Yes4all foot rocker – calf stretcher for pain alleviation with options available

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your model range.
  • constructed for foot stretching: yes4all foot rocker is ergonomically designed with the strong plastic construction to provide a deep stretch to the decrease leg muscle mass and the calf, enhancing balance, variety of movement and versatility
  • anti-slip layout: offering non-slip treads at the surface with rubber strips on the lowest, the rocker received’t slide easily, ensuring that you have an harm-loose revel in. The wooden choice’s 400-pound weight potential additionally provides greater protection
  • highest quality for foot pain relief: has an angled creation designed particularly for ensuring right foot role for stretching to lessen ache from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis to arch pains, ankle traces and more
  • one length suits all: yes4all foot rocker has a clever design to deal with nearly a huge range of shoe sizes as much as size 10, making it the ultimate ache remedy gadget well matched with humans of every age and health tiers
  • 1-12 months warr and 30-day go back: we offer a 1-yr workmanship assurance and 30-day delight guarantee that make certain you have the satisfactory experience viable with our product
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from the manufacturer

made from top class pleasant, solid plastic materials, yes4all foot rocker can preserve as much as an amazing 400lbs (for wood options) and is designed in particular for foot stretching, alleviating continual ache from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and more.

offering an anti-slip surface with rubber strips on its backside, yes4all foot rocker is extraordinarily secure to apply and received’t be susceptible to slipping or sliding, making certain protection even as imparting powerful stretches

due to its ergonomic layout, the rocker works on nearly all varieties of surfaces and can accommodate a extensive variety of shoe sizes from size 14 to size 21. That is remarkable for humans of all tiers of fitness to use at home or inside the workplace.

product description

  • black – pair – plastic
  • black – unilateral – plastic
  • crimson – unilateral – plastic
  • army – unilateral – plastic
  • black – unilateral – wooden
  • navy – unilateral – timber
  • color_name

    A. Black – Unilateral – Plastic, B. Black – Pair – Plastic, C. Pink – Unilateral – Plastic, E. Navy – Unilateral – Plastic, F. Black – Unilateral – Wood Extra large, G. Navy – Unilateral – Wood Extra large

    8 reviews for Yes4all foot rocker – calf stretcher for pain alleviation with options available

    1. Mark

      “smart design to accommodate almost a wide range of shoe sizes up to size 13.5?” In what universe?! This item CLEARLY isn’t made for those with feet larger than size 8-9. I wear a size 12 US, and my shoe extends more than 3 inches over the front end. Will be returning. Read more

    2. MeThinkest

      Used a rocker like this in therapy after a dislocated ankle, broken ankle bone, broken tibia and fibula. After therapy was over didn’t work it enough and it restiffened and lost all flexibility. Bought this and use twice a day less than 10 minutes. Flexibility is back!! Can slide foot into boots and wear a 1” heel now. Big improvement. Highly recommend!!!! Read more

    3. W.D.Y.

      should have opened and checked sooner and done a closer inspection one of the rockers was missing a rubber strip used to keep the rocker from slipping out rom under you. Read more

    4. LynB

      I used one during physical therapy while rehabbing from foot surgery and it worked so well I decided to purchase one for home use. It really works well to keep your calf stretched and your muscles loose. Read more

    5. Jeshi

      Love this simple stretch tool for my home gym! Works great! Read more

    6. K. Renner

      Used one in PT after a surgery., so bought one for home. Works as described. Read more

    7. nnemcik

      Just as described. Good price, easy to use very effective in stretching out the calves. Read more

    8. Jill from NJ

      Love this for stretching before and after I ride my indoor bike. Read more

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