbell floorwork with less effort, what are you doing??? Save your back unnecessary strain and buy this. In terms of durability: I expect to have mine for several years before needing to replace it or upgrade. Read more

  6. TriniBoy JusDre

    As other 5-star reviews before this one have indicated, this is a very good mini-jack and seems well built and structurally sound for its application. Weld quality is of a very good standard (on unit I received) and powder coating is nice as well. The well designed and seemingly strong handle is really a big plus compared to its similar styled competition, (that does not have a handle), as some users may find it more practical to use their hands to place the jack, leveraging/ or opt to use foot for pushing down. Hassle free and REALLY allows you to move on with your circuit training minus tense lower back/ energy drain esp after handling the heavier weights. Worth the price from day one and onwards! Read more

  7. @bullflex_

    I have a review video of this on YouTube – Yes4All Mini Deadlift Jack With Handle (Amazon) Review But to try to get the jist of my review here; you do get your money’s worth. It is kinda cheap and not expensive like others out there so you cannot expect the world. But the weldings good, everything’s firm nothings loose, I’m sure this’ll last me a while! But again, (this goes for all mini deadlift Jack’s not specifically this one) I do suggest you save up money for a full Deadlift Jack that Jacks the entire bar up Full Deadlift Jack (Pros and Cons) Pros – • Jack’s the entire bar up • easier to jack up • dont need to use your foot (if you use your foot) Cons – • takes up more space • more expensive (if you have a budget) Mini Deadlift jack (pros and cons) Pros – • requires less space • cheaper Cons – • have to jack up both sides of the bar one after another after you finish loading your plates • probably have to use your foot (which can be annoying But again, for the most part if you do go with this product or any other version of the mini deadlift jack, you’ll get your money’s worth👍🏻 Read more

  8. Abe Froman

    Awesome. The welds are perfect. This thing is rock solid and so much easier to use compared to a dead wedge. I have both, and still use the dead wedge in certain scenarios, but this is a much better tool to have in your arsenal when the weights get heavy. Read more

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