Utg accu-sync30mm essential picatinny jewelry, matte black, medium

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • designed with sizable lightening cuts to vastly lessen weight without compromising durability
  • radiuses edges and corners to prevent snagging, scratching, or tearing of other gear and for convenient get admission to to scope wind age and elevation turrets
  • single mount utilizes locking torn screws and rectangular-formed imperative draw back stops for a comfy zero hold
  • precision cnc machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a matte black anodize, designed to in shape on mil-std-1913 percent tinny rail platform
  • 18mm saddle height, 50mm offset distance, 112mm base duration, medium profile suits 30mm tube optics with up to a 65mm outer objective diameter

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leapers started out the utg pro line of made in america merchandise in 2009. Considering the fact that then, we’ve grown from one carbine quad rail handguard to providing a wide form of gadgets. Our manufacturing operation is geared up with dozens of cncs, together with a few robot-automatic excessive cease machines typically used for making precision aerospace and clinical gadget. We also obtained the most superior roboshot polymer injection machines to fabricate revolutionary excessive first-class polymer merchandise. In answering marketplace demands, we dedicated a part of our manufacturing space to enforce an in-residence cerakote painting facility. The developing reputation and reputation of our utg pro products maintains to gas our commitment and enterprise to offer consumers with united states of america made merchandise which can compete at every stage.

utg accu-sync30mm integral picatinny earrings, matte black, medium

• utg accu-sync 30mm medium profile 50mm offset scope ring mount for a unique match on mil-std-1913 picatinny rails

• precision cnc machined from plane aluminum and completed in a matte black anodize

• sizeable lightening cuts to massively reduce weight without compromising sturdiness

• radiused edges and corners to prevent snagging, scratching, or tearing of other equipment and for effortless access to scope windage and elevation turrets

• unmarried mount makes use of locking torx screws and rectangular-shaped indispensable cringe stops for a relaxed 0 maintain

• 18mm saddle height, 50mm offset distance, 100mm base length, medium profile fits 30mm tube optics with up to a 65mm outer objective diameter

product description

utg ace-sync 30mm medium profile 50mm offset % tinny scope ring mount, plane grade aluminum, precision cut inner ring, single mount makes use of locking torn screws and integral p. C. Tinny recoil stops for a secure zero hold, 100mm base, 18mm saddle top, matte black anodize.

8 reviews for Utg accu-sync30mm essential picatinny jewelry, matte black, medium

  1. William

    I tried 6 different mounts before this UTG, my rifle required a lower optic platform than 1.5 inches nominal and I’m not sure why. I’m I assembled with a heavy match barrel and that may be the reason but not sure. It’s the first time I’ve ever had that issue and it seems that the UTG accu-sync Mount was made specifically for me and my AR15 platform, yeah it’s that great. It is the absolute best one piece mount at this price point I’ve ever owned. I removed the Aero Precision Mount to use the UTG because the Aero is 1.5 inches above the rail and didn’t work. If the UTG was made in the USA like the Aero Precision it would be at least 100 bucks, ITS THAT WELL MADE! I’ve put several boxes down range and not one hiccup from zero. It’s that durable and sturdy. I’m not a buy China type guy but I couldn’t find a 1 inch or lower one piece mount USA made for under 140 bucks and after build cost I needed a bargain and was extremely surprised. It’s that nice of a mount and you WONT BE DISAPPOINTED. Semper Fidelis 3/6 Read more

  2. ChristoStad

    light weight, heavy duty. Fits my Athlon Argos BTR Gen2 6-24×50 with lens cap on my Ruger Precision Rimfire with the stock 30 MOA rail like a dream. Nice and low, bit wit comfortable clearance. Read more

  3. Alice

    *posted from my wife’s joint account* UTG makes some of if not the highest value accessories you get for yourself. While some don’t have the absolute performance you’re looking for or expect, their scope mounts and rings do! The Accu-Sync and P.O.I. (made in the USA) lines of rings and mounts are amazing and had they been produced by other companies, they’d command three to four times the asking price. I have a set of the P.O.I. 30mm dovetail rings and they are so nice…this cantilever mount continues the trend. They are fairly light weight, just about as light as some sets of aluminum rings. If you use a certain ultralight mount from a certain company, I can tell you they WILL NOT stand up to the abuse and meet the tolerances of this mount. Also, you can buy three of these for one of those… Read more

  4. 101st Airborne Veteran

    Ok.. This is hard for me, I’ve spent four times as much on mounts that I didn’t like as well as this one. Dang I feel crazy liking this mount so much.. Surely my four times the price mount is better… Right?? Well it’s not. This mount is awesome. I love the fact that it mounts flush to my weapons rail. The more expensive ones have nuts that stick out. The fit and finish are on par with any mount I’ve used. And trust me I’ve used a lot. Don’t think I didn’t spend some time kicking my own rear for liking this mount better.. But I do. By the way, I’m mounting it on my Israeli Weapons IWI – Tavor x95 a very expensive weapon. Get this mount. I plan on buying more. Read more

  5. Guy Incognito

    I’ve owned many mounts, cheap and expensive. I hate paying more than about 70 bucks for a mount, so I gave this one a try. It’s phenomenal for the price. The picatinny lockup lugs use 3 Torx screws, much like an Aero Precision mount. They’re robust, and do the job admirably. The mount itself is well machined, and I easily and quickly installed my 30mm scope. I’m not sure how this isn’t at least a 50-60 dollar mount. There are better mounts out there. There are more robust or lighter mounts out there. I don’t think there’s anything in this price range with this quality. I would have no problem using this mount on a 500 dollar scope. Once you start spending more on glass, I’d probably drop more on optics mounts, but man. This is good for the money. Read more

  6. D. Sutton

    Perfect mount for a budget build. It just works. It’s sturdy and it mounts very solidly to the upper receiver. Even just finger tight with the three mount bolts and it is impossible to shift around. I used the recommended 20 inch pounds for the top ring bolts with a dab of blue loctite on the threads of the bolts and they have not backed out. Zeroed in with no issues. Read more

  7. J. Zabick

    I won’t say that this is a nice mount “for the price.” I’ll just say it’s a nice mount … period. I got this for a refurbished scope I was mounting on my kid’s MP 15/22, and didn’t want to spend the sort of coin I do on the Warne Skelotonized mounts I put on my rifles. Well … this UTG product is a very decent choice, if you don’t have (or want to spend) the money for something higher budget. In fact, it makes me wonder why I do. The look, feel, and finish are great. So is the cost. Read more

  8. Curt Boroff

    If the “high” mounts are too high for you to get a solid and repeatable cheek weld, than this medium height mount will put you in the sweet spot. Great quality and finish at a price that’s almost shocking. There’s not a negative that I can find with this mount. FYI. I did need to use a file to clearance the front left pic rail interface to eliminate contact with my handguard rail. However, that’s an issue with the handguard rail being lower than the rail on the upper receiver, not a quality or machining issue with the mount. Read more

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