Vortex optics recon r/t 15×50 tactical scope monocular

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  • make certain this fits with the aid of entering your version range.
  • the recon r/t monocular with 15x magnification and 50mm targets lens is a amazing option for lengthy range remark and variety estimation.
  • extra-low dispersion glass and xr anti-reflective coatings provide exquisite light collecting functionality in low-light situations. The flared eyecup blocks extraneous light and folds down for use with glasses.
  • a huge recognition wheel and the smaller reticle attention allow the user to correctly awareness the photograph and reticle to their eye for most efficient goal milling functionality.
  • the flexible utility clip securely attaches to percent webbing or pocket edges for short get admission to. The ambidextrous strap facilitates offer a advanced grip and added stability.
  • textured rubber armor improves your grip and enhances sturdiness whilst armortek coatings defend your lenses from scratches, oil, and dust. Completely water-proof and fogproof this unit may be used everywhere for any task.
  • near consciousness: 12 toes

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recon r/t 15×50 tactical scope (rt155)

the recon r/t is a unique, advanced tactical piece of system that is not like some other in the subject—the first truely compact, complete-featured recognizing scope developed particularly for field surveillance and variety estimating. The fast-dealing with, light-weight design capabilities top notch optical overall performance using vortex top class xd glass and xr lens coatings. The flexible attachment clip secures the recon r/t to any belt or strap for speedy deployment. The r/t ranging reticle using mrad-based subtensions also consists of a secondary brief-ranging system with silhouettes.

recon r/t reticle

hashmarked ranging reticle the use of mrad based subtension strains for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections. The r/t reticle is primarily based on an angular dimension referred to as the milliradian (mrad for short) that lets in you to calculate levels whilst comparing the reticle to an item of a recognized measurement. The key to effective ranging with this reticle is knowing the measurements of commonplace gadgets to your area.

adjust the eyecup

the recon r/t features a winged eyecup that blocks stray mild when absolutely prolonged. The heavy responsibility folding flared rubber eyecup on the recon r/t is designed to house both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers. In case you are viewing with eyeglasses, fold the eyecup down for the excellent perspectives.

regulate the picture attention

use the primary attention wheel on the eyepiece to reap crisp, sharp photos of objects at various distances. Designed for quick single-handed operation, truely location the thumb and forefinger on the point of interest wheel and flip to move lens forward or backward until the image is as sharp as feasible.

adjust the reticle awareness

the reticle focus, located on the eyepiece subsequent to the eyecup, adjusts the sharpness of the reticle. Whilst looking at a blank wall or blue sky, turn the wheel until reticle is as sharp as feasible. Once set for a particular user, that consumer will now not need to regulate the reticle cognizance again.

modify eyecup

regulate picture attention

adjust reticle awareness

product description

advanced specially for field surveillance, range estimation, and calling photographs, the recon r/t provides first rate optical performance the usage of premium xd optical system and xr lens coatings. The flexible attachment clip secures the recon r/t to any belt or strap for speedy deployment. The r/t ranging reticle, the usage of mrad-primarily based subtensions and secondary quick-ranging silhouettes, allows users to estimate the variety of objects of recognized dimensions.

8 reviews for Vortex optics recon r/t 15×50 tactical scope monocular

  1. Chris Smith

    I answered someone’s question about whether it would go out past 500 meters, and this is what I said: “Yes. The ranging silhouettes go out to 600 meters, but the hashmarks on the reticle are in MRAD, and they give you about 100 mils of total elevation from top to bottom, and a 100 mils of total windage from left to right; and 15X magnification is sufficient for well past 1,000 yards. Vortex glass is not the very best you can get, but it is pretty darn good. I own a couple of Vortex rifle scopes and I am very satisfied with them and have shot past 500 yards with them. The glass in this monocular is comparable to the rifle scopes. My only complaint about this monocular is its size and weight. It is fine as a range instrument in the role of a spotting scope (it comes with a miniature flexible tripod that fits in the same case), and it is fine in a backpack for an extended hunting trip on foot for long range hunting purposes. Where it fails is as an EDC optic for daily use, where the 8×36 Solo R/T is a better choice. I bought my son the Solo R/T for Christmas last year, and it is much lighter and smaller, and more convenient to carry daily in your EDC kit. It has the same reticle, but with “only” about 70 vertical and horizontal mils, and at 8X, it has more than adequate magnification for any uses most of us will run into……even out past 500 yards…..in a package that is significantly smaller and lighter (by comparison, 4X magnification on an ACOG reticle takes you out to 600 yards). Would I recommend the 15X monocular to someone else? Sure. I’m happy with mine. But the truth is that for most people, in most situations, it is a little bit of overkill.” I gave this 15X monocular 4 out 5 five stars for EDC use. It is worth 5 stars, but only in limited roles. The 8×32 Solo R/T is probably the better choice for most people who are looking for a monocular that will get regular usage. Most hunters/shooters, myself included, don’t need and won’t ever use the additional range this monocular provides, even at longer ranges, and the size/weight penalty over the smaller unit is significant. I have no real regrets about having bought mine, and I do use it at the rifle range, but I will likely buy a Solo R/T for myself for EDC use. Read more

  2. RubyWine

    We’re enjoying this lightweight higher magnification option. My face is petit so larger magnification binoculars are too wide for my face. The only thing I could do without is the reticle “hunter view”. Not really needed or wanted for wildlife viewing. Read more

  3. Jim F

    Nice sharp, minimal distortion (at least to my contact lens infused eyes). Focus adjuster isn’t where my fingers tend to expect it, but that’s a nit. We primarily have ours tripod mounted for ship watching. Read more

  4. Adam M

    You already know… It’s awesome. Read more

  5. Hassan Sharifi

    love this monocular, glass is clear, fits nicely in my back pack Read more

  6. Eric J Vigen

    Absolutely awesome scope/monocular. The high power does make it a bit hard to hold still for hand held use but is still useable with practice. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Crystal clear picture. This was a great buy. Read more

  8. Ac

    Exactly as advertised would recommend to a friend Read more

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