Wall mount dip station with vertical knee raise

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  • make sure this fits by way of getting into your model number.
  • compound bodyweight physical games: the dip and vertical knee increase station brings 3 pinnacle physical activities in your health club for top notch full frame workouts. Dips and assisted pull united statesfor your shoulders, lower back, chest and core, and knee raises for your decrease abdominals.
  • easy set up: set up is straightforward for homes with 16inch on-middle studs. Health club great completely braced all metal body supports as much as 350lbs. Best for home gyms of any size with mounting hardware and united states tech assist included.
  • quick metabolic blast: your metabolism turns on whilst you work your predominant muscle agencies in compound actions. A brief consultation with dips, knee raises and assisted pull usaswitches your metabolism on for all day fat burning and natural strength.
  • the supported abs workout: update sit down u. S. With knee raises – the completely supported manner to goal the lower abdominals. Angled handles, contoured lumbar support pad and forearm pads keep your focus on form for the fastest effects on the way you look and move.
  • new white powder coat frame: the brand new vertical knee enhance station compliments the appearance of your gym with a excessive comparison white powder coat body over top rate exceptional black vinyl padding and hardware. Wall mount preserves your open space for floor physical games.
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3 of the only compound body weight sporting activities

your metabolism kicks into overdrive when compound body weight physical games interact your fundamental muscle structures for your top and lower body and middle – despite very brief workouts. The dip and vertical knee improve station by way of ultimate body press offers you open get admission to to dips, assisted pull ups, and knee increases to build functional muscle rapid and places you in total control of your metabolism. If you are serious about results and want fitness center quality workouts at home, bolt the dsvkr by closing frame press to your wall.

update take a seat united states of americawith absolutely supported vertical knee increases

if you have hit a plateau with your lower abdominal outcomes, you may be held again by using the limitations of the take a seat-up function. With a contoured lumbar pad, thick forearm pads, and canted handles the dsvkr aligns your posture and frees your hips and legs for complete range of movement knee raises. Taking pointless strain out of your decrease stomach workout routines way you can dig deeper into each set with greater attention and patience. The dsvkr brings new consequences to your lower abdominals and you’ll love the way you look and flow.

installs without problems with popular 16 inch ‘on-center’ framing

the wall mount dip and vertical knee improve station is designed and supported in the united states of america. Ultimate frame press is a north carolina agency dedicated for your first-class workout routines. We build the tools we want to use and suppose you may like the outcomes. Your dsvkr comes whole with meeting and set up hardware, entire instructions and u. S. A. Tech assist.

approximately remaining frame press

our ardour is presenting health gadget that helps you to get the most from your workouts every day. By means of producing excessive excellent inexpensive products that look great and function beyond expectation we are able to create a profitable space on your lifestyles for workout and help you attain new levels of fitness, nicely being and private performance.

we price your health and are proud to serve your health club wishes. Ultimate frame press fitness gear is backed with america tech assist.



8 reviews for Wall mount dip station with vertical knee raise

  1. Brian

    I’ve checked out a few other ab/dip stations online and took a gamble on this one…and I’m glad I did. I preferred a wall-mounted product to save floor space in my basement home gym. I mounted it into a poured concrete wall using some 3/8 x 4” lags with shields. I broke one of the included lags so I purchased some higher grade ones for this project. I’m confident that the included lag bolts would be sufficient for mounting into wood studs, but I went with some stronger ones for concrete mounting. The whole thing feels sturdy and well-built. After trying out a few leg raises and dips, I tested it by doing some weighted dips with a 45 lb bumper plate (see attached pics). I’m 5’10”, 205 lbs and I feel confident that this thing could easily hold 300 lbs. I’m very satisfied so far, and my wife is too as she uses it for ab work. Strongly recommended. Read more

  2. Lance P. Rhodes

    I was weary about purchasing this product, as many other customers complained that the parts did not assemble correctly. I had it 90% installed when I discovered that the vertical handle grip was not machined correctly and could not thread the bolt. The seller was unable to send me a replacement part, but did (satisfactorily) provide a partial refund. I contacted the manufacturer directly, and they were more than happy to send a replacement part free of charge. It is now installed and fully functional. I am not marking the product down due to customer service issues. Both parties were great and handled my problem appropriately. However, even though the product was marked “new” and came fully packaged, it has several scratches and gashes in the paint, most likely due to machining. The paint job looks like it was dropped and run along a cement floor. Also, the padding is very cheap. It looks like it was stapled on in a sweat shop and will most likely tear off after repeated use. But it seems to work great for my simple workout. The wall studs and drywall seem to be holding, even for the extended vertical pushups. (For references, I weigh about 140 pounds.) Read more

  3. Joe

    Comfortable size and decent padding. It came in the box with a few scratches. Was easy to assemble. Does a great job of providing a good dip station without using floor space. Be aware however, I found that mounting this to a finished wall (Sheetrock) it needed to be mounted to a more solid support. I used 2×4’s and went and got longer lag screws (8). This made it as solid as a rock. At 195 pounds, and 215 pounds in full uniform, I was doing dips without an issue on this. Read more

  4. Micah B.

    I read some of the reviews left by others before purchasing this dip station, so I was aware that it might have some issues straight out of the box. Unfortunately this was the case with the one I ended up getting. The support bracket (The part that attaches to the wall separately from the back/main apparatus and supports the bottom of the arm rests; see photo) did not fit the arm rests, making mounting impossible without me bending the part by are least an inch. I’ve contacted customer support and will update once I get a response and am actually able to use the item. Update: upon emailing customer support they requested I send my address and then sent the part without question or verification, with it promptly arriving three days later. The new part fits well and I’ve since assembled and used the station, happy to say it feels very sturdy and comfortable. Padding is very firm (But still comfortable) and seems to hold up well after extensive use. Read more

  5. Jeff Kackley

    I don’t have the room for gym equipment in my house so I needed something I could put in my unfinished storage room that takes minimal space. The instructions and hardware it came with were to mount it on a framed wall but it worked out great on a concrete wall with a bit of work. I ended up buying two 3/8″x5″ wedge anchors for the top bar. Had to drill the holes on the frame to be slightly larger than the original 5/16″ but I couldn’t find wedge anchors in 5/16″ and wanted the extra strength that wedge anchors provide. Then I used two tapcon 3/16″x4″ fasteners for the support bracket with a stack of washer between the bracket and wall to make up for uneven surface. Go slow with the tapcon and don’t use a ratchet or you’ll snap the head off the screw like I did. After everything was said and done it’s incredibly sturdy, doesn’t move or creak at all and feels solid. I’m actually even missing a screw on the support bracket since I snapped the head off and can’t get it out, but it’s still extremely solid. The unit is well built, the pads are made well and it feels right to use. It’s great to not take up floor space. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’ve set up my home gym in my garage. Apart from it having to be functional, it also needed to use as little space as possible (I like to park my cars in there). This dip station fit the bill quite nicely as it is very compact. It is very sturdy when mounted properly and seems to be well built. My only gripe is that I wish the handles were made of a wider diameter tubing. Depending on how big your hands are and how much you weigh, you may feel that the handles can dig in to your palms. Overall though, I would definitely recommend this product. Read more

  7. Happy mommy

    I went way overboard installing it to my wall in my garage, but it is very solid and I can get dips and leg pull ups all day. plus my kids now have something to hang on. The instructions were a little confusing because they mis-labeled a bolt length for the pads VS the arm bracket to the support frame, but once I figured that out it was ok. Read more

  8. jinmandroid

    This dip station is completely rock solid, no sway or movement of any kind. The wall mounting certainly lends to it’s sturdiness, as well as utilitarian good looks. Leg raise configuration feels perfect, and hand position for dips is spot on. Minor gripes; the slightly small dip grip handles cut into your hands a bit, and the installation instructions weren’t the best. Both easily overcome. Otherwise, this is my perfect dip station. Read more

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