Trijicon ac31015 tenebraex killflash anti-mirrored image device, dual-illuminated rmr fashions, black

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your version variety.
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  • has all and sundry showed that this could or will now not match at the led battery powered adjustable rmr sight? Any statistics might be lots preferred!
  • question: has all people confirmed that this may or will no longer healthy on the led battery powered adjustable rmr sight? Any facts could be a great deal preferred! Answer: yes, it does fit and could paintings with the kind 2 adjustable led rmr. You may be able to modify the illumination. The openings on either aspect are there to can help you get right of entry to the up & down illumination buttons. I have one on my g19, fits nice, and can alter the brightness settings with out eliminating it. Through mathieu on march 26, 2021 did not get answers. See extra solutions (3) fall apart all solutions

  • so from the questions i’ve examine i do not see a clear solution to whether or now not this may healthy properly at the non adjustable led rmr
  • query: so from the questions i have study i do not see a clear answer to whether or not this can match properly on the non adjustable led rmr solution: sure it’ll healthy at the non adjustable rmr i in my view have it on the rmr with fiber optic that has no modifications and it fit flawlessly. By way of alberto on september 8, 2017 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (4) disintegrate all answers

  • will it match the rmr04 twin illuminated?
  • question: will it match the rmr04 dual illuminated? Answer: yes. But it’s going to no longer live on long when you have your rmr on a pistol. By way of amazon patron on april 5, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • might this fit the brand new kind 2 led rmr?
  • question: might this healthy the brand new type 2 led rmr? Answer: it blocks the led adjustment/energy buttons with the aid of bluemax_1 on july eight, 2017 failed to get answers. See more answers (1) crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Trijicon ac31015 tenebraex killflash anti-mirrored image device, dual-illuminated rmr fashions, black

    1. routerhead99

      Added to my VERY expensive Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMR. Second time I used it in a match the lower frame piece must have come off and the metal honeycomb screen came out (See attached photo) during a stage and screwed up my site picture and time!! I expected much more from Trijicon. It is cheap plastic. Shouldn’t be charging $36 for it. Especially one that comes apart so easily. I maybe put 300 rounds through my 9mm pistol before this epic fail!! Haven’t even had this kill flash a few weeks. UPDATE. After having this product for over a month now and used it extensively. I can truthfully say its TERRIBLE. I hate to say it about Trijicon (I love my RMR), but this is a HUGE waste of money. Sent my first one back to Trijicon and got a (timely) replacement, When I put it on and used it in a USPSA match same thing happened!!! Bottom frame came off, this time however I was able to find it after the stage. Super glued the plastic piece of garbage back on and that seems to have stopped the frame from coming off, but after a few more matches the whole piece started popping off!! WTF Trijicon!! I expect much more from you! Save your money. Has a little of the “tacticool” factor, but it doesn’t work! If there were negative stars, this would get them. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      I’m a huge fan of Trijicon’s products. I have several sets of their iron sights, two RMR’s, and an ACOG. I am biased. That said, this product is a little bit of a letdown. While it definitely fits, seems tough, mitigates light reflecting, and is a legit Trijicon product…. It doesn’t really stay put that well. I have not had a problem with it under 5.56 recoil yet, or general handling, but it does shift/move around during transport in a range bag. (the RMR is on an AR with an offset mount). Just something to be aware of. I’m still trying to figure out how to creatively secure it better in a way that’s not “permanent” and I’m still giving it 4 stars for now. If it has issues at the next training class I attend, I’ll update this. Read more

    3. PeeTee

      Every one of my RMR is equipped with a Tenebraex KillFlash. Does kill flash and protects the objective glass. After hundreds of hours of shooting, I’ve never had any problems. No loosening. No shifting. Always rock solid. This KillFlash only works on Dual Illuminated RMR. It will not fit a LED RMR Read more

    4. Thomas

      I searched for reviews for this all over the internet and could not find a single one. Because it was expensive I wanted to find out if its worth the price. Everywhere I looked had about the same price for this item $45-$55. Once the price dropped on Amazon I got it. The details state that its Aluminum but in fact its only the honeycomb that is. The outside frame is plactic. For the most part its solid except the bottom feet. Those have some give which could break if it were acidiently stepped on. Once its installed its fairly secure, the feet have a lip that attach on the groves of the RMR. Once you look through the RMR you can see the honeycomb slightly probably because its so close. No issues other then the price. I dont think the cost above $50 is worth it but it definitly worth getting once the price is reasonable. Read more

    5. ScytheMo

      Pleased to see that this is a legit Trijicon product. The Tenebrex kill-flash works great with my RMR-RM08G. Just got back from the range with no issues whatsoever. I primarily purchased this to help protect the lens of my RMR and it seems it will do the job quite well. Very pleased. Read more

    6. Dom

      This is the second time I purchase this item, two different experiences. The first one I bought was flimsy , it would bend when slight pressure was given and once attached it snapped off so easy a flick could knock it out. I ended up throwing it away. Somehow while looking for protective options, I was always led back here with the best idea for the rmr protection, so I bought it again. This time it was hard to snap it on, once on, the product is flush. It seems as it’s one piece and it doesn’t seem to want to come off without a tool now. It is of superb pmag polymer style plastic, the front mesh is metal and thick. Honestly just buy it, try it out, I’d buy two from two different websites and keep the one that fits best. So it’s a hassle but when you get the right one, you won’t look back. Read more

    7. Neil

      When I opened the safe door, the Blackout caught on something and fell out on the concrete. Luckily this thing was in place because that was the first thing that hit. The RMR did get a little mark on the frame, but it would have been much much worse without it. The plastic is crushed at the corner, but I’ll just get another one and go from there. Read more

    8. William A. Yarbrough

      I think this RMR Tenebraex shield will work fine with my RMR LED sight after a slight modification. The unit partially covered the ajusting buttons. A small Dremel sanding drum allowed me to reduce the material to expose the buttons. Works fine now. Be careful and take off a little at a time as you can’t put the material back once removed. Trijicon should have made one for the LED as well as the Dual Illuminated Model. Read more

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