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  • the effect 1000 features an intuitive platform with angle compensation; ideal for bowhunters and range-day enthusiasts. Range objectives all the way down to five yards out, with the ability to stretch out to one,000 yards if need be.
  • the number one hcd mode shows an perspective compensated distance that is ideal for most of the people of hunters and shooters. A complicated los mode presents the option to calculate lengthy distance, high angle pictures with increased precision.
  • a scan function offers non-stop range readings to pan throughout a landscape or tune a moving target. All modes can be set to read in yards or meters.
  • the diopter placed at the eyepiece adjusts for differences in a person’s eyes. Delivered 6x magnification brings objectives in for a closer look and greater accurate ranging.
  • absolutely multi-lined optics decorate mild transmission in low light settings. Water-proof and shockproof performance keep you inside the hunt no matter what the situations.
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impact 1000 laser rangefinder (lrf101)

when all you need is an intuitive platform with attitude repayment–we’re searching at you, bowhunters and variety-day fans–the effect a thousand is all the rangefinder you want after which some. If things stand up near and private, variety goals right down to 5 yards out, with the potential to stretch out to 1,000 yards if need be. Lightweight and easy to perform, the impact 1000 gets you on target rapid that means you could now not justify going into the sector without a laser rangefinder.

hcd (horizontal component distance) mode

the impact a thousand’s hcd variety show is supposed to be the number one mode—used for maximum rifle and archery shooting conditions. The yardage variety displayed is the important horizontal component distance.

use the hcd variety mode in the following situations:

• rifle taking pictures on degree floor at any variety.

• rifle capturing out to degrees of 800 yards with slight slopes (less than 15 levels).

• rifle capturing out to tiers of four hundred yards with slight slopes (15 to 30 levels).

• for all archery capturing.

the displayed hcd yardage wide variety is corrected for shot attitude and needs no more user input; shooters sincerely use the appropriate level ground bullet drop and wind adjustment for the variety displayed and shoot. Archers use the best level ground sight pin for the variety displayed and shoot.

los (line of sight) mode

the impact a thousand’s los (line of sight) mode is intended for rifle shooters who’re the use of slope correcting ballistic drop statistics playing cards, ballistic cell smartphone packages, or other ballistic packages and who’re taking pictures at distances beyond 500 yards and with slopes greater than 15 ranges. Maximum shooters and archers will not need the los mode.

the variety quantity displayed in los mode is the real line of sight variety with no ballistic correction for slope. Maximum of the normally used ballistic gadgets can provide impartial slope correction for bullet drop information and require actual line of sight range enter. The usage of the los variety when calculating bullet wind drifts underneath those steep slope/lengthy range conditions will provide a better degree of accuracy than the use of the hcd range.

to apply, genuinely enter the los range quantity into the digital tool or use the los range when referencing ballistic drop cards with slope correction.

scan function

the experiment function can be used to range shifting goals or assist range smaller objectives on uniform backgrounds in both hcd or los modes. As soon as powered up, press and preserve the measure button and scan the laser backward and forward, looking for changes within the yardage range because the crosshairs pass across the target object. A blinking ‘s’ show indicates test ranging is activated.


Impact 1000

8 reviews for Vortex optics impact laser rangefinders

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good size and easy to use. But I was using it beside a friend of mines, halo 450, that he payed 100 dollars for at Walmart. And it was ranging out to 300 yards and 400 yards and the vortex would not pick up that far. Although it says it will range a non reflective target out to 400 yards! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    We paid nearly $200 for a fake! This was a knock off. Steer clear! Read more

  3. Norm Dourte

    Couldn’t get a yardage reading over 200 yards. Read more

  4. Josef Wagurak

    Bought this between last years early and late deer season. Day 1, missed a deer twice, that’s right missed the same deer twice! First time hunting archery season. Same day later that afternoon, missed a second deer. UGH!!!! So I did some research and it led me to this Vortex. Other similar priced models with similar specs only had a 1 year warranty and this baby has a lifetime (almost) no questions asked warranty. Plus it was on sale. Just playing around with it I managed to range a few high voltage power towers at 458yds (so holding steady is a must). The view is crystal clear too. What a real winner!!!!!! The default mode is set to angle range correction or whatever its called and it seems to work wonders. The only issue I noticed is, it may or may not work in fog (depending on a lot of factors). The good news is I did get a deer towards the middle of the late season, but the wind (30-40mph gusting to 50+) and driving rain/fog (almost horizontal) made it nearly impossible to use. In better weather it works wonders. Not sorry I bought it either. Read more

  5. Average Joe

    This is my first range finder, so take what I tell you with a grain of salt. I believe the ranging part of the device is accurate, but it’s difficult to get the cross hairs to pickup smaller to medium sized targets and objects, and it’s even more difficult to read the information it displays because it’s written in black lettering. Black lettering seems like a poor choice, orange would have been better, and maybe more expensive range finders have options like that. All that being said, I’d recommend you look for something better, but I don’t know much more beyond that. Read more

  6. Mireland62887

    This is the first rangefinder I’ve ever used that actually can range the distance it claims. Others from Bushnell, Halo, and more are often listed as “1000 yards”, but struggle to get more than half that. I can routinely hit things at 6 and 7 hundred yards with this, and I haven’t even started my first season with it. The more Vortex optics I use, the more I’ve become a believer. Read more

  7. Steven And Raeanne M

    This is a piece of gear that I don’t go into the woods without. I am a bow hunter and like to know my distances before attempting a shot. Vortex makes a superior product. This thing is super clear, works well in low light and is a trusty source to get a range on an object! With Vortex’s warranty you can’t go wrong! Highly recommend! Read more

  8. John

    Works great in low light! Read more

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