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  • make certain this suits by way of getting into your version range.
  • the ranger 1800 rangefinder is straightforward to apply and features a smooth, illuminated display and fantastically intuitive menu. The ranger 1800 is able to ranging up to 1,800 yards.
  • the primary hcd mode presentations an angle compensated distance that is right for the general public of hunters and shooters. A sophisticated los mode gives you the option to calculate long distance, excessive attitude shots with extended precision.
  • a scan feature gives non-stop range readings as you pan across a panorama or track a moving target. 3 brightness settings allow the show to stay seen in various light conditions.
  • fully multi-lined lenses supply finest mild transmission. Textured rubber armor gives a cozy, non-slip grip. Water and fogproof overall performance keep the gadget operating within the harshest conditions.
  • the protected neck lanyard and detachable utility clip make the ranger easy to percent and hold available. Well suited with a tripod adapter, permitting use on a tripod or car window mount.
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ranger rangefinders supply hunters and shooters distance data needed to make accurate shots. Clean to apply with a clean display and tremendously intuitive menu, the rangers maintain matters simple, yet provide a excessive stage of performance. Number one hcd (horizontal thing distance) mode presentations an perspective-compensated distance studying. 3 reticle brightness settings suit ambient mild conditions. Scan mode gives range readings as you pan across the landscape or music a transferring animal. Adjustable, utility clip secures the unit to a belt, pocket, percent, or different flat-edged floor. Completely multi-covered lenses deliver most reliable mild transmission. O-ring sealed for waterproof overall performance. Perfect for gun hunters, target shooters and bowhunters, ranger rangefinders placed the percentages of accurate down-range influences in your want.


hcd variety show is supposed to be the number one mode. The yardage variety displayed is the critical horizontal aspect distance is corrected for shot perspective and wishes no extra consumer enter. Use the hcd range mode in the following conditions:

•rifle capturing on stage ground at any variety.

•rifle capturing out to levels of 400 yards with slight slopes (15 to 30 degrees) or out to ranges of 800 yards with slight slopes (much less than 15 stages).

•for all archery taking pictures.

shooters actually use the perfect degree floor bullet drop and wind adjustment for the variety displayed and shoot. Archers use the best level ground sight pin for the variety displayed and shoot.

los mode is intended for rifle shooters who’re the usage of slope correcting ballistic drop facts cards, ballistic apps, or pdas with ballistic applications and are shooting at distances beyond 500 yards and slopes extra than 15 tiers. Most shooters and archers will no longer want the los mode. The range range displayed in los mode is the real line of sight variety and not using a ballistic correction for slope.

maximum of the typically used ballistic gadgets can provide independent slope correction for bullet drop data and require actual line of sight variety enter. The use of the los range while calculating bullet wind drifts beneath these steep slope/lengthy range conditions will offer a better degree of accuracy than the usage of the hcd range. To apply, honestly enter the los range quantity into the device or use the los variety when referencing ballistic drop playing cards with slope correction.

the scan feature may be used to range shifting targets or help variety smaller objectives on uniform backgrounds in both hcd or los modes.

as soon as powered up, press and hold the degree button and experiment laser from side to side, looking for modifications within the yardage quantity as crosshairs circulate throughout the target item. A blinking ‘s’ display suggests experiment ranging is activated.


Ranger 1800

5 reviews for Vortex optics ranger laser rangefinders

  1. CC

    I searched all over the internet and could not find any reviews for the Vortex Ranger 1500 rangefinder. I was a little skeptical purchasing it, but reviews for the ranger 1000 were good, the product warranty was superb and the price was much lower than comparable products so I took a chance and I am glad I did. I haven’t had an chance to take it hunting yet, but I began ranging everything I could see around my house as soon as the brown truck dropped off my Amazon package. The afternoon was very bright and the sun was approximately 35 degrees off the horizon directly behind a herd of cows. The furthest cow I could see was black and I was able to range it at 641 yards. I ranged it repeatedly with the same distance reading. The unit returned a reading 3 or 4 times out of 5 when ranging the cow. I was able to range a red barn at 1161 yards under the same conditions using my deck rail as a rest. Without the rest I couldn’t hold it steady enough to get a return. In the field of closely eaten grass in front of my house, I was able to get readings on the ground out to 450 yards. As soon as the sun sank below the mountains, I took it out again. This time, the herd of cows had moved closer and I was able to repeatedly get readings on the furthest cow at 475 yards without using a rest. I was far from steady and didn’t expect to get a return so I was happily surprised. I was also able to get a return of 1230 yards on white a building. For this reading I used a very steady rest. I was surprised by the size of the Ranger 1500. It literally fits in the palm of my hand. At 7.7 ounces it is much lighter than all the comparable products I considered purchasing. When I hunt, I walk long distances with a heavy pack so the light weight is a big plus. I hadn’t given much thought to the quality of the optics, but if you have, you will be happy when you look through the Ranger. They are very clear. As I use the Ranger 1500 under different conditions such as snow and cloudy skies, I will update this review. I will also give an update when I have opportunity to range smaller animals such as deer and coyote. Normally I would have waited to write this review until I had used the range finder more, but since there are no other reviews, I am giving my initial impressions to help others as they consider purchasing this product With the limited use I have given it, I am giving the Ranger 1500 two thumbs way up. It meets most of my expectations and exceeds the rest. For the price, I don’t think you can beat the Ranger 1500 and it has a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty thrown in for good measure. UPDATE 2/6/16 I have had the opportunity to use the Ranger 1500 some more and here is what I have found: With the sun almost directly overhead with a very thin overcast layer, I was able to range a deer at 561 yards in a snow covered field. I had to have a completely solid rest and the deer had to be standing broadside to get a reading and I was only able to get a reading about 40 percent of the times I tried. I have ranged black lava rocks at 550 yards approximately 15 minutes before sunrise on a clear morning. Sage brush in snow covered plains can be ranged just past 500 yards in the same pre-sunrise conditions. I was able to range my 80 pound German Shepherd at 350 yards in the snow at noon under clear skies. At that point he came back to the house so I don’t know how much further I could have obtained a reading on him. Under no conditions have I been able to range cows past 660 yards and I have tried repeatedly. With a solid rest, I was able to range a lone juniper tree at 1060 yards. I was surprised as the foliage was not thick. Now for the bad. I have had an intermittent problem with the Ranger 1500 powering on. Two of the times the problem reared its head after the unit was sitting on the dash of my truck with the defrost on. The unit felt warm, but not hot. While hunting in mid twenty degree weather I continually got a low battery reading and the unit wouldn’t give a distance reading. I was using a nearly new lithium battery that was fluctuating between a full three bars and two bars on the unit’s power meter before I left home. Because there is obviously a problem I am sending it back to get a new unit that functions properly. The second issue I have is this: Based on my experience with ranging full grown cows, I seriously doubt I will be able to range a deer at 750 yards as is claimed by the company. All in all, it is still a very good unit for the price, but I am lowering my initial 5 star rating to 4 stars. If you are satisfied with ranging deer sized animals at 500 yards I think you will be very pleased with the Ranger 1500. If you are looking to range them further than 500 yards, it seems, in my experience, that it may be a stretch for the Vortex Ranger 1500. Update: 10/9/18 I decided to upgrade my Vortex Ranger 1500 to a Leica 2000-B. It does what the Vortex Ranger 1500 wasn’t capable of doing. The Ranger 1500 just didn’t have the ability to consistently range objects far enough to be useful for long range shooting I wanted to do. If you are satisfied shooting within 500 yards the Vortex Ranger 1500 should work fine and with the warranty it has, it is probably a great choice. If you are wanting to shoot past that, it just doesn’t get the job done. Read more

  2. Anthony Nowak

    Can’t seem to range anything beyond 550yds. Nothing to compare to though so not sure. Didn’t expect the full range mentioned but expected a little more for sure. Updated 6/10/2016 After 2 weeks vortex ended up shipping me a whole new unit that they tested prior to sending. MUCH better, this is what I was expecting from a rangefinder. Vortex standing behind their products is great to see! Read more

  3. Andrew D. McCormick

    First and foremost, this rangefinder is made in China… CHINA (nothing Vortex makes in made in the USA, its all made in China, Philippines, or Japan). With that being said, it preforms about as cheaply as it was assembled and manufactured. I bought this and took it on two mule deer hunts in Montana and Nebraska. When I got to Montana I went to a 300 yard rifle range to check my rifle scope zero. The rangefinder could not range 2 foot targets at 200 and 300 yards respectively. When I was on the first day of my hunt I tried to range multiple deer, elk, and cows standing still in open country and could not get a range. Luckily my dad and guide had rangefinders (Bushnell) that actually worked and cost about $100 that actually provided me accurate ranges. One week later in Nebraska, this cheap piece of junk failed again in open country. I was lucky that my friends had rangefinders (Bushnell & Leupold) that worked and provided ranges. I could not get a range on many deer between 200-300 yards and was unable to get a range on a cow standing in the middle of a river that was at 400 yards. Long story short, don’t buy this product. It is unreliable when the moment of truth comes and it is cheaply made. I would go ahead and buy a Leupold or Leica rangefinder over this one, at least those two rangefinders are made in the USA and Germany and not China. Read more

  4. AtlasV

    Purchased this after the reticle in my Leupold RX-1000i suddenly deteriorated such that more than 50% of it has dead spots making it unusable; and after only 4 years (no more than 25 hours max) of use. Decided I wouldn’t be buying that again. I’ve slowly been transitioning to Vortex because of their quality, which is backed up by their VIP warranty, and have yet to be disappointed. This holds true for this unit too. Compared to the RX, it has better ergonomics, the optics are just as clear (if not clearer), uses the same CR2 battery, and weighs the same (8 oz). This is definitely the best value when considering quality, functionality, performance, and the warranty. Two noteworthy items: ► It only displays range in 1 yard increments (no tenths), but for ballistics one-half yard is “in the noise” anyway. ► It does NOT display the incline angle in HCD (aka TBR) mode — incline is only provided in the LOS mode. I think this is good supplemental data, and since the algorithm has to know it to calculate TBR, it would be nice if it displayed it; especially since the accuracy of the TBR is limited to a given incline depending on range to target. Read more

  5. Tough Nut

    It’s small, sexy and feels solid in the hand, throw a clip on the side and it’s exactly what I want attached to my combat rig…except…it’s unusable in daylight. It has three brightness settings but they don’t come close to being bright enough (I’d attach pictures but for some odd reason that’s not an option). My whole family has looked through this thing and nobody thinks it’s usable during daylight. The display is also pretty lousy, it looks like a 1980’s alarm clock that is dying. Maybe I just got a bad one….either way it’s getting returned. Read more

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