Vortex optics sparc pink dot sight gen ii – 2 moa dot , black

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your version number.
  • the updated sparc functions rugged creation that’s nevertheless compact, with a light-weight form-aspect. The two moa dot is as smooth as factor and shoot – it’s short to gather in near-quarters, however exceptional enough for pin-factor accuracy at prolonged degrees.
  • with as much as 700 hours of battery existence on the very best setting, 50, 000 hour on its lowest, and night time-vision compatibility at the lowest settings, the sparc pink dot will hold operating in a selection of conditions.
  • increased mild transmission with a couple of anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Limitless eye relief for speedy goal acquisition. 12 illumination settings lets in shooters to exchange the dot depth to the scenario to hand.
  • pretty durable hard-coat anodization gives a low-glare matte floor and enables camouflage function. A completely unique, included base with multi-top mount gadget permits for both absolute co-witness or lower 1/3 co-witness mounting on rifle platforms.
  • o-ring seals save you moisture, dirt and particles from penetrating for reliable water resistant overall performance in all environments. Rugged contruction of unmarried piece chasis maintains the sight compact and lightweight at the same time as nonetheless withstanding cringe and impact.

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equipped to address any surroundings, the sparc functions difficult production with a compact and light-weight form-thing. The 2 moa dot is as clean as point and shoot—it’s short to gather in close-quarters situations, but satisfactory enough to sell pin-factor accuracy at prolonged degrees. A unique, included base is hassle-loose for a few rifle systems. For brilliant, dependable performance and masses of user-friendly features, look no in addition than the sparc.


  • rubber cowl with turn-up lens caps
  • aaa battery
  • t10 torx wrench
  • multi-peak mount system
  • daylight hours shiny red dot reticle

    the daylight hours bright 2 moa dot is speedy and clean to use. Pick out amongst ten variable illumination settings—the lowest two settings are night-vision well suited.

    the important thing issue to remember while capturing with the sparc pink dot is to hold each of your eyes open! Taking pictures with both eyes open lets in you to take full gain of your peripheral imaginative and prescient to get on target right away. Eye placement isn’t vital.

    windage and elevation modifications

    the sparc crimson dot contains elevation and windage dials with audible clicks. Every small click on will flow the factor-of-effect one minute of angle (moa). 1 moa will carefully correspond to one inch at a hundred yards, half of inch at 50 yards, 1/4 inch at 25 yards, and so forth.

    elevation adjustment

    take away the turret cap and turn the inner screw counter-clockwise to modify the bullet’s point-of-effect up; flip the internal screw clockwise to modify bullet’s factor-of-impact down.

    windage adjustment

    remove the turret cap and turn the internal screw counter-clockwise to regulate the bullet’s factor-of-impact to the right; flip the inner screw clockwise to alter windage bullet’s point-of-impact to the left.

    mounting the sparc red dot

    the sparc pink dot can be mounted at heights, lower 1/3 co-witness and absolute co-witness. To mount it at lower 1/3, mount the sight as acquired. The optic middle can be 40mm above the bottom surface. To mount for absolute co-witness you could cast off the 3mm base shim. The optic center at absolute co-witness might be 37mm above the bottom floor. To alternate the mount height, loosen and cast off the 4 base screws and get rid of the bottom clamp together with the 3mm shim. Reinstall the bottom clamp with the four shorter screws supplied with your pink dot.

    product description

    prepared to handle any environment, the sparc functions tough production with a compact and lightweight shape-thing. The two moa dot is as smooth as factor and shoot—it’s short to collect in close-quarters eventualities, however high-quality enough to promote pin-factor accuracy at extended stages. A completely unique, included base is hassle-free for some rifle platforms. For superb, dependable performance and hundreds of user-friendly functions, look no in addition than the sparc.

    8 reviews for Vortex optics sparc pink dot sight gen ii – 2 moa dot , black

    1. Charles M.

      The optic is put together very well. It feels robust and durable. The rubber sleeve is nice touch to add another layer of protection. The sight has decent clarity but the tube is very small. You can see the whole interior of the sight including the projector. All in all, it is a nice looking and feeling optic. However, once you turn it on, you definitely see where they cut corners. The dot is not crisp, in fact, it is very fuzzy. When the brightness is turned up past half which would be about 6 presses of the button, the starbursting or light bloom around the outer edge of the tube, make it all but impossible to see your target. I have numerous red dot and holographic optics that are all in this price range and none have given me the poor performance of this sight. A Sig Sauer Romeo 5 or Holosun 500 series would serve much better for this price point. I am debating returning this sight for a refund. Read more

    2. Dave B

      I have a few of these because in my opinion they are really good. The first one I bought was a couple of years ago and I haven’t had any issues with it. Now granted I’m not one to torture test my stuff but I have watched on YouTube and read several articles attesting to the durability of this product. I realize that I am praising this red dot but at the same time I’m only giving it 4 stars, well like I said I’ve had one for a couple years so if I can get a couple more trouble free years out of it then I’ll come back and update this review and give it 5 stars. Read more

    3. Matt Parsons

      This optic worked just fine. However….it has an auto-timer of 12 hours. So if you run this optic, the next time you pick it up you will most likely have to turn it on which, for me, makes this optic useless. I should be able to pick up my rifle and go and not worry about pressing any buttons to turn on my optic before I can use my rifle. Read more

    4. Dan & Mary

      Awesome red dot sight for the price. Wasn’t zeroed out of the box but easy to adjust. Love it!!! I know guys with $1,000 sights on their AR’s that aren’t as accurate. Read more

    5. Zach B.

      Bottom line… When it’s on this is a great sight. The dot is good, the brightness adjustment is fine, the form factor is fine, and everyone know Vortex optics are durable and the company stands behind them. The reason this is getting two start removed is the battery life. I’ve come to trust Aimpoints and Trijicons for their multi-year battery lives with the sight constantly on. They advertise their battery life like Vortex did for this, in tens of thousands of hours. Problem is, the SPARC AR isn’t a constant-on red dot as the battery life would suggest. One of the most important things to me in a red dot is that it’s always on when I pick it up. The function and price are great, but the price makes more sense now that I found out it doesn’t work as implied. I’ll keep this for less serious-use guns and get something constant-on to fill the purpose I had in mind for this. Read more

    6. Michael Heathcock

      I bought this as a gift for my brother, to put on his AK, and he loves it. He had no trouble getting it zeroed and its a nice cheap little red dot that will get the job done. It works just fine for him. I bore sighted it in and it was already on paper with only a few small adjustments to get it sighted at 50 meters. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Does what its supposed to do Put it on my AR took me about 20 round to Zero at 25. The best part is the warranty. A screw back out and I sent them a message on IG. The CS rep gave me a number to call and I got replacement screws at no charge! Read more

    8. Terra Sumstine

      Took to range for first time and mounting screw that hooks assembly to picatinny rail broke on third shot of .223. See photo. I thought it looked under engineered from a diameter perspective when I pulled it from box. Guess I was right. Will try to return or get satisfaction. So far, not good. Will update as this progresses. I could only rate brightness and ease of install, it broke before I could evaluate accuracy. In the photo one can observe the broken mount screw and the mount clamp with a portion of screw inside. Read more

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