Vortex optics crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout, 2d focal aircraft, 1-inch tube riflescope – v-plex reticle , black

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  • make sure this fits via entering your version variety.
  • the 2-7×32 crossfire ii scout riflescope is best for use for your scout rifle, the v-plex reticle is a popular all-reason searching reticle supposed for a huge form of searching applications
  • with nine. Forty five” of eye relief and an extremely-forgiving eye container, you will be capable of quick get a sight image and gather your target, the quick consciousness eyepiece lets in quick and clean reticle focusing
  • anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide shiny and clean views for the person
  • capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that may be reset to zero after sighting in
  • a single piece tube comprised of plane grade aluminum ensures power and shockproof overall performance, o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the crossfire ii offers water-resistant and fog proof performance

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crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout riflescope (cf2-31002)

mainly designed for discriminating hunters and shooters, the crossfire ii series of riflescopes offer the very best ranges of performance and reliability. With lengthy eye relief, a fast-awareness eyepiece, absolutely multi-coated lenses and resettable moa turrets, there may be no compromising on the crossfire ii. Clean, difficult and vibrant. The hard anodized single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed for water-proof and fogproof overall performance.

twin use for shooting tactical/hunting

v-plex moa reticle

  • a famous all-cause hunting reticle intended for a huge form of hunting packages.
  • 2nd focal aircraft (sfp) reticles are located close to the scope’s eyepiece at the back of the image erecting and magnifying lenses. This style of reticle does not visually trade in size while you exchange the magnification. The advantage of an sfp reticle is that it continually keeps the same look.
  • product description

    vortex optics crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout, 2d focal aircraft, 1-inch tube riflescope – v-plex reticle

    8 reviews for Vortex optics crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout, 2d focal aircraft, 1-inch tube riflescope – v-plex reticle , black

    1. CLV

      This seems like a decent low cost scope for a scout setup. I was worried it wouldn’t be good because of the price but I’m pleasantly surprised. I would highly recommend skipping the Vortex recommended flip covers and going with Butler Creek instead, as I tried the Vortex caps and they are pretty much garbage. Use these instead, they fit perfectly: Butler Creek Eyepiece Tactical Scope Cover (1-Piece), 10-11X (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ABP4L72) Butler Creek Tactical One-Piece Eyepiece Scope Cover, Size 13-14 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008FUDDZG) Fits perfectly on an M1A SOCOM if you use the lowest rings – I can actually see the ghost ring while I’m looking thru the scope but it’s in the lowest part of the scope and it’s fine. For rings I used the Warne QD low rings. The fit is very tight but the scope does clear, and it preserves the proper fit of the standard stock if you have a normal or bigger head. Small people or women seem to have to lift off the cheek a bit. It’s my first non-prism Vortex and I had doubts but it seems fine. Read more

    2. Jim

      I bought the Scout model to mount on an M1A and this scope is perfect. It is bright, clear, and it dialed in correctly and quickly. The eye box is very generous which is very important for a scout scope, and the eye relief is great. It is listed as 9.75 inches, but I believe that it is good from about 8″ to around 12″. This should cover almost any scout set up or personal preference. I’ll also mention that this scope looks great and the fit and finish are spot on. This may not be important to some folks, but I for one don’t want to spend a bunch of money for a scope to mount on a rifle that I spent a bunch of money on only for the scope to look like a turd in a punch bowl. If I were running through a jungle and shooting at, and being shot at, by enemy combatants, then it probably wouldn’t matter, then. But let’s face it, I’m not and you probably aren’t, either. So, yeah, looks matter and this scope is sexy. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I placed this on my Ruger Gunsite Scout, replacing my fixed 2.5x Burris scope and I was astounded by it. For less than half the price of the Burris, I was shooting far better, consistently hitting 12 in plates at 600 yds. Highly recommended for any scout configuration. Read more

    4. Bret

      It’s difficult to compare optics. There are a huge variety of price categories for all kinds of scopes and binoculars. Being fairly new to hunting (at least when it comes to buying more than a shotgun with open sites) I’ve had a hard time figuring out what would be best for my needs and price range. This scope is pretty good in good light. But at the end of its adjustments (2-3 and 5.7), the images is blurry and hard to keep in focus. The second it starts getting darker and you’re pretty much done for the day. This has really limited my ability to see during peak hours of deer season. Most people keep rating optics as “good for the money” and then putting a 4 or 5 rating but this is very difficult to determine whether or not I need to spend more on optics or not. How is anyone supposed to know what’s overall good or bad optic in order to compare performance? Based on this kind of rating we all need to just buy more expensive but that can also end up badly too. I’ll probably keep the scope because it’s hard to find a better quality scout scope with such a long eye relief which I need for the 30/30 it’s mounted on. It is better than other scopes in the same price range that I ordered and compared (leupold and burris) but I really would like to find something better that isn’t 7-10 times more expensive but has better light transmission qualities. Read more

    5. Dave S

      Good scope for the price! I do have some blur at the outer edge of view when I’ve powered to 7 and all power’s have a slight purple haze , having said that I’ve got about 65 rounds through it on my Ruger gunsite scout inn .308 win and it seems to be holding pretty good ! My best groups were around the 1″ mark @ 100 yards and around 3″ @200 yards on a sandbag rest . Having said this if your not a nit picky , and its inn your budget it should get the job done . Read more

    6. Mikey Vee

      Very nice scope for the money. Very clear and great eye relief at 12 inches. Mounted it on my lever action 45-70 and it handles the recoil. Read more

    7. Mike

      Its a decent scope. Very long eye relief. I mounted it on a Ruger Gunsite Scout, and used vortex 1in. Medium hunter rings. Seems to be holding zero just fine. Fired about 60 rounds since I finished getting it zeroed. Glass is clear. Brightness is ok. Read more

    8. Andrew

      I had a Bushnel Trophy scout scope 2×7 power could not get over three power without the Eye box becoming terribly small I installed that vortex 2×7 Crossfire scout scope and I could move scope forward and have a large eye box Full width of tube at seven power on a scale of 1 to 10 I give the vortex a 10. I give the bushnel trophy on the same scale a 2 I am also replacing bushnel on other rifles with Vortex scopes the quality of the Vortex is a lot better you pay more but you’re getting a lot more I learn my lesson Read more

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