Tyr aquatic resistance dumbbells

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  • made the use of the highest high-quality substances
  • examined to provide you the threshold in all of your activities
  • utilized by both expert and recreational customers
  • country of starting place: china
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tyr game was mounted in 1985 to provide the competitive swim market with vibrant, performance-pushed prints. In view that its inception three many years ago, tyr has grown to exist as one of the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon manufacturers. With global vendors and an global following, tyr remains committed to constructing the industry’s most durable, uniquely designed swimsuits, cutting area gadget and revolutionary caps and goggles. On a relentless direction to push the boundaries of sports clothing we now not handiest reimagine technologies for stronger competitive overall performance, however also embody way of life markets to deal with athletes and water lovers at each level.


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8 reviews for Tyr aquatic resistance dumbbells

  1. Wendee Carpenter

    These were incredibly small and the ‘fins’ turn so freely that I’m not sure how anyone uses them the way they’re intended. My understanding was that by turning your grip, you should be able to provide more resistance during use. That doesn’t happen because the ‘fins’ simply turn whichever way they want to in the water. On top of that, they are incredibly small devices, offering almost no resistance. They may work for someone that only wants something slightly more than moving their empty hands under water, though I honestly felt like my own open palm offered more resistance. I would not recommend them to anyone, though. Read more

  2. Muffin the Shorkie

    Excellent product. Well constructed. Lots of compliments. They move easily under water and are lightweight when dry. They dry quickly … just through them in your bag … take out when you get home … no dripping. Recommended to all water aerobic students. Read more

  3. JJL

    These water aerobic hand tools work very well. I used them at some workouts at a resort and loved them. I bought my own for use at home. I find the resistance is at least twice, maybe more, what my hands could do. I recommend these to anyone who is using water aerobics for exercise. Read more

  4. J. Gouwens

    I used these several times a week in my aqua fit class. They are so much more comfortable to hold than the hard plastic ones provided by the gym. The only negative is that they hold water and then leak in my gym bag on the way home. Read more

  5. Robert Finnan

    They are the right weight to use in the pool for anyone but particularly for those over the age of 50. However there is an issue with some of them retaining water which makes them heavier than they should be. In my set only 1 end of one retains water, it takes a few hours for the water to drain after each use. Otherwise they are a great product. Deanna Read more

  6. Barbara A. Lipston

    I purchased this for a friend recovering from rotator cuff surgery. He quickly realized how helpful it was to weight train in the pool. Read more

  7. IBGmax4

    Love these dumbbells. Great resistance for pool exercises. I workout several times a week. These dumbbells have assisted in my hip surgery recovery. Plus they have actually given me a firmer core. Read more

  8. Yoyo’s mom

    Enough resistance to start water aerobics for this 58 year old granny. About 50% in our class of grannies use this brand 50% use larger. To begin with these are enough resistance without doing damage to muscles that haven’t been worked out in a long while. Plus they fit in your pool bag nicely. The shipper got them to me quickly. I’ve recommended them to others in the class, especially if you use amazon Prime. Got them in 2 days! Read more

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