Truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun points of interest for glock pistols

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  • make sure this fits through coming into your model variety.
  • fiber-optics for the brightest aiming points even in low-light conditions
  • tri-dot aiming machine of contrasting the front and rear colors
  • hid fiber can’t be seen by goal; snag resistant design suits popular holsters
  • fortress finish coating presents a everlasting defensive coating for maximum safety
  • fits glock 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 37, 40 and 41 (except m. O. S fashions)
  • game kind: tactical & military
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truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun points of interest

  • uses our conventional fiber optic technology.
  • cnc-machined metallic production.
  • contrasting crimson the front and green rear.
  • concealed fiber can’t be visible by means of goal.
  • suits general holsters.
  • snag-resistant design.
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    Glock 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 30 and more, Glock 42, 43

    7 reviews for Truglo fiber-optic front and rear handgun points of interest for glock pistols

    1. Danyel

      I really wanted to tell the world how amazing these are. In the end I’m kind of mixed. I have a few pros and a few cons. Pros- they look great, shoot accurate, and the front sight post is such a perfect fit. Cons- great brightness if held directly below super bright lighting but only then, poor figment on rear sight. These are great sights and look good, but a steal set of Glock sights would probably be just as visible and just as strong. I think the issue with the brightness is how they overbuild the fiber optic casing. The only place it can draw light is from directly above. Where other companies have the sides open as well. This would be my one suggestion to truglo. I like them enough not to return them, I wanted a accurate set of sights to hunt with, and the state doesn’t allow tritium so these will do. But if it was only for CCW/range/fun I’d probably save my money or get a different kind. This is a photo of my Glock sights next to my wife’s TRUGLO TFO SIGHTS under 3x 65w daylight bulbs. They look about the same. But when turned these sight loose most of the glow they pickup. Read more

    2. K. Pinckney

      Great product took about 15 minutes to put this on with some blue locktite, flathead screwdriver, and a mallet. Drove out the old, installed the new. I was concerned because they were low priced (and Glock “19” was not listed), but all full-sized Glock fit the same sights. They work/fit! Shot with them, and all was good. Read more

    3. S. Michael

      These are nice, bright steel sights and Amazon has the best price I could find . I only wish they had side-cutouts to let in more light when the light source is not overhead. In usual conditions, these are VERY bright. I had already replaced the stock sights on a Glock 43 with these and decided to buy the larger version for my full sized Glocks. I caution that you will need a Glock front sight tool and a rear sight pusher to install these. The VISM rear sight pusher and a magnetic front sight tool, available on, will likely cost as much or less than a gunsmith and you can use them over and over. You will also need some blue or purple LocTite. Disassemble a firearm after clearing it, remove the barrel and the recoil spring. Using the front sight tool remove flat hex screw holding the old front sight in place. With the slide upside down and suspended it over roll of masking tape use a small punch and gently tap out the old front sight. Using the small hex-key supplied in the kit, clean out any old Loctite from the oval cut out in the front slide. Place the new front sight into the oval cutout. If necessary, gently tap it firmly into place… ( I used the back of a small wooden screwdriver.) in my experience, this front sight fits very snugly and is perfectly parallel, without any wiggle. Place the hex nut into the magnetic driver. Do not apply Loctite on it at this time. Drive screw home to see if it fits snugly. Is it does remove the screw and apply Loctite to the threads and reinsert it. If it is too long, use the shorter Gen 4 screw that is supplied in the kit. Wipe off any excess Loctite with a dry Q-tip. Next go over the site with a Q-tip soaked in bore solvent. Your front sight is now installed. For the rear sight, please refer to the numerous YouTube videos on the use of your own particular rear sight pusher. Do not forget to completely remove the Allen screw from the rear sight before installation. Once the rear sight is exactly where you want it, apply Loctite to the Allen screw and insert it using the hex key into its hole. Using a Q-tip wipe up any excess LocTite. Ask before use a dry Q-tip first and then one soaked a little bore solvent second. Read more

    4. J. Davis

      Nice looking sights. I somehow broke the stock plastic front sight on my 43 and needed a replacement. Sights mounted easily in about 15 minutes. I bought the truglo front sight tool (must have) and just found a piece of ridged plastic tubing that I used as a punch for the rear sight. I was able to tap the old one out and new one in without damaging anything. As others have stated these are not night sights. You need some light for them to “work”. With light available they “glow” very nicely. Haven’t been to the range yet but so far I’m happy. Read more

    5. Stacyloro

      Fit my Gen 3 Glock 26 very well. Look good. Not as bulky as I expected. Which is fine by me. Well lit in day light. Visible in low-ish light. The red front sight stands out. I’ll use that for quick reaction. Had to use wood blocks and vise to press the front sight in a little, then the screw drew it in flush. Otherwise the scree wasn’t strong enough and I was afraid to strip it. Be careful not to crush the sight doing it this way. Pretty strong sites though. Read more

    6. Kindle Customer

      I recently purchased a set of your TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Glock Pistols (TG131G1) I installed them on my G17 slide. They hit about 1-1.5 inches low at 7 yards, which is not acceptable to me. I put that barrel in another G17 and it was on. I put the other barrel in the pistol with these sights and again, it hit too low. The front sight appears to be about 3/8 inch higher than a factory sight. I wrote to Truglo. They basically said try again, use a rest and both hands and that the sights for a 9mm pistol are set to hit behind the dot at 25 yards. This is not the way that most shooters shoot open sights on pistols or rifles. They generally set their sights so that the point of impact cuts the top of the front sight, sort of like a half moon sitting on he sight. There is no disclosure on the product details letting you know that the low sights are much higher than factory sights. The 30 day return window is too short a time for a product like this since one can’t just pop these on over night and run out to a run range at the drop of a hat. I do not recommend these sights for anyone that is a decent shot, they will only frustrate you. Read more

    7. Amber

      Will update after I visit the range but so far these fit perfectly. Fiber optic glow very well in the light. Update: These are working excellent. I’ve had no issues whatsoever. Read more

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