Truglo 30mm dual-coloration dot sight

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  • make certain this fits via coming into your model wide variety.
  • 5 moa reticle designed for short acquisition, twin-color reticle illumination (red and inexperienced)
  • surprise resistant to 1000-gram, water resistant, fog-evidence, unlimited eye remedy, huge discipline of view
  • adjustable rheostat for brightness manage, multi-coated lenses
  • special anti-reflective interior eliminates stray mild from performing within the sight
  • incorporated weaver-fashion mounting gadget, battery covered, lifetime restricted assurance
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truglo 30mm twin-coloration dot sight

whilst shooting at close or medium levels, a crimson dot sight is a tremendous option for crossbow hunters. The 30mm tradtional offers limitless eye-remedy, a extensive area of few, and a compact design that are not available in magnified optics.

  • descending diameter dots reticle for multi-distance capturing (smaller dot for longer shots)
  • limitless eye alleviation
  • wide subject of view
  • turn-up lens caps / lanyard system
  • light-weight compact layout
  • smooth to mount
  • included weaver-fashion mounting gadget
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    8 reviews for Truglo 30mm dual-coloration dot sight

    1. Brandon

      I bought this reflex sight after watching a review of a guy shooting various budget reflex sights on his 12g shotgun. I was expecting this thing to break or have trouble staying accurate after a few rounds of slugs. I’ve had a couple attachments like lasers break almost instantly from the recoil. This thing held up amazingly. First off, I barrel sighted it at home before going to the range. Apparently I did a great job because it was dead accurate at 25yrds hitting bullseyes with ease. Secondly, it handled the recoil like a champ. I shot at least 35 3″ HV slugs and 25 2-3/4″ 00buck and the sight barely flinched. I’m extremely happy with it. The only negative thing I can say about it is the flip up caps are a bit too easy to open (literally 1/2 lb of force is enough to tap it open) and the caps eventually slide off the sight after a ton of rounds and recoil. But that’s not a big deal, you can easily take them off when shooting and slide them back on when done. My friend is buying one or two of these for his 5.56 AR and his .22 plinker. Honestly an amazing budget sight, if it can hold up after a ton of 12g rounds, it’ll hold up to just about anything. Read more

    2. Drew

      Best shotgun or limited range rifle sighting system ever. I live in NJ so it’s shotgun only. I also am on a farmer’s depredation permit so I need to be proficient at what I do. I’ve been through a whole lot of scopes which initially sight in but I shoot a lot. And when I shoot, I expect to put down everything 0 – 125 yds. Scopes always only last a year or so then get shook lose (inside). I sighted this in with 10 rounds of Kent 3″ 10 pt slugs. 435 grns @ 1850 fps. 1″ high at 25, 1″ high at 100 and 2″ low at 125 yrd. This sight is what I’ve been looking for. I’m even going to try one on my 1895 Marlin. 45-70 with 300 gn bullet at 2400 fps. Another scope wrecker. I’ll post another review if this red dot holds up to the punishment or not. Updat; So far so good. Took down 3 deer this week. If you can see it and within range just put dot on it and it’s down. Reviewers have mentioned a halo effect. This only happens if you make dot brighter than it needs to be. Low light, first one or two clicks. That’s as bright as I need in the woods and it’s a pin point. Read more

    3. Michigan Buyer

      Okay unit but caps flip up way too easy. Just look at it cross-eyed and up they go. Other than that, good sight for the money and appears very sturdy other than the flip up caps. Updated 4/27/2017 – while on the Truglo website I happened to see the ‘chat’ box so clicked on it and got a Truglo representative and told him about the cap issue. They said no problem we will send out a couple of new ones no charge which I got a few days later in the mail. They looked about the same but work much better. My red dot sight was around a year old but was not asked when purchased so I’m guessing they be well aware of the issue. Much better to send out a couple of inexpensive caps and have a happy customer. I am updating my rating from 3 to 5 stars and would give Truglo a ‘thumbs up’ on this one.. Read more

    4. H. J. Seeley

      This is my fourth TruGlo red dot sight, over the past two and a half years I have not had any problems with any of them. But I’m not expecting it to last forever, so I have a pre-sighted backup red dot in my range bag for that time when it dies. Financially still way ahead of the curve nonetheless. I have this particular model on a .22 handgun, and I use it for steel plate shooting, such as in the RimFire Challenge competition format. I chose this because it’s huge and offers a very large field of view but most importantly is that the dot comes right up and my eye catches it instantly. In a competition if you hesitate for even a split second because you’re hunting for the dot, then you’ve lost that stage, or at least you’re not going to do well in the competition. If you’re in the market and have the opportunity to get a test run on a typical small optic and can get a comparison on a large optic like this TruGlo, you absolutely should do it so you can see the difference. Just a warning that you’re likely going to have a hard time finding someone running a TruGlo because for some reason they aren’t popular. I’ve never seen anyone else running one. Funny thing, practically every modern handgun uses TruGlo sights or something extremely similar like a Williams. I run the very same optic on a 10/22 variant and it’s even faster on the rifle. An optic of this size is not as important on a rifle, but I do like having the same optic on both platforms. Last notes, these TruGlo optics replaced Bushnell TRS25s and a Vortex SPARC. The SPARC’s dot is bright enough, but the field of view is small and the electronics obscure my peripheral vision (both eyes open). The TRS25 has a stupidly dim dot, it’s nearly invisible in full sunlight which in my view disqualifies it entirely. The green dot on the TruGlo is brighter, but I still use the red dot. I think that is just familiarity. Read more

    5. Franz K

      Not bad for the price. I use it on a HiPoint 995 carbine. Since mounting and zeroing I have put about 200 rounds through it and not had to readjust yet. I use it at 25 and 50yd distances. Have not tested it beyond that. Read more

    6. BRUSH

      Works like a red/green dot should. Easy to adjust. Other reviews talked about the covers popping open easily. It’s true. Easier to just slide them off when out shooting. Read more

    7. Nick

      Fit my 20 Ga 870 Express perfect! Took 3 minutes to pop pins out and install. Bore sighted it that night with a screw driver. First Deer of the season, missed mark by 4″, then re-sighted it again in the field. Next deer, heart shot, dead on accurate! Great addition to my shotgun for heavy brush deer hunting! Read more

    8. KJug Guitars

      A few clicks for azimuth and elevation, and she’s dead on. 100 rounds later, dot was still dead on. I don’t know about higher recoil usage, but for my 9mm Carbine, I couldn’t have done better at any price. Read more

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