Vortex optics seasoned prolonged viper cantilever riflescopes mounts

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  • make certain this fits by using getting into your version variety.
  • vortex pro 1 inch cantilever ring mount presents the right peak and forward placement for correct scope mounting.
  • the cantilever ring mount positions the middle of the riflescope tube at a top of one. 435” (36. 45mm) from the bottom.
  • made with pride within the usa.
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1-inch, 30mm

8 reviews for Vortex optics seasoned prolonged viper cantilever riflescopes mounts

  1. ItsDrags

    Vortex alone makes 4 different 30mm mounts and this one sits right in the middle. Theres an $80 one a $120 one (this one), and a $220 one. This version doesnt really have an offset and the rings are much thicker- its more for the mid range $1000 scopes like the viper PST. Dont get this for a crossfire or strike eagle- wasting money. The Sport mount is more than enough. Now if you’re using a razor HD youll want that $220 mount as its light weight and sits low with more secure points than this one. You will need a 1/2″ nut to fasten this btw. Read more

  2. J. T. Berryman

    I bought this to mount a Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 scope on my Ruger Precision Rifle. It works perfectly. Mounted easily and has held zero through several hundred rounds of 308. One note though. The torque specs on the package were wrong. They specified a torque setting that was extremely over tight. I contacted Vortex and got the correct specification and they said that they would have the packaging information corrected. If you see a torque spec for something over 30lb it is probably wrong. Read more

  3. Brandon Humphreys

    Wife surprised me for 2018 Xmas with this amazing Tikka T3 TAC-A1 rifle along with an Athlon Argos BTR 8-34×56 scope. Scope came with “2 high ring mounts” but sadly with the full length picatinny rail the rings were not high enough. I waited months and did all the research I could online and finally came across vortex and read some reviews. I took a chance and purchased this mount and what a great decision I made. Easy to install, feels like great quality, most important tall enough with plenty of clearance for my x56 scope. Haven’t found the time yet to shoot but Looking forward to it. Read more

  4. Justin Hough

    When I got this mount I was immediately impressed with the overall build quality and the heavy (but not too heavy) weight. Don’t get me wrong, this mount is pretty light and I don’t consider it “heavy,” but I mean that it didn’t feel cheap. It was a good kind of heavy. One problem that I thought I had with the mount, was that the two ribs under the mount that are supposed to sit in the slot of the picatinny rail sections, didn’t fit the full size of the gap like I thought they should. I gave Vortex a call and asked about the problem because the mount was sliding around when I had partially mounted it on my rail, and they said that the ribs actually are not supposed to sit flush inside the slots. Instead, the scope mount is supposed to sit forward against the rail and then tightened all the way. This seems a little bit odd to me, because if the scope were to suddenly get pressed backwards really fast from it falling or anything else, it might knock the mount backwards a little on the rail, and you wouldn’t be able to notice. But I do trust the Vortex team, and if they say thats how it’s supposed to be, then ok. I’ll just have to secure it very tightly with some red lock tight to make sure it doesn’t come loose at all. Read more

  5. Timothy

    Great Cantilever ring mount, solid as a rock, I have a Vortex Viper PST 6-24:50 with sunshade on it and it fits great in it and looks great. you can take it off and put it back on and hold your zero every time. Read more

  6. Jimbosocal

    I just got this Mount for my new SigSauer ASP20 Pellet Rifle to Mount a SigSauer BDX Sierra3 4.5-14X 44mm scope. At Hand tight the darn mount won’t stay tight to the Picatinny Rail. Defeats the purpose of having a Quick Disconnect feature as the Speed Nuts should provide. Now I have to have a wrench handy to move scope to another weapon. Over priced, for what I intended it for! Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    This Vortex CVP-30 scope mount went right on my Diamondback DB10 (AR10 style) rifle with adequate clearance for a Vortex Diamonback 6-24x 50mm scope which has a 30mm tube. Perfect solution for adequate eye relief. This same scope / mount also fits on my Howa APC 1500 rifle in .308 caliber, again with adequate clearance. The mount included a little T15 Torx wrench for attachment to the scope. I used a screwdriver style torque driver to set the mounting screws to the recommended 15-18 in-lb torque. The two nuts which tighten the mount to the rifle picatinny rail are 1/2″ hex nuts and the recommended torque is 25-35 in-lb. Again, I used a torque driver to set this in the middle of the range. The finish on the mount is excellent. I saw and felt no evidence of burrs or other defects on the rings. They went on the scope smoothly, and stayed in place after a few rounds. I checked the torque afterwards and ring screws were good… no apparent change. Good practice advises some blue loctite on the ring threads, and I’ll probably end up putting some on. But my first impression of this mount and rig is excellent. Read more

  8. Burleigh Clarke

    This scope mount is another quality product from Vortex. The craftsmanship is spot on with an excellent finish. From past experience with Vortex, I know that I have a durable product, but if something on it should fail, Vortex will stand behind it with their life time warranty. The coating matches the rest of my particular firearm perfectly. It attaches snugly and tightly to my top rail and is a solid base for my scope. My only complaint is that for this price I wish it didn’t weigh as much. Read more

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