Truglo tfx seasoned tritium and fiber optic xtreme hangun points of interest for walther pistols

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • completely covered tfo technology encapsulated in a honestly indestructible configuration
  • impervious to oils, chemical substances, cleaning solvents and ultra-sonic cleansing strategies
  • presents fantastic visibility in all taking pictures situations
  • makes use of best swiss tritium for max brightness
  • the front sight recognition-lock for instant and accurate capturing
  • sport type: looking
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truglo tfx seasoned handgun points of interest

glowing vibrant each day and night time, tfx attractions are constantly equipped. Tfx seasoned takes our constantly vivid and accurate tritium + fiber-optic technology even similarly with additional features, such as a compact snag-loose design, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting production. Tfx seasoned points of interest are built to handle just about whatever.

we took tfx technology even similarly for experts and shooters requiring most performance from their handguns — providing ultimate reliability, accuracy, and brightness. With more fashions to be had inside the tfx pro lineup, it’s miles even less difficult to top all of your favorite pistols with professional-grade handgun attractions.

illuminating elements are encased inside a truly indestructible chemical and surprise-resistant capsule and the cnc-machined metallic is included with a rust-resistant fortress end.


Walther CCP, Walther P99 and PPQ, Walther PPS (except M2)

8 reviews for Truglo tfx seasoned tritium and fiber optic xtreme hangun points of interest for walther pistols

  1. Karsten

    Bought this for Walther PPQ and the front sight can not been tightened because the screw doesn’t go in all the way. I also noticed that the rear sight is surprisingly a hair shorter than the front sight. This changes POI several inches below POA. OEM Walther rear sight is 3/100 taller than front sight, to compensate for bullet drop. Not sure what Truglo was thinking when they designed this, but IMO reversing physics don’t work. I really liked that Truglo combined Tritium with fiber optics, and at lower price than just tritium sights. But how good are sights that don’t fit and if you get em on somehow, the POI is totally off. I won’t buy Truglo sights again. After this experience, I ordered Trijicon night sights for the Walther and never looked back. The Trijicon sights did not change the POI, because they have the same 3/100 height difference as the OEM Walther sights. That’s how it should be. Read more

  2. Roxanne berry

    Love this sight. It helps to be more accurate how they made the front dot to set in the U cutout of the rear sight. In the dark it glows great same as many tritium sights do. But once I went outside with it in daylight it was amazingly bright not like any other night sight I have tried In the past. Under certain conditions I guess a bright regular white dot may look brighter but I would guess that would be a small 20% of the time under certain conditions. I usually do not write reveiws but this is a winner in my opinion. Thanks Truglo! Read more

  3. Sciondar

    I just got these and was able to install them on my ppq with ease. The front sight requires a flathead screwdriver to set the screw. The rear sight was a bit tighter of a fit compared to the stock rear sight which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m looking forward to trying these at the range! I did check them out with a dryfire laser round and these are easy to line up in daylight and in the dark of night in my opinion. Read more

  4. jason

    Had to do some fitting to make the front sight work. Haven’t had an issue with my other sets. It’s Truglo. They have been garbage for years and are still hit and miss on quality. Read more

  5. D. A. in Omaha

    These look great, easy to install (for my gunsmith, haha) and function as advertised. They glow nicely. One downside, they do in fact change the point of impact, I have to fully cover the target (and then some) with the front sight or my shots are low. Read more

  6. ቶማስ

    It has been a maddeningly frustrating journey to find sights that will fit my gun. I thought this product would be the answer, but it’s not. I took it to a gunsmith who was able to put a very small shim in place under the rear sight to get it to fit, but he’s doubtful that it will hold for a long time. I may have to end up returning these. Read more

  7. Robert J. Gay

    sight are great but shoot low so no matter how much you love them they shoot low. if i keep my front sight about 1/2 way above the rear sight i hit the target dead on.what to do? i think i will go to truglo and if they cant help return them. Read more

  8. Kenneth Johnson

    When I installed the front sight on my Walther PPQ 45 it was loose. I noticed that truglo’s tolerances are slightly off. After checking multiple reviews It appears the use of any brand of loctite will not fix the situation. I decided to create a spacer/washer to solve this problem. This is only a temporary fix to a significant flaw. I am curious if TRUGLO has a smaller screw that could solve the latter situation. Read more

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