Vortex optics precision matched riflescope rings

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model variety.
  • those vortex precision matched jewelry function the middle of the riflescope tube at a height of zero. 76 inches (19. 3 mm) from the bottom. Will paintings with picatinny and weaver mounts.
  • our precision matched rings are kept in pairs at some stage in the producing system — making sure perfection from one set to any other.
  • we start with certified america 7075 t6 billet aluminum and preserve it to an exceptionally tight tolerance of . 0005 using our precision pc numeric controlled (cnc) mill.
  • these vortex jewelry are serialized, vibratory tumbled, hand-bead blasted and finished off with a type iii tough coat anodize.
  • offered two rings in step with package. Hex wrench blanketed. Made within the united states.
  • base clamp screws : forty five–50 in/kilos, ring screws : 15–18 in/pounds
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rugged, lightweight, anti-snag layout strong, grade eight fasteners medium-plus top – 1. 00 inches (25. 4 mm) bought two earrings according to bundle type iii hard coat anodize finish


1-Inch – 0.76 inches – Weaver, 30mm – 0.87 inches, 30mm – 1.45 Inches, 34mm – 0.92 inches, 34mm – 1.45 Inches, 35mm – 1.00 Inches, 35mm – 1.26 Inches

5 reviews for Vortex optics precision matched riflescope rings

  1. Wallace

    Somehow at the time of my birth, I had parts of my “Y” chromosome shaved off. I don’t like baseball, I could care less about cars, and the thought of staying up all night smoking cigars and playing poker bores me to tears. Still, I do love to shoot. I am NOT, nor will I ever be Chris Kyle or Annie Oakley. However, I do insist on a certain level of performance. These rings are exactly what they say they are. Perfectly matched rings that go well with Vortex scopes (and probably any other mid/high end optic). I did cringe at the price at first and honestly kind of bought them in the middle of a midlife crisis as I “built” my first long distance rifle (OK, I used some gift certificates I had at Bass Pro and waited till there was a sale to buy a stock Rem 700 and trick it out with a Timney trigger, Mcmillin A2 stock, and a some decent optics). I studied extensively for months (ie…watched youtube videos) and put the whole thing together. I carefully got out my new scope mounting kit, torque wrench and attempted to lap the rings to perfection just like Larry Potterfield did in the video. Interestingly, I saw essentially no removal of material from the rings. Magically, I somehow managed to put the first three shots in 1/2 MOA with Wal-mart ammo at 100 yds. Thinking that I couldn’t possible obtain a decent group after I watched another Youtube video on bedding and realized I was doomed if I didn’t, I pulled the scope off and redid the whole thing in about 10 minutes (after a horrific bedding job BTW). Still shot lights out. My neighbor was so impressed by my new found skill that he dropped off his rifle that needed a new scope (a 40 year old Ruger) and I decided to replace the scope on my 1992 pre-lawyer trigger 700 in .270 who’s accuracy was blessed by Zeus himself (both with Leopold rings). Well….after an hour on both rifles and true moment of interpersonal crisis where I though I destroyed one of my two most prized possessions, I got both scopes on, level, and true. The Rugers rings looked like I took a Dremel to them….. What I realized and take home message. 1. Good rings make it easier to NOT SCREW IT UP. These rings will potentially shorten your time to re-scope your rifle if you are someone who likes to fiddle or swap our optics. 2. I don’t know for sure, but I would venture that these work best on a one piece rail. 3. These do look a bit “tacticool”, but not bad ,and they fit the look of my built rifle well. It is a 7mm Rem Mag and it has held up very well after about 600 rounds without any real adjustments. 4. You don’t “need” them to shoot well on a decent hunting rifle, and they will look bulky on a light weight carbine. However, if you are going to mount your own scope with lesser rings, plan on spending more time on the workbench. (which isn’t all bad) Read more

  2. Chris I.

    Can’t be beat for the price … Perfect on my Ruger Precision Rifle at the 1.45″ height (1.26″ just felt a bit too low for me and I had to lower the cheek rest all the way down). I think on the RPR the 1.45″ is perfect since you have room for error and movement with the cheek rest with the ever so slightly higher rings. I have also added a pic for your reference of the 1.26″ vs. 1.45″ rings to give you an idea of the height difference in the two. Read more

  3. gregory dietl

    Just got my Christmas present to my self ; a Ruger Precision Rifle .338 Lapua and the Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60×52 and a set of Vortex PMR 1.45” scope rings. I also own a RPR .308 with a VortexViper 4-16×44. I researched ( internet ) for hours 8+ ; building a 1,500 + long range precision shooting platform. I’m fairly new to long range precision shooting and no expert by far, however, the challenge is addictive and worth the effort; there’s a lot to learn. Back to my review. The vortex scope and PMR scope rings are a perfect match for the RPR .338. I was concerned with height clearances, considering the size/ dimensions of the muzzle break. The Vortex PMR 1.45” scope rings and the dimensions of the RPR .338 are a perfect match. I went to the local range and began the process of breaking in the rifle and zeroing in the scope; 15 F bright sunny day. All went well until I realized I forgot the wrench I needed to adjust the scope; learning. However, ten shots 100 yards, group 6”; kept checking to make sure I was looking at the righ target. Yes, right target, and have hard time accepting a Newley mounted scope would perform like this. I hope to believe that I’m not just lucky but rather the equipment is what it portends to be. I’m thinking the equipment. Great job Ruger and Vortex !! Read more

  4. A Gardiner

    fantastic set of rings, the 1.26 are a little too short for the ruger precision with a vortex viper pst gen 2. i had to take them off and put a slightly higher set on as my stock was almost at eye socket level rather than mid to upper cheek. people with slender faces may have better luck but several of my high power buddies shot my rpr on this setup and all agreed the next size up was needed. Read more

  5. MiniatureDogAjax

    Matched these rings with my correct pst 6-24×50 and couldn’t be happier. Vortex is a great brand and produces amazing products. Very happy with the rings. They are mounted on a aero precision ar10… a couple guys who have shot my gun mentioned that they thought the scope was too low so I may suggest going a step up (1.46” if I’m right) but it is comfortable for me. Read more

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