Truglo tritium pro glow-in-the-dark handgun night time sights for smith & wesson pistol

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  • make sure this fits by way of getting into your version range.
  • the front sight orange or white recognition-lock ring for even quicker cognizance; unmatched visibility in all shooting conditions 24/7
  • angled rear sight aspect for emergency one-hand operation; compact layout keeps factory sight radius
  • assembled in u. S. With first-class swiss tritium for maximum brightness
  • glows inside the dark–no batteries or light exposure required
  • fortress end nitride shielding coating; suits standard holsters
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truglo tritium seasoned attractions

whilst the lights go out, your sidearm doesn’t need to be left in the darkish. The usage of fine swiss tritium for maximum brightness, truglo tritium points of interest glow bright each day and night time, making sure you have got a clean sight photo. We brought all of our seasoned degree capabilities, now including an orange recognition-lock ring for elevated the front sight evaluation.

tritium night sights transition from wellknown white dot sights for the duration of the daylight hours, to glowing green dots inside the dark. Tritium does no longer need batteries and does no longer need to be charged with mild — it genuinely glows!

a compact snag-unfastened layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable construction make certain tritium sights are built to deal with just about some thing. Like minded with a couple of models and makes of weapons.


Orange Ring, White Ring



8 reviews for Truglo tritium pro glow-in-the-dark handgun night time sights for smith & wesson pistol

  1. M. Henry

    So, first off these were very easy to install using a brass drift and a jewelers hammer. They are very bright, and the orange ring on the front sight makes target acquisition in daytime quick and easy. The tritium capsules are bright, even in low light, and makes lining up the 3-dots very quick. That all being said, the left capsule on the rear sight is off center to the left. So, if you try to center the front dot in low light you are shooting to the left. In bright light you can adjust because you can see the rear sight frame and adjust, but this is still a problem. Read more

  2. Dan W.

    Any other brands night sights with Tritium would be $150+. They glow bright in the dark, and in daylight they look like white dots. The U notch sight picture was better than the M&P Bodyguard stock sights. I did have some issues with the install, I suggest taking it to a smith if possible. The rear sight slid right in. A drop of lube and a sight pusher made easy work of it. The front sight on the other hand was a real pain. I measured with a micrometer and it was too wide at the dovetail. About 6 thou too big. I filed it down a TINY bit at a time and after an hour or two of wrestling I got it in there. Overall I’d still highly recommend these. Just be aware you might need to modify the size a tiny bit for them to fit. The rear sight is a bit taller than the stock and it’s not sloped in the front. So if you pocket carry that night be an issue. But it fits in my holder perfectly. Read more

  3. IJ Schoen

    I was very disappointed with this product; I had thought they had a good reputation. The base of the front sight was poorly machined compared to both the stock sight and to comparable sights for this gun. An experienced installer with a professional press was unable to to install the sight; several other sights pressed into place correctly with little or no problem. Personally I’ve installed a number of sights and I was could see how much trouble he had attempting to slide the sight onto the barrel. Some burrs are to be expected on after market sights; but this sight never fit properly even after reasonable cleanup. My recommendation is to examine sights carefully before purchase and avoid this brand for this model firearm. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    If you are buying because of price point and want to install these yourself to save money and do NOT have a screw type sight too for front and rear sights, then pass these sights up for the Smith & Wesson M&P. The services of a gunsmith in my area would have added at least $30 to $40 to the cost. When I received my set, and made an attempt at installing, it took quite a lot of honing to get both front and rear sight close to entering the receiver dovetails. Then it turns out the instructions mentioned the screw type sight tools for install. A note sent to Truglo returned an emphatic comment about NOT using hammers, punches or any kind of impact tools for ALL Truglo products! Best just pass these by and go to a product by Night Fision (They are impact rated) and still have a competitive price point of $80 to $90+. A little more on Amazon. Just my 2 cents here but any replacement sight should be of sufficient material and quality of the original manufacturer and similar methods of removing and installation, which these are not. Read more

  5. Randy Engesather

    These are made out of a very low quality metal. The edges of the dovetail are very thin and as I mentioned made out of a soft low grade metal. I have a sight pusher that works great on quality sights. There was no hope of installing these sights. You could not give me a set of these sights. After all these years I should have learned by now that when something is on sale and drastically less than the competitions product there is a reason. Read more

  6. J. johnson

    I really like the way they perform. very bright in the dark compared to any of my other night sights. The pig white dot is great during the day time. Install was fairly easy, it was harder getting my old sights off. One star off for the sharp edges. it is not as smooth to draw from a leather holster or a pocket holster. It is just a bit od a trade off, but they could have been slightly rounded without loosing any of the visibility. Yes, I recommend them and would buy again. Read more

  7. John Kubler IV

    Update: Twice now the tritium insert on the front post has come out . I’ve sent it to TruGlo and will need to again. The first time was possible enough as you must pay for both to and from shipping despite it being a warrantied fix. You must enclose a cheek for 12.50. As I need to do this a second time, that will be an additional $50 spent to get them repaired. The gun was not abused. Kept boxed when not carried. Poor build quality Great set over the stock sights on the M&P9 Shield . The forward cant on the rear sight makes racking the slide on your pants or other means is much easier to do. Read more

  8. S. L. Van Scoyoc

    Gunsmith ran into problems fitting these to Smith .380 Bodyguard. They didn’t mess around but stepped right up and solved the problem. As a result will be fitting two more sets. Sights themselves are legion and do what they are intended for. Kudos to Tru-Glo. Read more

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