Weaver pinnacle mount matte black base pair – ruger 10/22

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your model variety.
  • made of the best pleasant materials
  • searching scopes mounts
  • some other first-rate bushnell product
  • top mount aluminum bases (pairs)
  • each weaver base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom healthy
  • aluminum bases provide maximum electricity for rings to hold tight

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product description

weaver ruger 10/22 48474 top mount scope base aluminum. Hunting scopes mounts. Product of the highest best materials

5 reviews for Weaver pinnacle mount matte black base pair – ruger 10/22

  1. Wrench

    This mount by looking at the picture is recessed down the center well its not. The description claims these are Weaver style which they are but they also have tip-off mounting which makes the mount taller. To keep the overall height down the Weaver mount is very close to the receiver which can cause interference between some brands and styles of scope rings and the receiver. As of this review the only rings I could fined that do not lay on the receiver are made of steel. This makes them heavy and more expensive in many cases but they fit. I ended up using Leupold QRW medium rings and the Weaver mount in this review. Rings cost more than the scope but its done! The mount that ships with newer 10/22’s is to tall to enable use of the iron sites once installed. This is the reason why I looked for a mount without the tip-off option. Otherwise the mount is of high quality and should work well with the right rings of course. Its really not Amazon’s fault as every reseller is using the same picture. Even on Weaver’s website the picture is wrong and so is the description. I’m going to upload a picture of what the mounts really look like. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    The item provided came as a set marked “Ruger 10/22” with different screw spacing for the two pieces (labeled 103 and 104). The American Ruger 10/22 bolt action actually uses the 104 in both positions so I assume that some Ruger 10/22’s need the set. The 104 fit nicely and the screws provided were the correct threading and length for the Ruger American. Overall I am satisfied since I have had a hard time finding the correct mounts for the Ruger American. To solve my problem, I ordered another set so I will have two pieces (the 103) that I can’t use. Still with free no-hassle shipping, I am satisfied. Minor problem solved. Read more

  3. Lisa A.

    fit perfectly. Easy to install. Read more

  4. Angie

    Works like a charm. Read more

  5. South Dakotan

    I purchased these bases to mount a scope on my sister’s Ruger 10/22 that she needs to properly deal with varmints that eat her “hobby” chickens. The front base was not drilled correctly, so NONE of the screws would seat flush with the base. They protruded roughly 2 mm which is almost 1/8″. The rear base worked with all 4 screws. The rings we had would not fit properly if the screws were not perfectly flush. I had to mount the scope that day, and it was a 30 minute drive one-way to the nearest store open at that time of night. I had to very carefully drill the bases until the screw would seat flush. If I screwed up and drilled too much, it would ruin the mount. It took quite a while to get it right. It is unacceptable to have to do this. I have Weaver bases on my own Ruger 10/22 that I bought about 15 years ago, but I did not run into this problem. Read more

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