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  • 10x magnification and 25mm targets lens, the solo monocular is a small, light-weight optic with completely multi-lined lenses, growing the light transmission and resolution giving you the clean, crisp images you need.
  • the monocular is fully rubber armored providing a non-slip grip to the consumer and making it extremely durable.
  • nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed, the solo delivers water resistant and fogproof performance in any environment.
  • the adjustable eyecup allows for cozy viewing with or without glasses.
  • discipline of view: 315 ft/1000 yardslevels
  • close focus: 16. Four ft
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solo 10×25 monocular (s105)

you may usually have a pleasant optic near handy with the solo monocular. This compact, smooth-to-deliver monocular delivers best viewing for out of doors fanatics who wish to convey nature a chunk closer. Completely multi-covered glass surfaces supply vivid pics in a compact, lightweight, easy to handle unit. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. From bow hunters to backpackers the solo makes a first rate addition to any tools listing.

focusing the solo

the focus wheel is discovered on the eyepiece of the solo. Truely flip the wheel till your challenge comes crisply into view. Turn clockwise to consciousness on more distance gadgets, counter-clockwise to consciousness on items which might be closer.

attaching the lanyard

1. Push the loop end of the strap via the lanyard attachment point at the monocular.

2. Take the opposite stop of the lanyard and placed it via the loop.

three. Cinch the loop tight.

focusing the solo

attaching the lanyard

product description

you can usually have a best optic close to hand with the solo monocular. This compact, smooth-to-convey monocular supplies best viewing for out of doors fans who want to bring nature a piece nearer. Absolutely multi-coated glass surfaces deliver bright pix in a compact, lightweight, clean to address unit. Water-resistant, fogproof and shockproof. From hunters to backpackers the solo makes a notable addition to any equipment listing.


10×25, 10×36, 8×25, 8×36

6 reviews for Vortex optics solo monocular 10×25

  1. Ammozon

    I’ll give it 5 stars concidering what you get for the price. I wanted the x36 but at twice the price I went with this little guy. Build quality seems good. Smooth focus ring, not loose and not too stiff. Glass is clear but a very slight blur is noticeable around the edges so it’s not super clear edge to edge (expected at this price range). There is pretty good light transmitting with the 8×25. The included case from past reviewers say they felt it wasn’t meant for it and didn’t fit it properly but mine came with what seems to be a newer version case. Maybe Vortex listened to their customers and now include a case that’s better fit and has fully closed sides. It also came with a lanyard to carry around your neck. My main purpose in purchasing was for better viewing for an outdoor pageant date with the wife but I’ll mostly be using this to see targets at the range. I think it’ll do just fine with the 8x. Purchased mine from Optics Planet/fulfilled by Amazon. Pictures added was a little hard to get a sharp still picture holding my IPhone 7+ and the monocular at the same time so in the picture it doesn’t look as clear as in person. Read more

  2. Dave

    I bought both the 8×25 and 10×25 for comparison. It was a close call. The 8×25 image is slightly brighter and (of course) wider. I preferred the greater magnification of the 10×25 for viewing pistol targets downrange. I had no problems with holding either monocular steady. I found that bracing the side of my index finger against my eyebrow virtually eliminated shake. The focus ring was just right; not too tight and not too loose. Minor cons – I wish the unit came with lens caps. I tried a Butler Creek Tini-Bikini, but it didn’t fit. – I would prefer a snugger, more compact case that completely encloses the monocular. Read more

  3. John

    Very happy with this Vortex (Solo, 10×25). I considered paying twice as much for the larger lens (36mm) but I’m glad I did not. The brightness on this device is great. Magnification is crazy good too. I can see wildlife on the water at 150 yards in perfect detail (couple of otters moved into the lake behind our house). I don’t have a problem steadying it with one hand. The focus ring adjustment works very well. It’s resistant enough to prevent it from being jostled out of focus but not too tight to adjust. Eye relief is also great, the eyepiece has two settings, closed or extended with a positive “click” holding either selection in place. Build quality feels top notch and yet it’s surprisingly light in the hand. Included soft sided carry case with velcro closure, cleaning cloth and neck lanyard. Read more

  4. C-Lo

    My father lost vision in his right eye playing baseball as a child, he suffered a detached retina. For the past ten years, he is slowly losing vision in the other eye. He was looking for something to help prolong his vision, he tried opera glasses, but apparently, the lenses work together, so that gave me an idea to try to find a monocular. I was so happy to be able to find a monocular that he could use that was affordable and lightweight. He was so happy! he said he hasn’t been able to see a calendar on the wall, leaves on trees, any definition at all for such a long time. He said he can now see colors! I didn’t realize he couldn’t see colors. It’s amazing one little monocular could bring so much joy. Read more

  5. Mule

    This monocular is worth the money, with optical clarity that is impressive at this price point and with an objective lens of this size. I use very expensive binoculars and telescopic rifle scopes, but there are situations when I need something light, small, and fast that I can drag through the mud without worry. This unit is perfect for such occasions. This little scope has one problem – but it’s a biggie. The focus ring is both too narrow and placed too closely to the adjustable eye piece, causing interference with both parts, and some difficulty in utilizing the focus ring. This poor design feature is why I dropped a couple of stars off of the rating. Read more

  6. Robvs

    You absolutely can’t beat the form factor, shape, weight, and convenience to carry. I can imagine easily carrying on neck or belt. However, the eye relief stinks (that means it’s very particular about how close you hold it to your eye before you get a distorted black ring in your line of sight). So while it’s a quick thing to just move up to your face without fiddling with lens caps and two focus rings and whatever, you’ll find yourself fiddling to find the sweet spot and spending extra time to hold the 10×25 steady (as opposed to binoculars which are quick in this respect). So…the convenience of a “quick little item” becomes a bit of a wash when you factor these things in. It makes me prefer binoculars for most situations unless being ultra compact is a factor. Objects in my Pentax 8×25 binoculars looks identical to the 10×25’s here. I read some reviews stating a lousy case and a hard to use focus ring. Mine did not have this issue. Smooth ring and great case (flip top, open areas toward the top). I’m keeping these because I like a variety of optics, but I need to buy another optic for something and I will look elsewhere. These aren’t ideal for all situations. Read more

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