Truglo starbrite deluxe bead fiber optic sight

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  • starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn
  • starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn
  • starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn
  • starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn
  • starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn
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product description

apex archery tg-tg954dg starbrite delux 2. 6mm grn


2.6MM, 3-56, 5-40, 6-48


Green, Red

8 reviews for Truglo starbrite deluxe bead fiber optic sight

  1. Jeremiah

    Works great because I bought the right one. They should have the thread sizing for manufacturer listed. It’s on the back of the package, see photo. Read more

  2. C M

    Looks great. Functions great. A very nice upgrade over standard brass bead on a Moss 500. The stud is too long. You will need to file the length down and clean the threads up. I also has to file a little on the face to get the orientation correct. If this is something you don’t mind doing (took about 3 min with a mini vise and a 3 dollar set of needle files from harbor freight) for the price of this product it’s a very decent upgrade. Can’t beat the price. I can’t comment if others are a better buy or are more precise on the install since this is the first direct thread in front sight I have upgraded vs something like dovetails on pistols. I know this kit comes in a universal kit with multi threads also so might be just a 1 size fits all option to save on cost. Read more

  3. Ben

    I would only recommend buying this if you’re installing it on a Mossberg model with a bridge sight. I had to file down this sight because the overall thread length was to long for the cylinder bore barrel. It’s a great upgrade for the money. But its probably not for all Mossberg shotguns. Read more

  4. Todd Parks

    I read a lot of reviews that the screw was long and extended out in to the barrel and required some light filing to make it shorter. I put mine on today, screwed it on all the way and it fits like the stock brass bead did. I screwed it down as far as it goes, it lines up straight and does not extend in to the barrel. Maybe they are making it a tad shorter, maybe I’m just lucky. It looks great and glows well in light. Very pleased with it for sure!!!! Read more

  5. RCabling

    Mounted this onto my shotgun and unfortunately, the fiber optic shattered in less than 6 shots. So I put a new fiber optic in and this time, the actual holder itself broke. This was on a maverick 88 12 gauge. Read more

  6. Jakeg

    This sight was priced right and not oversized. I bought this for my Beretta A300 outlander. I didn’t want my optic to be overly bright when waterfowl hunting. Turns out it doesn’t even capture enough light to glow. Will update how well it works after my next hunt. This also required minor gin smithing to install. You need to put the sight level in a vise. Using a micro file slowly remove metal, on the body of the sight where the sight bears surface to the barrel, until the sight lines up parallel with the barrel. Some metal was moved from the threaded position because it was too long after removing so much metal from the body of the sight. I suggest using thread locker, preferably moisturize wicking type such as green. I wouldn’t recommend this sight to anyone who doesn’t have the required tools or skills to install. If this sight was twice as long it may provide the perfect amount of light output. Update: the sight has held up but it still isn’t visible. Read more

  7. Rick

    The Good: Easy to install and the depth of the threaded portion was just right to tightly fit when aligned. The Bad: The tiny fiber optic gathers practically no light, but I wasn’t expecting too much. The Ugly: The fiber optic fell out after the third shot and it now lives someplace in the marsh. I have some other TruGlo products that I like but this one is garbage and a waste of money. Truly disappointed and will just replace with a solid bead. Read more

  8. Bradley S.

    Screwed on as a direct replacement on my Beretta A400 Xplor 12ga and it took about 30 seconds. Get a small wrench or pliers so you can make sure it is tight and straight. Very simple, and the dot is super bright in the daylight and easy to pick up against cloudy skies and sunny clear sky’s from first light to dusk. Read more

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