Vortex optics strikefire ii purple dot sight

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  • the strikefire ii red/green dot is a rugged, dependable red dot sight this is at home in an expansion of taking pictures applications. It allows the shooter to operate among dot colorings and ten brightness settings to without difficulty adjust for converting conditions
  • completely multi-lined lenses provide a smooth and vivid, unobscured point of view. Unlimited eye comfort permits for speedy target acquisition. Max elevation adjustment- one hundred moa. Max windage adjustment- 100 moa
  • the single-piece chasis is compact and light-weight but nonetheless grants shockproof overall performance withstanding each flinch and effect. Nitrogen purging and o-ring seals make sure fogproof and water-resistant overall performance
  • an offset cantilever mount is provided; allowing you to transport the sight ahead to be used in conjunction with a magnifier and backup iron sights all on the identical rail
  • with aesthetics and functionality in mind, the energy controls are on the rear of the strikefire for clean get right of entry to. The strikefire ii runs off a cr2 battery.
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  • does this have the tall mount compatible to the ar or the quick mount for rifles
  • query: does this have the tall mount well suited to the ar or the fast mount for rifles answer: it is a taller mount. It suits up ideal on a flat top ar. Probably too tall for a widespread rifle. By using j. D. Knapp on july 8, 2014 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (2) fall apart all solutions

  • what’s the moa in this.?
  • question: what’s the moa in this.? Answer: it is a 4 moa dot. Now not surely for precision shooting but works brilliant on a carbine. Holds zero driving in my pickup in which it lives… By way of matt putnam on december 26, 2015 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • what’s the distinction among this the 501 and the 505. Does this come with the cantilever mount
  • query: what is the distinction between this the 501 and the 505. Does this come with the cantilever mount answer: 501 is cantilever and 505 isn’t always via digital camera land, inc dealer on march 24, 2014 fall apart all answers

  • will this suit on my ak with the mount that it comes with
  • query: will this match on my ak with the mount that it comes with answer: it must in shape simply best if you have the rail to mount it to. Via amazon purchaser on january 26, 2016 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (1) collapse all answers


    Red/Green Dot

    8 reviews for Vortex optics strikefire ii purple dot sight

    1. Michael J Lajkowicz

      When I received this optic I was taken aback about how unrefined this red dot is. Vortex has a great brand name and backs their products for life. So I was surprised when I received a $50 optic for $200. The reticle was not solid. It was formed of a bunch of smaller dots, where even the shape was missing dots. The glaring difference was the lack of any Vortex branding. In pictures, VORTEX is clearly written across the battery box. The one received was not marked at all. The outside ring of the scope is supposed to have raised vortex letters where this one is just knurled across. The only real markings was a patent pending sticker with a patent number that doesnt exist. Hopefully Amazon shuts down the scammers. Read more

    2. DeMario

      Hands down one of the best Red Dot optics I have every used. After a 1000 rounds through my AR it still maintains my zero. The ability to brighten or dim the red dot is a plus. Don’t waist your money on any other optic. This is what you need. 17 years of military service and 3 combat tours dealing with weapons and the Vortex Stikefire 2 is a cut above. Read more

    3. shenandoah murray-sullivan

      (Husband talking here) Looking at the other reviews I saw people saying that the red dot was missing unique markings to it and the dot was blury. Both of these were true when I decided buy it, hoping all of the 5 stat reviews wouldn’t let me down. I returned it shortly. It looked like a star instead of a crisp circle. I returned it and bought it somewhere else. Much happier. Save yourself the hassel. Even if it is more somewhere else, buy it there and get what you really want. Seemed like it wasn’t a true vortex. Read more

    4. Brandon W.

      As soon as I powered it up I noticed the RED/GREEN dots were not circular but rather multi-dot stars. Seems very well made, rugged, was plainly labeled MADE IN CHINA. I would have kept it if the dots were somewhat or almost circular but as stated they’re a star. I have several sub $50 red dots and they are crisper and more circular than this. Judging from reviews I must have just drawn short straw, bad luck. Might just buy lower end UTG/Leapers; I have a few of those. Oh well bad luck. Read more

    5. Dave York Pa

      OMG. By no means would I ever call myself a good shot. Own a Stag, 556, 18”. Came with a generic scope/red dot combo. I became frustrated because with a laser bore and several hours trying to get it centered- I could never accomplish consistent accuracy. THEN, I decided to spend some $. This VORTEX plus the Vortex magnifier (can’t recall the name). But WOW (again, sorry), had it sighted within an hour. After that I was shooting in 2-3 inch ‘spots’ 100 YARDS away! That’s incredible for me! Mid-range ammo quality. Usually 62 grain FMJ. The range is so much more fun now. Also, now I get compliments on my shooting :-). Lastly, customer service – AWESOME. They speak English, and I can understand them! Unusual nowadays Read more

    6. Maddog

      Exceeded my expectations. Good solid mount and great visibility of the reticule. I will say, the brighter the setting, the fuzzier the dot gets. Comes with battery. Great product at a great price Read more

    7. Damian Love

      Awesome optic! This is my 1st red dot sight for my 1st AR build. I narrowed my choices to an Aimpoint Pro or this product; I’m stoked that I chose Vortex. If and only if, and this is just my opinion, I was going to war then I’d need that type of build quality. I take care of my stuff and with Vortex’s warranty, I’m all set. I did not really need to alter the settings for zero, either. With both eyes open, I am able to hit center mass at 50 yards (not every shot now lol). Also, this would pair well with a magnifier. Read more

    8. Kindle Customer

      I own one Vortex hunting scope and 2 sparc ARs. I ordered this without any hesitation and I was not disappointed. It’s appearance is consistent with what I have come to expect from vortex. It’s slick and well built. It is well thought out in terms of the placement of the controls. I prefer the red dot over the green dot. Even with my astigmatism and keratoconus (bulging cones in both my eyes), I still enjoy the fast target acquisition. Yes it does not look like a dot to me, but I can place it wherever I need it, depress the trigger and hit my target. Yes it sucks a little that it does not stay on and you’d have to turn it on if you need it in a hurry for home defense . I believe with drilling, you can acquire the discipline to over come that. It’s reliability and life time warranty allows me to over look that issue. Read more

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