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  • the viper pst gen ii takes excellent overall performance and rock strong tactical features to new heights. The 2-10×32 first focal aircraft riflescope is distinctly versatile and best for close to long variety shooting eventualities.
  • shooters who dial their turrets for bullet drop and wind compensation will appreciate the laser etched turrets, adjustable parallax and the rzr zero forestall. A fiber optic rotation indicator guarantees you could hold track of your turret function readily.
  • the reticle offers shooters extraordinarily functional, intuitive, and targeted maintain factors, yet remains uncluttered for most advantageous viewing and capabilities 10 intensity degrees with off positions between each setting.
  • extra-low dispersion glass increases decision and coloration constancy. Xr absolutely multi-covered lenses growth mild transmission. Armortek coatings protect the lenses from scratches, oil, and dust.
  • o-ring sealed and argon purged, the viper provides water-proof and fogproof performance even as the unmarried-piece, plane-grade aluminum construction gives shooters a durable platform.
  • blanketed additives: add-ons
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this up to date favorite palms an unfair advantage to shooters who are trying to find to hold the upper hand in every situation from near quarters to lengthy-range shots. The illumination dial is cleanly incorporated into the facet awareness adjustment knob for clean access and streamlined performance. The glass-etched reticle gives shooters notably functional, intuitive, and specified preserve factors, but stays uncluttered for ideal viewing and capabilities 10 depth stages with off positions among every placing.


2-10×32, 5-25×50



7 reviews for Vortex optics viper pst gen ii first focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Bill B

    ***11/12/2019 Update*** This will likely be my last data point for this scope. I ended buying another PST Gen II and played musical scopes on my rifles. The 3-15x went on my 223 and I picked up a 5-25x mil/mil with the EBR-7c reticle – which by the way is absolutely phenomenal. I wanted to update my post because in my initial review I noted that the turrets were soft in the first several MOA of elevation and then became solid clicks. In my new Viper PST Gen II 5-25 this is not the case at all… The turrets are super crisp the entire way around and tracking has certainly been accurate as I have tall-target tested both scopes. Clicks are still not Razor HD Gen II quality, but for an optic that was purchased below $1,000 this is probably my favorite item on the market. Still highly recommend!!! ***3/23/2019 Update *** I purchased this scope in December of 2017, so I’ve had it about 15 months and as of yesterday, the rifle that it’s been sitting on now has 1,200 rounds of 308 Winchester. I finally decided to run this rifle in a PRS match yesterday and I must say I’m very pleased with the performance. My local club matches go to 600 yards, and I had no problems hitting a small 8-inch plate at 600 with 15x magnification. I was able to read the mirage for wind calls quite well. Dialing firing solutions and hold-overs both worked as expected. The icing on the cake for me was winning a wild card stage where they put a balloon on a string at 600 yards and I was able to pop it. Review: I’m extremely impressed with this scope and will go ever several reasons why you should or shouldn’t purchase it along with features, functionality, fit/finish, and application. I currently own a Vortex Razor HD Gen II and have had many other top tier scopes as well, but this particular model has left a great impression. I wanted 3-15x because it allows you to engage close range while 15x is certainly more than enough magnification to connect with targets well past 1000 yards if you do your part. This optic is sitting on an AeroPrecision M5E1 in 308win, which I have set up as a semi-auto precision. I plan to use this rifle for hunting, and medium to longer range target shooting. It’s got a 24-inch Criterion Barrel, Larue MBT-2S trigger, and Toolcraft BCG.. I was able to zero this scope within 3 shots of getting on paper. Tracking is excellent! You will not be disappointed with the visual appeal of your rifle with a PST Gen II sitting on top. This scope just looks great. I’m using the Seekings 30mm AR HIGH rings to mount it. Be careful, standard high rings may be too low and contact the rail. Note, this comes with a sunshade, lens cloth, and allen wrench. This optic is a first focal plane, which means you can use the reticle to range targets at any magnification, and you can use hold overs at any magnification level. Do you really need this? The answer depends on what you intend to use your rifle for. Personally I prefer first focal plane scopes. Once I find the load that shoots best in my rifle, I chronograph it and get a velocity average over 10-shots. With this information, I can create a drop table using JBM Ballistics or Streylok Pro (or whatever ballistic software your heart desires). When you have your drop card made, you can then quickly refer to it and use the scope’s reticle to hold over for the specified firing solution. It’s fast, it’s accurate, and it works… In PRS matches, this is a MUST HAVE feature. Heck, some of the stages are no elevation dialing, so if you don’t have a tactical reticle you are kinda screwed. For hunting, I think this is also very applicable. If you have a 100 yard zero and a deer walks out at 225 yards, you may not have time to range it and dial your elevation knob so a quick hold may be all you get. Illuminated reticle is not bright enough for daytime shooting, but this is a precision scope not a red dot. If you’re hunting and the sun is going down the reticle illumination will be perfect to make sure you can keep your crosshairs on your target and take the shot at dusk. Also, unlike the Razor HD series only the cross section of the reticle is illuminated, NOT the dot (which I actually prefer as I’m not going to be holding for wind at night time). The clicks on the elevation turret are an interesting point for me… They’re definitely not Razor HD Gen II turrets. An interesting thing about my scope is that when I click through 1-4 MOA, to be honest it’s kind of soft. Once I hit that 4 MOA mark the turret all of a sudden becomes very crisp and precise. At the end of the day, it’s not a Nightforce, Vortex Razor, or top tier scope so you have to sacrifice a little. I think for a $1,000 scope it’s an amazing deal and functions extremely well for a majority of applications. There are revolution indicators however so you don’t get lost on your elevation knob. Another fantastic feature is the hard Zero Stop. Setting the zero stop was super easy and the spot where you set it at is where it stops. Unlike other optics there is no over travel past your zero. I actually prefer this over the Razor HD Series. Who is this scope for? If you are a long range hunter, target shooter, PRS competitor, or enthusiast this scope is a great choice. If you have an entry level optic and want a scope that has all the pro level features without breaking the bank, this is your scope. Paired with the Vortex guarantee, you cannot go wrong. Without directly naming them, I find many of the other top optic companies in the market have great optics but simply don’t give you what vortex does. First focal plane, clarity, parallax adjustment, tactical reticle, illumination, zero stop, 30mm tube, and a sunshade… let’s be honest you simply don’t get this type of package for less than $2,000 in the market space today. If you’re a ‘Zero your rifle 1 inch high at 100 yards’ kind of guy, I do NOT recommend this scope. You’d be paying far too much for features that you’re not using. Read more

  2. Fanch

    I had been waiting months for this item to become available. I purchased this scope because of the reticle. The reticle and glass quality are very similar to my Gen 1 Razor 5-20 with EBR-2B MOA reticle, at $600 less. 25 MOA turrets, Zero Stop, Lifetime Warranty…all the features I want at a competitive price point. There are similar scopes available with comparable features, but to me no other manufacturer has a FFP reticle this good at this price point. Very happy with this purchase. Read more

  3. Mike

    I was trying to zero this scope for days, it wouldn’t hold the zero. I spent 200 match grade rounds and I thought I’m going crazy or my rifle is defected. Eventually I sent the scope to Vortex and here is what I’ve got from the tech: “Tightened and secured objective cell lockring to correct a .4 mrad POA shift with impact.” No questions, they have the best customer support and lifetime warranty but I’d rather get a working scope from the box then use their customer service. The amount I spent on quality ammo to try and zero it is exactly the difference that I’d pay for a bettter scope. Next time I need a scope it wouldn’t be Vortex. Read more

  4. Operational Necessity

    I looked at a name brand high end scope with a 34mm diameter tube and a 56mm objective lens. This one was every bit as good. If fact, I’ve been looking at lots and lots of scopes for a long time. Every scope that would be in this class for 2k or less and I never found one I liked any better than this one. So sadly, I ended up having to buy three of them. Ok, the knobs were slightly better on the Leopold Mark 5 and the Night Force was pretty nice – but not a thousand dollars nicer. I’ve this Vortex on a RPR in 6.5 and one on RPR in 6.0. And I’ve got a 3rd on a CMMG DTR2 in 6.5. If I could have found a better scope that was legitimately worth the extra cost – I would have bought it. All of mine perform exactly as they should and exactly as you’d expect. Get you some good mounts and some Vortex flip up caps. Also, be prepared to let everyone at the range – the their Grandma – try it out. Read more

  5. Quincyp

    I zeroed this on a 20MOA badger ordinance base on the savage 308, with Warne QD medium height rings. Set zero stop to -1 mil past zero (personal preference). After zeroing and setting the hard stop, I had 18 mils plus a few .1 clicks of elevation left in the turret. Plus, another 11 mils in the reticle for a total of 29 mils plus a few .1 clicks. More than enough for a 20″ 308 rifle. I ordered the vortex caps which work well, and the Vortex switcher zoom lever (haven’t arrived yet). The only accessories it comes with are the battery, a 2mm hex wrench, and the sun shade. Note: Used torque screwdriver (with a 2mm hex bit, or you will mess up your screws, ordered on amazon LOL) for turrets screws and set to 8 inch pounds and did not have any issues adjusting turrets. Since it is a three screw/opposing system, it is important to have proper/equal torque and your caps will not come loose as some have had happened. Read more

  6. J. Olmstead

    This is a great scope. VERY clear glass, especially for the money. I noticed that this scope is getting harder to find as stock is low, and some people are asking full MSRP for the scope. If you are looking at the Gen II 5-25×50 FFP, wait until you can get one for $1099. That’s what I paid for mine here on Amazon from Kenzie’s Optics – super quick shipping and good packing by that seller by the way. Paying MSRP is crazy – my LGS even offered this to me at $1199. The wait will be worth it both to save a few hundred bucks, and because you’re getting an excellent scope. I would also recommend picking up the Vortex Defender Flip Cap Eyepiece (40-46mm) and Vortex Defender Flip Cap 50 (55-59mm). You can’t beat Vortex’s warranty. I now run Vortex on all of my rifles and I’ve never had a problem with their customer service or build quality. Read more

  7. Charles A. Jennings

    I put this on my Ruger precision rifle 6.5 creedmoor,and shot the first dime sized group sat before Christmas.A very well made piece of equipment, and the best warranty out there! Read more

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