Truglo trubrite multi-reticle twin-coloration open dot sight

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • convenient and easy-to-use speedy goal acquisition accent for severe shooters
  • picks of reticle color for comparison against any goal or history; 4 reticle alternatives for accurate focused on in any capturing circumstance
  • adjustable rheostat for brightness control; click windage and elevation adjustment; 24-with the aid of-34-millimeter window for ultra-rapid goal acquisition
  • anti-reflection coating on track side; parallax loose from 30 yards; incorporated weaver-fashion mounting machine and three-volt cr2032 battery covered
  • includes confined lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
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truglo trubrite multi-reticle twin-coloration open dot sight

  • two alternatives of reticle colour for assessment in opposition to any target / heritage
  • durable / compact design
  • unlimited eye alleviation
  • wide area of view
  • 24 x 34mm window for extremely-fast goal acquisition
  • anti-reflection coating on track side
  • parallax loose from 30 yards
  • incorporated weaver-style mounting device
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    5-MOA Dual-Color Dot, 5-MOA Dual-Color Dot (Boxed), Dual-Color Multi Reticle, Dual-Color Multi Reticle (Boxed)

    4 reviews for Truglo trubrite multi-reticle twin-coloration open dot sight

    1. James Coyle

      I spent weeks looking for a decent, cheap, recoil-withstanding sight for my shotgun. I eventually settled on this one. I took it to the range and put 2 boxes of target ammo, a box of buckshot, and a box of slugs through. After getting it sighted in within the first 5-10 shots, It held zero for the remainder of my shooting and worked perfectly. The power settings take some getting used to, and need to be changed based on the amount of light there is in the surrounding environment, but the dot stays sharp throughout all settings. Definitely consider this if you just like to go out to the range for some fun or home defense. Easy on, easy off, durable, no issues, just a barebones sight for your gun that will get the job done. EDIT: I’ve been so impressed with this sight that I decided to come backa year later to rave about it. It’s been through hundreds of shells, primarily slugs, through two different shotguns. To this day, I have yet to have any issue with it not holding zero. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if I ever needed to, but this is one sturdy piece especially considering the price. Read more

    2. james cole

      Absolute garbage. Sorry I wanted to like it because tru glo makes excellent after market tritium sights. The first one I ordered just died after 200 rounds of 9mm from a cz evo1. I sent that back and ordered a replacement. The new one lasted for about 150 rounds and fell apart mid magazine. See pics, it’s assembled with 4 tiny metal screws that go into a plastic base! I have learned that with good optics you just aren’t going to get anything good for cheap. Going with Holosun will report on that later. It had a good reticle and it seemed to hold zero but I wouldn’t use it for anything but airsoft toys. Update 1-24-2020 I just received the Holosun 510c I recommend this highly constriction is solid and the reticle blows away the tru glo even when it was working which wasn’t very long Read more

    3. Nate H.

      Bought the TRUGLO TruBrite Multi-Reticle Dual-Color Open Dot Sight (Boxed) version. The box is nice if you’re giving as gift; the non-boxed version is packaged in a plastic blister pack instead. It would have been nicer to see the sight set in a piece of foam cutout inside the box instead of wrapped in a piece of foam. The sight comes with a little red flag on one of the mounting screws warning you to not over-tighten them (20 inch-pounds MAX). The sight was also packaged with a microfiber cleaning cloth and hex key for adjusting windage & elevation. Simple to mount on a Picatinny rail. Instructions and warranty info card included. CR2032 battery pre-installed. I also bought a small rail riser for the sight but did not feel it was needed. – My favorite part about this sight is the brightness! It is very bright! This replaced a similarly priced SightMark with multiple reticles and this sight is far superior. I had problems seeing the SightMark in the daytime, but no issues with The TRUGLO. The instruction card recommends always starting with the lowest brightness and increasing until you have sufficient contrast. Higher brightnesses will start to cause distortion on the lens which is far more pronounced while indoors. I found 1 or 2 sufficient for indoors and up to 5 for a sunny day. -My second favorite feature is that when switching between the multiple reticle styles, there is a tactile click when arriving at each different one. There is no play in the reticle slection knob when you have selected a reticle, so you can be sure that the projection is lined up correctly. -Instruction book says “Minimum parallax at 30 yards”. Will be taking this to the range soon and will report any issues, but I believe that this is an excellent sight for the price. Read more

    4. J. Bready

      I bought this red/green dot sight to use on a camera for astrophotography. I chose Truglo because I have their fiber optic sights on a handgun, and those sights are both well made and work well. They left me with a positive impression of Truglo. I have experience with other red dot sights on telescopes, and after a friend had trouble finding the fully-eclipsed moon through her viewfinder with a 600mm lens on the camera, I knew exactly how to solve that problem. I attach the sight to the camera with a Higoo hot shoe to picatinny rail adapter: The rail isn’t perfect, the hot shoe ‘foot’ should be near one end, not in the middle. As it is, the rail extends far enough back that it hits you in the forehead if you try to look through the viewfinder. It can’t be adjusted, and I haven’t found an alternative yet. Also, if you position the sight on the rail so that the back of the sight is flush with the back of the rail (i.e., the sight and rail hit you in the forehead at the same time) then the sight’s clamp hangs off the front of the rail by about half an inch. Oh if I could only move that foot half an inch towards one end of the rail! Anyway, if you use live view on your camera’s screen instead of the viewfinder, you’re good to go. But back to the sight/finder. You have a choice of red or green, and there are five brightness levels for each. If you see ghostly reflections well away from the dot, you’ve got it turned up too bright. There are some internal reflections in the glass that make the bullseye reticles look a little like you’ve got double vision, but they’re not a problem, and they’re not noticeable with the dot reticles, and you didn’t pay $600 for this sight either. I bought the model with four selections for the dot/reticle, mainly to get the smallest dot possible (2.5 MOA), which is half the size of the dot in the fixed, 5 MOA dot model. I find that the bigger or brighter the dot, the less of your target you can see, especially if it’s a faint target like a fully eclipsed moon. Having said that, when I select the 5 MOA dot on mine, and turn the brightness to the lowest setting, it’s fine. I could live with the fixed dot model. I know that now, I didn’t then. How big are those dots, really? The moon is 30 MOA across, so the 5 MOA dot should be one sixth the width of the moon. In use the dot appears MUCH smaller than that, maybe I have my eye further back from the sight than Truglo expects. The big brightness adjustment knob has 12 detents: 5 red brightness settings, 5 green brightness settings, and two off settings. It’s a bit coarse and stiff to turn, which means it probably won’t turn on accidentally and drain the battery, but it also means that after I’ve got the camera aimed, I’m not going to muscle that knob and risk knocking the camera out of alignment. The battery cover can be hard to remove, a tiny amount of Chapstick on the threads helps. While this may sound like a mostly critical review, in fact, I really like this sight. It does about 95% of what my fancy EOTech sight does for 1/10 the price. It’s built to last two lifetimes: all metal, no plastic. Everything I’d change would make it cost more: anti-reflection coatings on both sides of the glass, extend the housing to 1/2″ in front of the glass, to make it harder to put fingerprints on it, and smooth up that knob! But as is, I think this sight is a hell of a bargain. I highly recommend it. Addendum: This sight appears to attach only to Weaver or Picatinny rails, not NATO rails. Both Weaver and Picatinny rely on clamping to the edges of the rail for alignment, while NATO rails have a raised, flat top (no slots like Picatinny) and the object being attached to the NATO rail is supposed to sit flat against the top of the rail. While the width of a NATO rail is essentially the same as Picatinny, the raised, flat top is the problem. The forward mounting screw on this sight is purposely mounted low (see the third picture) so that its square shank will sit in one of the slots on a Picatinny rail, preventing sight movement. That screw hits the top of the NATO rail and holds the front of the sight so high that the rail and clamp won’t even engage. I checked to see if the screw could be rotated out of the way (i.e., an asymmetric shank) to provide NATO compatibility, but no, it can’t. So, if you have a NATO rail, this is not the sight for you. Read more

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