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  • make certain this suits through coming into your model range.
  • the razor hd is vortex optics’ pinnacle of the road recognizing scope. The eleven-33×50 angled razor is ultra-light-weight and packable to your comfort.
  • triplet apochromatic lens mixed with excessive density, more-low dispersion glass can provide unparalled decision and colour constancy. Xr plus anti-reflective coatings were implemented to the lenses to yield most brightness for crucial low-light glassing.
  • the point of interest wheel is damaged right down to macro and micro modifications. The macro adjustment lets in the person to hastily attention even as the micro adjustment allows you to exceptional music the picture.
  • the zoom eyepiece allows easy changes to magnification. The adjustable eyecup folds up and down for cozy viewing with or without glasses.
  • o-ring sealed and argon purged, the razor hd promises water resistant and fogproof overall performance. Armortek coatings defend the lenses from oil, scratches, and dirt. Rubber armor complements each sturdiness and grip for the person.
  • close awareness: 6. 6 toes
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razor hd eleven-33×50 angled spotting scope (rzr-50a1)

compete at the highest degree with an extremely-compact razor hd spotter you can p. C. Anywhere. The sophisticated triplet apochromatic lens gadget delivers high-definition views across the entire subject of view—no shade fringing, degradation of decision or dilution of coloration fidelity at longer viewing distances. If you’re preserving score, here is a scope with a complete that provides up to 110 percent rapid.

a way to use the razor hd spotting scope

connect the razor hd to a tripod or automobile window mount for steady viewing. In reality relaxed the tripod mount foot on a brief-release plate or mounting plate of the tripod head.

the adjustable eyecup at the 50 mm razor hd spotting scope folds again so that you can examine the entire discipline of view in case you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. Fully make bigger the eyecup for pleasant viewing without glasses.

versatile zoom magnification lets in you to view a wide area of view at a decrease energy and zoom in on information at a higher power. Change the magnification by means of turning the magnification adjustment ring:

• growth the magnification with the aid of turning the adjustment ring clockwise.

• lower the magnification by way of turning the adjustment ring counter-clockwise.

after putting the magnification you will want to refocus for the sharpest photograph. The razor hd features two consciousness dials. This allows you to see important info and guarantees fatigue-unfastened viewing:

• slowly turn the short awareness dial till the concern is nearly in focus.

• flip the pleasant recognition dial to pick out out the greatest information.


11-33×50 – Angled, 11-33×50 – Straight, 22-48×65 – Angled, 22-48×65 – Straight, 27-60×85 – Straight

8 reviews for Vortex optics razor hd spotting scopes

  1. Wild Works

    I bought this little beauty for a DYI Mule deer hunt. I wanted the ability to reach out and Identify the sex and more importantly the size of the deer we were glassing. With This small spotter we were able to eliminate some footwork by glassing at much further distances than our 10×50 binoculars would even think of. I was able to get a clear look at antlers from distances of nearly 1 mile. Pros: spotter is crystal clear and on par with several spotters at 3 times the price. Lightweight, Small and very packable. Cons: The only reason this does not get 5 stars in my opinion is when the temperature dropped (35 degrees) in the mornings I noticed that the magnification dial on the eyepiece got very sluggish and stiff. like the grease inside the dial was subjective to freezing. Once the unit was at 65 degrees ambient temperature things felt smooth and fluid again. I tested this each morning and it would repeat each time. Read more

  2. Lino Martinez

    I got this scope 4 months ago. Since it first came out. I used to own the older model too. Sold it and got this one. And here are my honest thoughts about the new model compare to the old model. They are both sharp, amazing glass. I honestly can’t see a difference in clarity between new model and old model. New model is for sure better looking. And I feel like it’s more rugged ( I say I “feel” because I haven’t actually drop them to find out ) The slim shape of new model makes it easy to handle, pack, and I can grab it with one hand better since it has the focus wheel around the body. I didn’t like the fact the old one had two focus wheels. Always ended up using the fine focus anyways. I also like the green color better. Looks a lot likely the Swarovski. I was also able to use the same black cordura nylon fitted case they sale separately for the old model for 50$ On this new model. Since the case they give u with both are just crap, and don’t want the body to get scratches. I’ve used it for wildlife viewing have watch from elk at dawn, chipmunks, squirrels, eagles, hummingbirds etc, the details are amazing….The hood really works nicely when sun it’s out and bright. (With both scopes, the experience was the same) When i got the new model the eye cup was super loose. I don’t wear glasses so really need the cup all the way up. So I sent it to vortex and they took care of it. And send it back to me within 2 weeks. I didn’t even pay to send it. They sent me a prepaid label. Bottom line. If u don’t care about the color, the two wheels that take some extra room, the fact that the new one is made in japan and assemble in the US and old one made in China, and want to save like 400-500 bucks, buy the old model for sure!! You will see your game with the same clarity. They will also weight about the same so no big change. Also I got a manfrotto aluminum tripod with a pistol grip head. I find the pistol grip to be the best. Takes less room and it’s faster to move. Read more

  3. Doug S.

    Can clearly read the 1” high numbers on a target at 800 yards. Very clear. Read more

  4. JDM117

    Given the $699 price it’s hard to find fault with this scope. I purchased the 11-33X50 to reduce my field load after years of packing a Leica 77 APO & field case with Manfrotto 3221G tri-pod at 20+ lbs. The Razor HD scope & Vortex SS-P tri-pod are less than 5 lbs combined, so a big weight savings. Scope performance is superb for this price point and my only nits are with coarse focus wheel stiffness (fine focus wheel is silky smooth) and the field case is bulky and loose fitting as others have mentioned. Low light transmission is as expected from a 50mm objective, magnification adjustment is both smooth and positive throughout its range, and lens edge aberration is surprisingly minimal. An unexpected benefit of its small size and weight is that it can easily be used without a tri-pod for distant viewing while on the move. Highly recommend this scope! Read more

  5. W. Jo.

    Great construction, superb glass and resolution, BUT eye relief is too short, especially for people with glasses. Could not use without having some face contact with scope to see at any zoom over 30x, even without glasses. Vortex makes a long-eye-relief eye piece, but that’s another $200, and it is fixed at 18x for this scope. Bummed. Read more

  6. Gavin Anderson

    Better than I had hoped. I previously bought a Diamondback 20-60×60 and this is nowhere near the same category. I recommend anyone wanting an amazing spotting scope to start here. 12 Feb 2020: my eyepiece relief broke when a gust of wind took my scope and tripod down onto nearby rocks. Sent it in, received it back, no cost, like brand new. The lifetime guarantee is a supreme value. Read more

  7. Layne Washington

    great size and weight for my needs, which aren’t extremely demanding–looking at backyard critters and lake scenery, and I plan to see how far it will let me sight bullet holes at the range. Bright and clear even at 30x+ power. Haven’t done a side-by-side with Swar., Leica, etc , but this Vortex seems to be a reasonable quality and value. I’ll be honest, I also bought a Roxant Blackbird 12-36 x 50mm to compare, and it’s also excellent for one-sixth the cost of this, but also a good, honest value. I’m keeping ’em both! Read more

  8. Jason M

    Very nice for birds. It can also view Jupiter and it’s moons and Saturn’s rings. A far better scope than the Diamondback 20-60×60, but not as good as the Swarovski. It can be difficult to nail the focus. I’m not sure why they got rid of the “fine focus dial” from the older version of the scope. People are amazed by the optic. I like the VIP warranty. Read more

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