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  • the viper hs 4-16×44 is one in all more than one configurations within the viper hs (looking & shooting) line. The lifeless-preserve bdc reticle is ideal for any searching or taking pictures at varying stages where estimating maintain-over could be a issue.
  • inside the advanced optical gadget, the xd glass renders an photograph this is sharp and clean from side to area. There are xr multi-coated lenses permitting you to seize the most light from dawn till dusk. The 4x zoom range will pull you close to your goal.
  • featuring capped short-reset turrets you will be capable of speedy reindex your zero after sighting in. They are built on a 30mm principal tube which increases the amount of elevation and wind age journey for top-quality adjustment.
  • ultra-tough, scratch resistant armortek coatings shield the outdoors lenses of the scope. Argon purging provides fog proof and waterproof performance. The tough-anodized matte black end is extremely durable and looks tremendous too.
  • whether or not hunting whitetail within the midwest or elk inside the rockies, the viper hs is designed to be your all round workhorse optic.
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vortex viper hs riflescopes offer hunters and shooters an array of functions positive to be well received. The advanced optical gadget, highlighted with a 4x zoom range, provides magnification versatility. A forgiving eye box with expanded eye alleviation gets shooters on the right track fast and effortlessly. Constructed on an ultra-sturdy 30mm one-piece machined aluminum tube, the viper hs can provide elevated wind age and elevation tour for premier adjustment.




Dead-Hold BDC

6 reviews for Vortex optics viper hs 2d focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Daniel Stux

    This is an excellent scope for several reasons. First, the optics are very good. I compared them to the whole family of Zeiss scopes (Terra, Conquest DL and Victory HT) and I’d place it just below the Conquest– which is a compliment considering the DL is/was a $1,300 scope. Good resolution, sharpness and edge detail with no blue/yellow aberration. The color rendition is really good, too, passing a full spectrum that doesn’t seem especially cool or warm (as some scopes are). The image doesn’t have quite the three-dimensional quality that the higher end Zeiss scopes have but, again, I don’t hold that against Vortex at all, this is a moderately priced scope. The form factor of this scope, along with great glass, is a big selling point for me. It’s12″ long and weighs (I believe) about 16oz. That’s pretty darn compact for a 2-10×44. The 44mm objective lens is a compromise between compactness and light gathering, and you do get a pretty tight eye box at 10x, which is to be expected given a 4.4(ish)mm exit pupil. The eye relief is fully restored going down to 8x or 9x so not a big deal, and my dial lives in the 4-8 range. The reticle is quite nice as well. I’m not a fan of the super complicated tactical reticles that seem to be getting harder and harder to avoid, but this one isn’t obtrusive or cluttered at all. The crosshairs are very thin and I appreciate the lightness of center cross hairs, even with the dots. My favorite reticle is the German 4A and this comes quite close– having a nice open area in the middle with lines that can still be seen in the twilight minutes. The turrets click smartly, the tube is 30mm, the coating seems pretty tough, and a lifetime warranty. Really, for the money, it’s hard to go wrong with this scope. It’s a standout in the Vortex line where most below are kind of cheap and most above are really heavy, long, or expensive. Read more

  2. Andy B.

    I bought this for a Tikka CTR t3x. I mounted it on medium Vortex rings which ended up pushing the optic just a bit farther away from optimum eye relief, which is on me, not the scope. However, i can move my eye a bit closer and i’m good. The clarity of the scope is great at all distances. It’s the first scope i’m actually able to see my target at 100 and clearly show where my hits are. I initially sighted this in at 50 yards. I simply took out the bolt, looked through the barrel and ensured the sight was on paper. Six shots too bullseye, so we’ll just say sight in was extremely easy. At 100, it was a bit more fine tuning, on top of me just learning the trigger on a new gun. I was able to put 6 shots within 3 inches, so with 308, 20 mph winds and a new gun for me, I thought that was great. I got the 2.5-10x for deer hunting in Wisconsin as i typically have shots walking through the woods and need quick sighting. But on the occasion i travel, sit in a stand, or hit up the range, i wanted clarity out to 200+ yards. I hope to adjust the trigger and begin shooting 200-300 yards. I think this will be capable out to a max of 500 with my rifle, bullets and capability. Stays put, held up to 100 rounds, no movement at all. I feel like the cheaper rings i got will withstand the rigors of the state forest as well. Its the one thing i could see spending more on. Oh, and it comes with a 4″ extended optic shade. HOwever, using it, you need to get closer to the optic, as it allows less light and narrows your field of view a bit. For the money, i would say Vortex wins most of the time. Bushnell, Burris also do well from a budget standpoint, and the VIper is right in the middle of the Vortex line. The clarity, zoom, plus the warranty is pretty unbeatable at this price. Read more

  3. L. Lilly

    This is a great scope! I’m impressed. I put it on my Browning BAR semi-auto 30-06 and it is perfect for that gun. Very clear and sharp – as good as, if not better, than my other scopes (Nikon, Burris, Tasco, Kahles). I just bought 3 more scopes in the Vortex Viper line for some of my other rifles. Really impressed with Vortex. I was in Sportsman’s Warehouse a few weeks ago and looked at the low-end Vortex along with low-end Nikon and others – the Vortex was sharper and brighter than the others. That was the low-end stuff. I do like my higher-end Nikon and Kahles scopes also, but am going with Vortex with any new scopes because they seem to be the best value for the money and I know they will stand behind their product if anything goes wrong with it. Read more

  4. RustyDred

    This is for a 50-100 meter target .22 I’m building on a 10/22 receiver. I wanted fairly high magnification for less than $500. The Viper fit the bill. Pros: nice, fine duplex reticule; side focus; 30 mm tube. Cons: heavy, this is no field stalker; big, over a foot long. Ideal for dispatching prairie dogs over a berm. What would you get by jumping up a grade? Better clarity, less chromatic aberration, more contrast. For my static, fixed paper target application it is a great value for the money. My other Vortex is a 3x Spitfire prism and is also a great value. Read more

  5. S. Holl

    This scope is a great value for the money. The optical clarity is excellent even at higher power and rivals scopes costing twice as much. This scope is best suited for target use as the turrets are exposed and finger adjustable. The crosshair lines in the reticle are a little fine for brush or hunting work but would be ok for open field varmint shooting at distance. I own two of these and they have been faultless. Thus scope works well also for load development target work with its fine crosshairs. One is on a .243 custom rifle and the other is on a 6.5 Creedmoor AR that shoots 1/2 MOA easily. Read more

  6. Pine Carpenter

    Clear and precise. I have 2 of these the big gripe is the magnifyication adjustment ring. It is a bear to turn even after sending back for repair. If you need to make quick adjustments from low to high or high to low you’ll need extra time to grab-squeeze-and crank. It’s bit me in the rear on 2 occasions when a quick magnification adjustnebt was needed in the deer woods. Seems durable though but the issue still exists. Read more

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