Weaver base top mount

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your model wide variety.
  • fabricated from the highest best substances
  • searching scopes mounts
  • every other fine bushnell product
  • pinnacle mount aluminum base
  • machined to tight tolerances for a custom healthy
  • for detachable and adjustable jewelry
  • aluminum bases provide maximum strength for earrings to maintain tight

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weaver base top mount

each weaver base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom healthy. These aluminum bases offer most electricity for jewelry to maintain tight.

  • machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit
  • offer the rock stable weaver pass-lock design to healthy a ramification of jewelry
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    weaver rem 514/winchester seventy four 48012 top mount scope base-12 aluminium. Searching scopes mounts. Fabricated from the very best first-class materials

    8 reviews for Weaver base top mount

    1. Roger J. Buffington

      This is a Weaver base mount for rifles that are drilled and tapped for such a base mount, such as the Ruger American Rimfire rifle, for example. It attaches to the rifle and in turn allows the attachment of a Weaver style scope ring. I used one of these to attach a red dot sight to my Ruger American Rimfire .22WMR rifle. The picture on the Amazon product page is confusing. In fact, you only get one of these, so if you are attaching a conventional scope that requires two rings you will need to order two of these. My CompC3 Aimpoint sight mounts with a single ring, so I only needed (and only got) one base mount when I ordered from Amazon. The construction, fit, and finish of this product is excellent. Attach it with a bit of blue Threadlocker and you will be good to go. It looks like an OEM part of the rifle. RJB. Read more

    2. HRM

      Bought two of these and mounted them on a Ruger American Rimfire .22 rifle which was designed for these mounts. Used these and AccuShot Picatinny/Weaver Medium Profile 2-piece 1-inch Rings with a Simmons .22MAG 3-9X 32mm A/O scope and it works great. Getting really nice groups on an indoor 50 foot range. Looking forward to trying this on the 100 yard range when summer gets here. Scope was a bit high, so you may be able to use low profile rings on the Ruger. If you buy the Simmons .22MAG scope, get the one with adjustable objective (A/O), it allows for better focus for use on 50 foot or 100 yd targets (I have the Simmons on a Savage MKII .22 that I use on both ranges). Read more

    3. Josh

      Worked well for my Ruger American Rimfire in .22LR. Just keep in mind you need to buy 2 of them. I like these a lot since they’re much lighter than a full rail like what came on my 10/22. Used some blue Loctite while installing these. Then I mounted some medium rings, and now my rifle is complete. Daughter shot a couple hundred rounds, and held zero fine. I shot a few hundred the next week, and they still held zero. No issues whatsoever. Great deal for these mounts. Read more

    4. steve stegle

      Used on my Marlin XT 17 for the Chinook scope in previous review. Only thing is: Scope mounts are not dead center… They lean to the left a bit. Don’t know if it’s the mounts themselves, or the screw locations on the gun… However, I was able to dial the scope in for 3″ groups on bullseye at 50 yatds. Read more

    5. D.S.C.

      The screw holes are too far apart to use on a Remington 514. Drill and tap installation on the 514 (6-48 screws use a #31 drill – .1200) no big deal, but the receiver ring on the 514 is too narrow to accept both holes. Used one screw and industrial epoxy to secure the forward base. Don’t know what Weaver is thinking when it specifies this base for use on the front of the Remington 514 it will not work as deigned. Read more

    6. Joe D.

      The fit and finish of these Weaver #12 mounts was perfect. They matched perfectly with the crown of the receiver on my Ruger American Rimfire .22LR rifle. The same top mount works for both the front and rear mount on that firearm. Highly recommended product over the Ruger 3/8″ groove mount system that’s already machined into the receiver. There’s just not enough flexibility there with how far forward or rearward one can mount a scope, but the the Weaver-style mounts offer the opportunity to use offset scope rings for extended or reduced eye relief as needed. Read more

    7. D. Rice Jr

      Just got them and already love them! You need a tapped barrel in order to use them, but make sure that you buy 2. I have them mounted on a Marlin XTR22R. Main reason that I got them is that my wife would rather shoot open sights for varmint. I have a BSA 22 Sweet that I like to be able to take to the range for some more long-range target shooting. Pic shows you open, scoped and line of sight with the open sights. Easy to install, quick on and off with my mounting rings: UTG Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny Scope Rings (2 Piece, 1-Inch Diam, 4-Screw Med Profile) – also from Amazon; can’t wait to get dialed in with the new set-up. In the meantime, critters beware. Read more

    8. Kenno25

      I don’t know if I got hold to a bad batch or what, but these mounts seem to be cut too big on the mounting area and the screws will not get tight enough for it to hold, so I can’t use any of them. They don’t cost enough to send back , so I guess I will just hold on to them . Sorry for the bad news. I don’t like to write a bad review because I know how it reflects back to the manufacture, but I felt like I should let this be known just in case it wasn’t just a bad batch. Read more

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