Vortex optics crossfire ii adjustable objective, 2nd focal plane, 30mm tube riflescopes

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  • the 1-4×24 crossfire ii riflescope is one among many configurations within the crossfire ii line. The v-brite reticle makes use of the v-plex layout with battery-powered electronics to light up the middle dot for hunters/shooters at some stage in greater-low mild conditions.
  • with long eye alleviation and an ultra-forgiving eye field, you’ll be capable of quick get a sight picture and gather your target. The fast cognizance eyepiece allows brief and clean reticle focusing.
  • anti-reflective, completely multi-covered lenses provide shiny and clean views for the consumer.
  • capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that may be reset to 0 after sighting in.
  • a single piece tube produced from aircraft grade aluminum ensures strength and shockproof overall performance. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the crossfire ii provides waterproof and fog proof performance.
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with lengthy eye alleviation, a fast-recognition eyepiece, completely multi-lined lenses and resettable moa turrets, there’s no compromising at the crossfire ii. Clear, difficult and vibrant, this riflescope arms other price-priced riflescopes their hat. The hard anodized unmarried-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed for water resistant/fog proof overall performance.


1-4×24, 6-24×50


V-Brite Illuminated, Dead-Hold BDC

6 reviews for Vortex optics crossfire ii adjustable objective, 2nd focal plane, 30mm tube riflescopes

  1. steven31

    Can’t decide between red dot or scope? Looking for the most bang for your buck? Desperately need cqb/long range functionality? Don’t wanna break the bank? Researched and researched and just can’t come to a decision? STOP here! You have seen the specs. You know the info. This IS IT! Best guilt free purchase you can make. It’s GTG! It’s on my three gun rifle. I own Eotech and leupold red dots and scopes and I can honestly say that while the may have a slight edge over vortex, it just doesn’t justify spending that much for it when it’s insignificant in terms of quality. Let me solve the riddle for you. BUY IT! You will not be disappointed. (And NO I’m not paid in any way to say this. I just genuinely love this scope) Read more

  2. PDB

    I don’t think you’d find a better scope for the money. Obviously, the more expensive scopes are nicer. And anyone who says this is comparable to a $1000 + NightForce has never shot the NightForce. That said, I am not the type of person who believes you should spend more than $300 on a scope unless you are match shooting and in the below $500 price range this is the best scope I have come across. I put it on a 338 Lapua with the Vortex rings and it’s awesome. It’s very clear and you can see the bullet holes out to a couple hundred yards. Very accurate and you can shoot well over 1000 yards with this scope no problem. I use it to coyote hunt. I take care of my stuff but this still gets knocked around a bit and it holds zero well. You won’t be disappointed! Read more

  3. Robert Brent Yocum

    Watched a ton of reviews on youtube before purchasing. Made the purchase confident as to what I was getting and it has been performing as per my expectations through several boxes of ammo. The adjustments are not exactly the advertised 1/2 moa, but they are pretty close. The crosshair post does not pick up exactly where I think it should at different ranges, but it is pretty close. I would HIGHLY recommend this optic to anyone looking for a nice 1-4 scope on a budget. Update: in the middle of a match, the optics failed. From shot to shot, the picture would blur then snap back into focus. The optics were mounted as per directions on a Vortex brand cantilever offset mount. Also, the scope would lose zero for a few shots and then snap back and allow for great groups. I have started the warranty process from the manufacturer and dropped my from a 5 star to a 1 star. I will update the review after their response. Read more

  4. Bryan

    I evaluated this Vortex 1X4 side by side with its big-brother, the Vortex 1X6 Strike Eagle. I loose-mounted them both with batteries in my offset QD mount on top of my flat top receiver AR. I was planning to keep both, putting one on one rifle, the other on another. Here’s why I kept the 1X4 and sent the 1X6 back for refund: -eye relief was longer and more forgiving on the 1×4, especially at max power, where it was a real struggle to finesse a good sight picture and clear full field of view on the 1×6. This was the single biggest reason I preferred the 1×4. -I found the semi-circle BDC reticle on the 1×6 to be a distraction…it took up too much of the sweet spot in the middle of the scope. I think it would be a major distraction using this on cans on the river bank at close range, or on anything over 200 yards. The simple 4 plex traditional reticle of the 1×4 with its perfectly round tiny red dot in the middle was perfect for me. -the tightness of the variable power ring on the 1×6 was overly stiff; the 1×4 felt much smoother and you could adjust it with one hand while still keeping eye on target. You couldnt do that with the 1×6 cause of the torsional effort transmitted to the rifle while wrestling the power ring -using both eyes open on 1X was much more natural and easy with the 1X4 due to the non-obtrusive minimalist reticle…so it can be used just like the small-footprint 1X Aimpoint micro and Primary Arms clones -1×4 is slightly more compact and lighter -difference btw 4 and 6 X at distance was negligible….not worth putting up with all the above for a slightly higher X The one thing some guys might find a detractor with the 1×4 is the intensity of the red dot. The difference between the lowest and the highest settings is hard to discern. On highest brightness setting, its just visible during bright daylight, and in many harsh light situations I doubt you could see it at all….but would that matter if it was so bright? I think the “luminosity” and the small size of the dot is PERFECT for low-light and night use, with the crystal clear etched traditional reticle being all you need during daytime use. At this point I have only bore-sighted this after mounting. I will post a followup if there are any bad surprises at the range during live fire zeroing at 100 yds. Read more

  5. Woodsman 16

    I have two of these. One on my Ar-10 and one on my Ar-15. Both are set up as long range varmit guns. After having used both, I am convinced that this is THE best scope for the money period. It’s 100% on par with the $1000 Vortex Viper 6-24x scope (which I also own) until you get to the 24x setting, then the Viper is a bit more clear, but not by much at all. Definitely get one! Read more

  6. Bill

    Read mixed reviews, mostly positive and decided to try this scope. After setting up scope eye relief at max zoom everything was clear at any distance. I read others stating max zoom was not clear, this is why eye relief is important to setup at max first. Optic quality is very clear and on par with many more expensive optics, it would seem newer technology in optics makes quality more mainstream and cost effective. This scope has a long eye relief which is much better then my last Vortex Diamondback with 3″, the scope would hang over too far past bolt. Current photo is using Vortex low rings on a Ruger American GoWild camo 6.5 creedmore, perfect fit. Shooting accuracy at 100yds is sub-moa, 200 and 300 no BDC used and it’s just as accurate compared to 100yds, perfect combination for this rifle. Read more

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