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  • make sure this fits by means of getting into your model range.
  • 10x magnification & 42mm goal lenses, these diamondback hd binos are optimized with select glass factors to supply amazing decision, cut chromatic aberration and offer outstanding shade fidelity, sharpness and mild transmission
  • completely multi-lined lenses increase light transmission with anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Dielectric coating affords bright, clean, colour-correct pictures. Armortek coating protects outdoors lenses from scratches, oil and dirt
  • adjustable eyecups twist up and down for comfy viewing with or without eyeglasses. Center awareness wheel adjusts the focal point of both binocular barrels at the equal time. Diopter (located on right eyepiece) adjusts for differences in a person’s eyes.
  • rubber armor affords a cozy, non-slip grip, and durable external protection. Binoculars are tripod adaptable allowing use on a tripod or automobile window mount.
  • argon purging and o-ring seals provide water and fog evidence overall performance in all environments. Rugged creation withstands cringe and impact. Includes glass pak harness.
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diamondback hd roof prism binoculars

the diamondback hd smashes the dimensions of charge vs performance, turning in a rock-strong optic that optically punches high above its magnificence. The included glasspak binocular harness keeps your glass close handy, ready to set up at a second’s note, all at the same time as offering safety and substantially greater consolation than conventional neck straps.

alter eyecups & ipd

the eyecups on the diamondback hd binocular twist up and down so any viewer can see the full subject and enjoy comfy viewing—without or with eyeglasses. Whilst now not using eyeglasses or sun shades, hold the eyecups absolutely prolonged. For the excellent viewing when sporting glasses, twist eyecups down.

the interpupillary distance (ipd) is the gap between the middle of your left and right scholars. In shape the ipd of your eyes and your binocular by way of rotating the barrels in or out till you spot a unmarried picture freed from shading.

awareness your binocular

use the middle attention and diopter to modify for imaginative and prescient variations in every eye. Choose an object approximately 20 yards away and carry out this two-step process:

  • close your right eye or cowl the right objective lens along with your hand. Look at the object together with your left eye and regulate the center attention dial till the picture is in recognition.
  • close your left eye or cover the left objective lens along with your hand and rotate the hoop till the object is in recognition.
  • neck strap

    connect the padded neck strap in those three simple steps.

  • push a few inches of the strap thru the strap attachment at the binocular.
  • maintain the buckle and thread the cease of the strap via the buckle.
  • adjust the overall duration, then pull tight until strap secured in the buckle.
  • lens care

    with a view to revel in the pleasant views through your binocular, take time to often clean the outdoors lenses:

  • cast off any dust or grit from lenses earlier than wiping. Use a can of pressurized air, gentle camel hair brush, or an acrylic optical brush.
  • clear lenses of smudges, fingerprints, or eyelash oil. Fog the lenses together with your very own breath, then use a nonabrasive lens material to clean the lenses.
  • eyecups & ipd

    recognition binoculars

    neck strap

    lens care

    glasspak binocular harness

    the glasspak binocular harness stores and protects your binoculars at the same time as retaining them near handy for quick deployment. Tethers connect for your binocular for added security in opposition to unintentional drops at the same time as the completely adjustable straps create a comfy healthy. Follow these steps to attach the binocular tether straps.

  • thread the extensive quit of the binocular tether straps via the harness strap buckles.
  • length to fit via adjusting the only-length-fits-all harness strap.
  • thread the binocular tether straps via the strap attachments on binocular.
  • thread the binocular tether straps lower back through the tether strap buckles to at ease.
  • product description

    the diamondback hd gives you a rock-strong optic that optically punches high above its magnificence.


    10×28, 10×32, 10×42, 10×50, 12×50, 8×32, 8×42

    6 reviews for Vortex optics diamondback hd binoculars

    1. Penjamin

      Wonderful binoculars, I also like that Vortex has essentially changed the optics market for warranties. Vortex was getting very popular due to their stance on a “no questions asked” warranty policy. Now almost all the other manufacturers have come out with their “version” of it. But back to the binos. I bought these about the same time as a coworker bought the Vortex Razor HDs (nearly 4 times the cost of these). We both brought them to work one day and compared them side by side. The winner… obviously the Razor HDs….but not by that much…in my opinion. When first looking through them it was hard to even tell a difference. Both were extremely clear. It was only after going back and forth between them numerous times that you started noticing the differences. The first most noticeable is the field of view. The razor HDs were wider but not by a lot. If you were glassing long distances for hours you would probably appreciate the added area but I don’t, so this wasn’t of much consequence to me. Other than that it was really hard to pick out the differences. Finally after going back and forth (and having several other do the same without previous knowledge on which was more expensive) we could tell a real difference. So I took some paper with varying font sizes on it and set it up across the room. When comparing the two we were able to more clearly see some of the font with the Razor HDs. So with the added field of view and slightly better (perceivable) clarity, the Razor HDs won the side by side comparison…shocker right? But I paid a quarter the price for these and they barely lost the comparison. Every person we had look through both said the same thing. For the money they would go with the diamond backs. In fact several of the people that did the comparison went out and bought the diamond back HDs Read more

    2. Ms G

      What a difference a good pair of binoculars make! The clarity, the light, the focus, the ease, the weight, the size are all that I’ve been looking for. I did my homework and found out 8×42 is good for birding, and after reading review after review on various brands, etc., I pulled the trigger and hoped for the best, and I got it! It comes with straps, harness and case. There are even pockets outside the case that holds my cellphone and lens cloth. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Read more

    3. b.brown

      I have a pair of Bushnell elites paid just shy of $1000. And are spectacular, compared to the much more expensive swaros, at a fraction of the price, perfect for bird watching, so I wanted something with a little more power and read the reviews on the HD Diamondbacks and thought for the money I’d try them out, for brightness they are incredible, on a scale 1-10 for sharpness I’d give it 7.5 -8, as far as value 1-10 I’d give it a solid 10, they are more than sufficient, and lifetime warranty , won’t be my last pair of Vortex Read more

    4. E. Kennedy

      So far I’m very happy with the Diamondbacks. They are much lighter and less bulky than the Nikon Prostaff ones they are replacing. I haven’t had a chance yet to do a side by side comparison, but it wouldn’t be fair as my Nikon is a few years older and less expensive. In any case I was tired of lugging my old ones up the tree stand because of their weight and how much space they took up in my pack. For my purposes, the wide field of view should be very helpful as I use them to scan the woods around the stand – good way to find the squirrels that are pretending to be deer walking around. If we had deer on the property, it would probably also be good for catching them trying to sneak through the brush. Fortunately the neighbors do a good job keeping those pests away. Many of the more expensive binoculars out there have narrower FOV, so another good reason I went with these. The included chest harness is the best one I’ve seen yet. The fact that it is sized correctly doesn’t hurt, but it includes snap buckles on the straps, so you can easily disconnect it from the harness if you don’t want to use it. I gave up trying to connect my old harnesses because the metal rings were a huge pain. The pouch itself opens easily with an elastic loop (no velcro to make noise) and the flap can be left to loosely cover the opening or folded back to make it more accessible. One of the buckles on the harness came broken out of the box. Amazon put me in touch with their customer service – they had a brand new case sent out which arrived the next day. They included a hat which fits my XXX-Large head (24.75″) and a lens cloth too. I can’t complain about that. If I do come up with any complaints after using them this season, I’ll be sure to update this review. Hopefully I won’t have to do that. Read more

    5. Seth

      I have mild experience with binoculars but a buddy of mine owns a $2.5k pair of Swarovskis (10×50 RF) and the clarity difference between those and these 12×50 HDs is indistinguishable. I also own a pair of 12×25 Bushnell compact and these are worlds above those. These 12×50 DB HDs feel like a quality product in your hands and the Glass Pak is a welcomed accessory with great functionality. Read more

    6. Casey S

      I decided on a pair of the 10x50s and went with this brand based on friends’ recommendations and testing out some other brands. While they are quite a bit heavier than the 42mm version, I felt that it was worth the sacrifice for better low-light performance as the FOV is still decent. I avoided the 12x magnification due to concerns that it can be more difficult to quickly locate a target and remain steady. Overall, I am very happy with these binos. They are rugged, stylish, and produce a great image. I would buy again Read more

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