Trijicon ac11031 acog goal turn cap 4x32mm (ta91 killflash required), black

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  • designed to stretch over the ta91 kill flash
  • non see via cover
  • matte black finish
  • bundle weight:three. Zero lb

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product description

this objective flip cap is designed to stretch over the ta91 killflash. This matte black, non see through cowl affords a snap-lock lid that prevents dust build up and blocks rain and snow accumulation while closed. Whilst open the lid pivots 270 diploma to put parallel to the scope so it does not block the shooters view.

8 reviews for Trijicon ac11031 acog goal turn cap 4x32mm (ta91 killflash required), black

  1. Joseph J. Guccione

    Definitely unimpressed with the design, fit, and finish of the Trijicon TA91 Tenebraex KillFlash Anti-Reflection Device 4×32 and its associated Trijicon AC11031 ACOG Objective Flip Cap 4x32mm made specifically and only for this specific Killflash. The Killflash itself is secured with an O-ring that runs around the entire scope-base proper. The Objective Flip Cap is secured to the Killflash with what appears to be a flexible neoprene sleeve. The good news is, for under $50 you can purchase both items. Comparatively, one Leupold objective lens cover will cost you more than the price of this Trijicon combination. This combination’s functional and isn’t hideous looking. Nevertheless, they’re both design afterthoughts. Read more

  2. Chris

    I purchased this and the ocular lens cap and had trouble with both. It specifically states that it’s designed for the TA91 kill flash, however, the sleeve must be stretched pretty drastically and the radius of the opening is not as large as the radius on the kill flash. I specifically bought this part and the “Trijicon TA91: Tenebraex killFlash Anti-Reflection Device with LFU for 4×32 RCO ACOG Scope” and they are not compatible. The kill flash seems correct and works very nicely, but neither this objective lens cap, nor its ocular lens cap counterpart are well-made. I’m very disappointed. Read more

  3. Adam

    I’m happy with this objective lens cap. It does the job. When it’s open, I can see very clearly. It snaps closed fairly securely. With it closed, you can use your ACOG like a reflex sight using both eyes open. That being said, the part that fits over your killflash is a soft flexible leathery material, and it takes significant effort to get it all the way over the killflash. Think of it like trying to put on a pair of socks that is too small for your feet. Once on, it does the job. The cap itself is hard plastic. The entire piece does seem durable enough and should last. I feel like Trijicon could have easily made an upgraded killflash with a built in flippable lens cap. Would have been a significantly superior product. Someone else should make one. If something like that exists, please let me know. Read more

  4. Seldom Satisfied

    The fit is ridiculously tight. As time went on the rubber gasket would have dried out and ripped. Last but not least this was supposed to be a Trijicon product and it says Bushwacker across it. SAVE YOUR MONEY DON`T BUY IT ! My Tenebrex Flash Kill says, TENEBREX TA-91 FLASH KILL. Read more

  5. S. Paczer

    I bought both front and rear flip open covers. I gave it only a 4 star because of the rubber part. Don’t know or feel it will last long term… we’ll see. These are Trijicon specific… meaning they are from and for Trijicon. Which I wad glade to see. Dont believe they will work on another manufacturers scope. They are made of rubber and plastic. The door/cover is plastic… and the mount to scope is somewhat a stretch fit. It is tight when installed and you must align the holes onto scope. Protecting your weapons sight lenses are important… you know why, especially Trijicon’s they don’t run cheep. Read more

  6. lee whitehorn

    Very surprised at cheap quality from Trijicon. Don’t waste your money on flip caps. Read more

  7. Mclovin

    The outside cover is good enough on my 4×32 RCO, but it doesn’t fit as snug as I would have liked although it does stay on snug enough not to fall off when the rifle is sitting in the safe.. Not sure how far I would trust it to stay on if somehow I found myself on the move in a Hajiville firefight instead of just calmly shooting at the local shooting range. The flip-up cover design is cheaply made though and can easily come apart. I consider the product good enough, but far from great Read more

  8. Brandon

    This is just a bushwacker flip cover in a trijicon package. The cap even says bushwacker on the side. If the fit was alittle better i wouldnt be so bothered by this. I will most likely be returning Read more

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