Vanguard vesta recognizing scope kits include spotting scope, tabletop tripod

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • superior multiguard coatings for higher mild transmittance
  • contemporary ergonomics with rubber armored aluminum alloy and short awareness adjustments
  • water resistant and fog proof; fear free and compact optics for wherever you cross
  • convey bag with sling and compact tripod blanketed. Optics have a premium lifetime guarantee
  • energy: 12~45. Objective lens: 50mm. View perspective: 3~1 levels. Discipline of view: 156. 6~52. 2 feet/one thousand yards. Close to cognizance: 29. Five~39. Four feet. Eye remedy: 11 mm. Weight: 21. 1 oz.
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an extension to the vesta line, spotting scopes for the newly engaged mobile traveller, hunter, or birder.

vanguard is a global agency that designs and manufactures tripods, baggage, sporting optics, and accessories. For over 30 years, our pressure to disrupt mediocrity and commitment to innovation has allowed us to create the best quality merchandise for photographers and outdoor fans at an affordable rate.

vesta recognizing scope

the vesta recognizing scope series caters to fashion setters worldwide who are seeking out a care unfastened optic with amazing fee. Beginning chicken watchers, vacationers and nature fanatics can now experience the a laugh and fear loose merchandise from vanguard up close and without breaking the financial institution. The vesta spotting scopes are perfectly adaptable for cellular and stationary programs, mild in weight, and excessive in performance with the benefit of superior magnification.

  • advanced multiguard coatings for higher light transmittance
  • cutting-edge ergonomics with rubber armored aluminum alloy scope
  • all fashions encompass a tripod, lens and eyepiece caps, and carry bag in a cost added kit format
  • light-weight and compact layout best for tour and out of doors/nature fanatics
  • water-resistant and fogproof for worry-loose performance in all climate conditions
  • brief recognition changes will let you accumulate your challenge with short and clean focusing.

    superior multiguard coatings for higher mild transmittance and average higher photograph excellent.

    modern-day ergonomics with rubber armored aluminum alloy developing a difficult and durable recognizing scope.

    the housing and glass are water-resistant and fogproof for functionality in a diffusion of environmental situations.


    Vesta 350A, Vesta 350S, Vesta 460A

    8 reviews for Vanguard vesta recognizing scope kits include spotting scope, tabletop tripod

    1. William

      This is incredible Glass and clarity through the entire range, it’s crystal at 12x and crystal at 45x. I wasn’t expecting that at its price point even being a top tier Vanguard and was pleasantly surprised. My Brothers and I compared his Leupold 11-33 Gold Ring and a Razor compact spotter and the only noticeable difference was the micro focus adjustment on the Razor which kind of tends to over simplify usage really and seems unneeded on the Razor. The mini tripod is insanely wonderful and all legs deploy simultaneously when one is opened and is sturdy enough for any large spotting scope. I am just shocked at how crystal clear this little Vanguard is at maximum zoom, we were able to spot our hits clearly at all ranges in standard silhouette paper from 100 to 300 yards with clarity and zero fog or fuzziness, if the users eyes can spot at longer ranges I’m sure the Vesta would be 100% up to it. I absolutely have envious Brothers that forked out 6 times what I spent for a better warranty and same glassing results. The knobs are semi stiff but easy to turn and that’s what I expected being new and the carry case is thick padded so no worries there tossing it in your backseat or Truck. I could keep going with praise about the little Vesta but I’ll just end saying in my 48 years and Para Service I’ve used many many Optics in the 4 digit price range and this little Vanguard is side by side a contender with them all with maybe the Nightforce is one exception, I watched one get ran over and it was 100% fine, yeah but that’s 4 grand. If your on the fence about a compact crystal clear spotting scope ignore the SV’s Emarth and others and grab a Vanguard you’ll be amazed and pleasantly satisfied. Semper Fidelis Read more

    2. David Primm

      I bought this spotting scope to use for both bird watching and deer hunting. The scope arrived in 2 days, even though Amazon said it would be a week. Very pleasantly surprised! Opening the box, everything was neatly packed inside the included carry case. The table-top tripod was extremely quick to setup. Adjustments to the tripod were intuitive and easy to accomplish. This tripod will not work in the field – it is too small. But works great off a table or bench. The scope itself will mount to any other tripod with a standard top. The eye relief cover screws on so it will not fall off accidentally. I am not sure if I like this feature (as opposed to one that would just click on / off) as the additional time required. Using it while scouting game will let me know. The large front cap just snaps on / off like a camera lens cap. I will be putting a band on my cap so I don’t lose it while walking. Viewing through the eyepiece, the image is very crisp and clear. Light collection is good and observing has been easy in the early morning / late evening hour. The view will change focus as you change power. Focus is very quickly refined with the ergonomically placed focal knob. The little focus loss I have experienced when zooming is very acceptable, especially considering the scope’s pricepoint. I have used larger, much more expensive spotting scopes (up to 60x power). However, this one is small and light enough that carrying it on a long hike will not prove unnecessarily heavy or bulky. One note about opening the package There was a smell, I suspected this was off-gassing from the plastic and case. After about a day, the smell went away….similar to how that “new car smell” goes away when you get a new car. The scope just needed to air out a little while. I recommend this scope to others looking for a clear, easily portable spotting scope. Very happy this meets my needs without having to spend a fortune! Read more

    3. TheKid_And_Hazel

      Great optics. Clear view. Easy to use and set up. Very stable tripod and light enough to carry along anywhere. Compact enough to store in my back seat in the accompanying case for wildlife viewing on the go. Even my 11 year old enjoys using it on hikes and drives. Solid construction. The cap on the lens is secure like a camera lens instead of those rubber ones that always fall off. The other end is a screw on one, again, providing security when lugging it around. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Great value for an incredible experience! The first thing that struck me when opening my new Vesta 560A spotting scope was how compact and lightweight it is. The titanium outer coating feels quite nice, and looks amazing as well. I especially like the tripod set-up. It was a cinche to find a nice spot off the trail I was on and set up at a table for some bird-watching across the lake. The picture was clear and bright, and the placement of the focus is in the perfect spot. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase, and look forward to many more experiences outdoors with my 560A. Thank you Vanguard for making a spotting scope that fits within my budget! Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      This is a very nice scope. It is compact, lightweight and easy to pack and carry with you. It would be a very good scope for air rifle or small caliber competitions. I have a neighbor across a valley that is about 2 1/2 miles away. While there is no way I can read the license plate, I can tell you the color and if it is a ford, Chevy etc vehicle in the drive way. This is a great scope for the money. Read more

    6. Thomas O. Wansleben

      I bought this for an antelope hunt in Wyoming and didn’t want to drop 1K on a fancy scope. It’s small and compact so can be hand held as well. Optics blur at high magnification, but actually worked well. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Nice crisp, clear optics – big upgrade from more basic scope we had. The sun shade was a really nice feature. The tripod is good and easy to use and we were very impressed with the case. It’s much much nicer than you’d expect for this type of product. I feel good about taking this out and about now because it’s very well padded and the zippers are good quality. Overall, great buy. Read more


      First impression is that the scope and the tripod are very well built for the value. I initially focused on a target around 200 yards and found it easy to focus and adjust. The position lock on the tripod works easily and is solid. The optic appear clear throughout the FOV, even at that distance. I would recommend this kit and am impressed with the quality for the value. Read more

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