Trademark improvements transportable sports bench with again – sits 6 human beings – (crimson)

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model variety.
  • strong, durable, and light-weight transportable six-person folding bench with metal frame
  • particularly transportable with backs and light-weight makes this the remaining transportable bench
  • no assembly required. Weight potential 200lbs./seat
  • item measures 100 inches long, 18 inches throughout, and 18 inches excessive when set up
  • manufactured via trademark improvements
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6 seater sports activities bench with convey bag

activities for sports benches

  • soccer video games
  • tailgate events
  • outdoor movies
  • outside live performance
  • own family reunion
  • outdoor wedding ceremony
  • portable sports activities bench with back – sits 6 people

    this robust, long lasting, and lightweight portable six-character metal frame folding bench with a returned is best for sitting on the sidelines at a sports occasion, tailgating, a celebration, tenting inside the outside, or anyplace. Incredibly transportable and lightweight makes this the ultimate collapsible bench. There is no meeting required, just unpack and it is prepared to be used. Object measures a hundred inches lengthy, 18 inches throughout, and 18 inches excessive while installation. Weight ability is 200lbs./seat.

  • robust, durable, and light-weight transportable six-character folding bench with steel frame
  • surprisingly transportable with backs and lightweight makes this the last portable bench
  • no assembly required. Weight ability 200lbs./seat
  • object measures one hundred inches lengthy, 18 inches across, and 18 inches high while installation
  • synthetic by way of trademark improvements
  • trademark innovations is dedicated to supplying first-rate products. We offer a wide variety of gadgets from home and kitchen to sports and exterior. We fee our clients and need to make certain our products meet all of your expectancies.

    product description

    this robust, long lasting, and lightweight transportable six-character steel frame folding bench with a back is perfect for sitting on the sidelines at a sports activities occasion, tailgating, a celebration, tenting within the outdoors, or anyplace. Extraordinarily transportable and light-weight makes this the remaining collapsible bench. There is no meeting required, simply unpack and it is prepared for use. Object measures a hundred inches long, 18 inches across, and 18 inches excessive when installation. Weight potential is 200lbs. /seat. By using trademark improvements.


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    7 reviews for Trademark improvements transportable sports bench with again – sits 6 human beings – (crimson)

    1. DFarmer

      I purchased this for my son’s U6 soccer team. If you are a soccer parent then you have surely encountered fields with no benches for the players (or stands for the parents). On a grass field, that’s usually not a big issue. Unless it’s raining. Boy do those fields turn into a swampy mess with 14 boys running back and forth for an hour. Then there’s the issue with turf fields. Those are just a pain in general. Scratchy on a good day, melting hot on a warm day. Plus turf gravel (IDK what its called) get’s EVERYWHERE. After a few seasons of dealing with the above I went ahead and purchased a bench. Not this bench…I went with the backless one first thinking it wold be lighter to lug around to and from fields. It worked for one season but fell apart halfway through the second. I checked out the usual places, Walmart, Academy, Dicks, and Amazon I found this one. Price wise, it was actually cheaper than the backless one I had originally purchased. I don’t really notice a difference in the weight. The bench folds up extremely easy and comes with a carrying bag that seems to be sturdy. So far we are almost through our first season with the new bench and it has been holding up great. I expect it to last longer than the other bench, but either way at this price point replacing every 2 years isn’t a terrible thing. I recommend this item for anyone with kids in outdoor sports. Read more

    2. btgawedz

      So, we bought this for 6 little 5 year old soccer girls! While that doesn’t sound like a challenge for any product to tolerate, think about, the mud, the cleats, jumping up and down on, spilled drinks, the list can go on and on. This guy has stood up to two seasons thus far and still appears to be in perfect shape! The seat spacing is perfect, it would accommodate adults just fine, the carrying case or bag is very nice as well. Believe it or not it folds out and up very quickly and super easy to tuck away in its pouch. As far as weight, it is almost light enough for my 5 year old daughter to carry! (She’s just not really tall enough yet 🙂 ) Have no fear buying this bench! Totally the best bang for the buck! Read more

    3. Tony Yunker

      update: I need a new one. Another coach had the quickgoal brand, and not much better quality, but at twice the price…, I guess given it is half the cost, and I see no other reliable option, I am going to purchase again. Uhgggg. ____________________ I am so displeased with the quality of this, within a few games (with 9 year olds), it started showing wear. After the season ended, I did an entire operation, gluing new caps on the back rest posted, sewing each one back, and replaced screws on the back posts. After the first game this season, every one of my sew jobs punctured again (a result of my sew job, but also the extreme stress on the canvas seem there. Also a corner of the seat popped off, so I glued the screw back into the insert that holds it. Also the bag that holds it completely ripped down the side….which I sewed back together, and seems to be holding now. Very disappointing that it lasted less than one season with 60-70 lb girls. Read more

    4. i*bought*it

      We needed a second bench for soccer now (from 4v4 to 7v7). I saw this was 40% cheaper than the name brand (you can see the brand in pics) so we gave it a shot. Same seat height and back height, but this was almost a foot smaller in length. Both have 6 “seats,” so the missing width is taken from each seat, looks like 2” off each seat. Our first bench seats 6 adults side by side just fine. This bench… you’re pretty on top of each other. If you’re seating people middle school or younger, this product will work. Some buyers might be looking for that and willing to save $40 on a kid’s bench. It also doesn’t unfold and fold up as smoothly; when you’re packing up to head to the next field, it’s one less thing to be frustrated by. Our carrying bag also ripped packing it back up, so there’s that. As for myself, I’ll probably return it and fork out the extra rather than have one quality bench and one shorter, thinner bench. Read more

    5. A. Page

      Best purchase for AYSO so far! This is our fourth year coaching our child’s AYSO team and now that the kids are older and bigger, this bench seat is a godsend. We get complements and comments of admiration about this product every week when we’re out in the field. Both adults and kids sit on this throughout the game and everyone feels very stable and comfortable. Very easy to set up and equally simple to collapse and bag. The only thing I wish was that it was lighter – but I get that the sturdiness of this product is what contributes to it’s weight. So I guess it’s a wash. If you’re on the fence about buying one of these – do it! It is worth it!! Read more

    6. AmazonAddict

      Words can’t describe how awesome this bench is. I coach youth sports and at times our team doesn’t have a bench so I bring this out to the fields. It fits adults comfortably and it still looks brand new after 4 years. The carrying bag is still in great shape as well. I even get compliments whenever I have cookouts and I set this up under my canopy. Someone also stopped me while I was camping to ask where they could get one. It feels so good to take this out and hold one end while you throw it out in one motion like a BOSS! The kids love it, I love it, and if this ever takes a nose dive I’m buying another one. It’s seen a minimum of 6 different teams so no exaggeration when I say BUY THIS!!!! Read more

    7. Rachel Fox Schnitzer

      Literally my favorite purchase ever to come across on amazon site!!! I chose a used-open box item for discounted price and only thing that was wrong was the original packaging was different but came with carry bag and I cannot tell you how many sporting events this came in so handy! It is a bit heavier which is to be expected when carrying 6 chairs at once it’s actually lighter than if you were actually carrying all them. Came with drawstring carry bag and a strap on it so it’s easy to store. We used it for our tent in swim team the kids could relax between heats also for flag football and t-ball and watching football games it almost fit our whole family. Highly recommend Read more

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