Troy barbell vtx neoprene dumbbell

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  • top rate neoprene coating
  • hex form prevents rolling
  • will now not crack rust or fade
  • offered in my view
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product description

unique hex head layout prevents rolling and is effortlessly stackable. Neoprene coverings are at ease to apply and should now not rust, crack or fade under ordinary. Incredible for business or home settings. Length is marked with poundage. To be had in black. 1 barbell


5 -Pounds

8 reviews for Troy barbell vtx neoprene dumbbell

  1. P@BL()

    So I checked out my local Target store and they don’t sell 15 LBS dumbells. They had some chrome/hard plastic one’s though but we wanted Neoprene. Checked out my local DicksSportingGoods store and they did not sell 15 LBS Neoprene dumbbells either although I did have an option for the full metal version. So, I went “Amazoning”. I read the “bad reviews” and for the price yeah, it would be for one dumbbell. I needed 2 15 LBS dumbbells so I purchased a quantity of 2. The quality is great. The Neoprene feels great and has a nice hexagon shape all around. I wished these people made a 20 LBS dumbbells as I would purchase in a hurry. TIP: If you have prime, I would order these separate, say one day apart, so that they don’t ship in the same box. I did not and the amazon box was almost destroyed with 30 LBS. The weights though were in immaculate condition regardless. Read more

  2. Andrew Smith

    These are 12-pound weights covered in black neoprene. They arrived intact (although the cardboard box they came in was a little worse for wear). I haven’t weighed them to make sure they’re accurate, but they feel like 12 pounds. I’ve used them for a few months and they’ve held up beautifully. I’m a PRIME member, so shipping was fast and free. Other than that, what else can be said? Clicking your mouse isn’t going to get you in shape, so buy these weights and start lifting. Urrrrgh, feel the burn! Read more

  3. alchartreux

    I’m very happy with this 12-pound dumbbell. It’s coated in black neoprene, which makes for a better grip, and is comfortable to hold during curls or other exercises. The handle is slightly thicker in the middle than at the ends, which makes for a more comfortable grip as opposed to a handle with a consistent width. Given the weight of this item, to get free shipping on it makes for a good deal. Read more

  4. Elizabeth A.

    Ordered July 29. Received August 18. Item was damaged. Pretty bad experience to be honest. The product seems to be of high quality … I would just order it elsewhere. Read more

  5. Michelle M Wilson

    Love Troy products! DB Sports always has what I need! Read more


    I have purchased these before for home use and they’re fine. Nice comfortable grip. Read more

  7. mattyd

    They come in singles, not pairs. They are not extra nifty in any way. In fact, the handles are irregular and non-uniform. Not happy with this purchase. Read more

  8. Tracie Boyd

    I mean I can’t give it a one star rating because I did get A dumbell. But the way the put the product online is completely misleading. You only get one dumbell. It doesnt even specify that your only going to get one. what the hell am I going to do with one bumbell? buy this if you only need one. If your expecting two dumbells don’t hold your breath. I really wanted to returned it too but only my luck would have it that I’d loose the return reciept. However that being said I did recieve the product very promptly which is what saved it from being a two Read more

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