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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your version number.
  • ultra energy and durability: capable of wearing a max weight of a thousand lb, the energy sector strength cage is for extreme power schooling enthusiasts.
  • spotter bars: you’ll usually have a spotter in the electricity sector energy cage with safety lock latches for ease of mind and safety guarantee whilst squatting with heavier weights.
  • angled pull up bar: the pull up bar is adjustable and reversible with four exceptional positions and angled for each wide and slim grip pull ups.
  • stable and grounded: keep more weight plates with the blanketed safety clips to boom the steadiness and peace of mind. The energy sector strength cage may also be bolted down to set up a firm and strong base as nicely.
  • adjustable and versatile: 18 vertical top settings allow for numerous modifications of the j-hooks.
  • textured grip: the knurled pattern textured grip on the pull up bars affords more grip and forestalls hand slippage.
  • resistance band pins: 6 resistance band pins (3 according to side) to boom versatility, add greater resistance in your lifts and squats. The power cage need to be bolted to the ground before using resistance band pins.
  • multipurpose use: upload a weight bench for bench presses, landmine attachments or numerous different accessories to put together a total energy education power cage domestic gym.
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sf-xf9925 – electricity region strength rack

for over 18 years, sunny health and health has helped our customers gain their unique fitness dreams.

we take great pride in our exquisite fitness and fitness products sporting simplest the greatest exercise gadget to make certain efficiency at the same time as you figure out.

sunny health and fitness’ dedication in your fitness fulfillment maintains us stimulated to hold to offer merchandise that help you emerge as better.

sunny health & fitness power zone strength rack – sf-xf9925

the sunny fitness & health electricity zone strength cage is a full-sized weight cage and powerful tool to offer your energy schooling workout routines a effective improve. Pump up your weightlifting reps, push your squats, flex your lure muscle groups or abductors; this home gym strength rack – with a 1,000 lb max bring weight – assist you to make serious revolutionary gains! Whether you need to cognizance for your slow or speedy twitch muscular tissues, the electricity quarter is versatile enough for a comprehensive overall exercising experience.

  • max deliver weight: 1,000 lb
  • barbell compatibility: 7 feet olympic bar
  • resistance band pegs: 6 (three in keeping with side)
  • adjustable hook and bar positions: 18 settings
  • max advocated user peak: 6’ 4”
  • hardware peg hole diameter: three/four inch
  • product dimensions: 50. 4l x sixty five. 1w x 82. 9h in
  • * weight plates, weight bench, accessories & barbells are offered one at a time and no longer covered *
  • the pull up bar is adjustable and reversible with four distinctive positions and angled for both extensive and narrow grip pull ups.

    you will usually have a spotter inside the power region strength cage with safety lock latches for ease of mind and protection while squatting with heavier weights.

    shop more weight plates with the protected protection clips to boom the stability and peace of thoughts. The power sector electricity cage may also be bolted down to set up a firm and strong base as properly.

    18 vertical height settings permit for numerous changes of the j-hooks.

    6 resistance band pins (three in line with facet) to increase versatility and add extra resistance on your lifts and squats.

    *the power cage should be bolted to the ground earlier than using resistance band pins.

    able to wearing a max weight of 1,000 lb, the strength region electricity cage is for extreme energy training fans.

    the knurled sample textured grip at the pull up bars affords extra grip and prevents hand slippage.

    upload a weight bench for bench presses, landmine attachments or various different accessories to prepare a complete electricity schooling electricity cage domestic gym.

    *hardware peg hollow diameter: three/4 inch

    product description

    the sunny fitness & fitness power region energy cage is a complete-sized weight cage and powerful device to present your energy education exercises a effective improve. Pump up your weightlifting reps, push your squats, flex your trap muscle groups or abductors; this domestic gym energy rack – with a a thousand lb max bring weight – can help you make serious modern gains! Whether or not you want to focus for your sluggish or fast twitch muscular tissues, the strength area is flexible enough for a comprehensive overall exercising experience. Hardware peg hole diameter: zero. 82


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    6 reviews for Sunny health & health electricity area energy rack energy cage

    1. Kindle Customer

      Though this rack seems to be of high quality, it is lacking in one major area. This rack is advertised to be compatible with attachments, however, this statement is misleading. It does have a standard 2”x2” frame, but the diameter of the holes in the frame is 0.8” vs. the standard 1”. This means that finding compatible attachments, like dip bars, or additional plate holders is nearly impossible. For some this may not matter, but for me, this was a deal breaker. If you want a customizable rack, this rack is not a good option. If you simply want a rack that is sturdy with a quality pull up bar, j cups and safety rails, then it will be suitable for your needs. Read more

    2. Alfonso

      Overall, this was the best value I could find on the internet. All of the other comparable power racks were $500 and still lacked a few things. HulkFit poet cage sold here on Amazon was almost $200 more and the color scheme just isn’t that great. The down side to this is that the steel used for the frame is not as wide, however I found that it actually rocked around less than the HulkFit power rack. It doesn’t come with the dip attachment but the included weight storage was more valuable to me than Dip bars. I don’t like how narrow it is when I’m squatting but it’s not a deal breaker. Also one major advantage of this over HulkFit was the spotter bars! These are square and are just fitted on, they don’t slide in and aren’t round like HulkFit’s which results in a very annoying scratching sound. So these spotter bars are awesome, they are also padded just like the included J-Hooks which is major advantage of this rack. The pull up bar is oddly positioned in the center of the rack but it’s not a big deal and feels very sturdy, perfect thickness too! Also, you can fully insert most benches into this rack and bench normally, HulkFit requires you to lift the entire bench over a structural bar in the back to be eye level with the bar on the J-Hooks, it’s super annoying and inconvenient. Lastly, cage actually has points to bolt it down which others that I’ve seen, do not. This helps stabilize the cage significantly. Overall, this is a great piece of equipment and I’m very happy with it so far. Read more

    3. Conserco

      Probably the best packaged product I’ve ever bought. All parts packed and padded, bolts grouped by instructions and even comes with 2 heavy duty wrenches. Good solid cage, nice padded hooks and spotter bar. Also the only one at this price point that includes weight holders, which is a major reason I picked it since I hate going back and forth from my weight rack to load and unload plates. A big plus are the brackets to bolt this to the floor, although once you load up the plates on the weight holders this thing becomes firmly planted. Note on my photo that I’m using standard, not Olympic plates. My barbell bar is 6′, not 7′, but it lands just fine on the hooks with inches to spare on both sides. Plate holder can also hold standard weights by taking out the Olympic adapter sleeve. 1 star off because as others have pointed out, the holes are not numbered as shown in the photos! This is a real bummer because it slows down raising and lowering the spotter and hook, since I now have to eyeball the holes to line them up. I wish the manufacturer would at least send us some number decals to fix this. Read more

    4. Ian

      I am so happy that I found this power rack and decided to buy it. Since COVID-19 hit back in March, gym equipment has been sold out everywhere. I had a budget of $500. I think the quality of this product is fantastic for the price. I would classify this as a mid to higher level at home rack. It is not as industrial as the rogue fitness racks at gyms, but it is sturdy and well manufactured. The safety bars are not cheap, and I love that. The pull-up bar is a comfortable size and texture. If you are larger than 6‘2“ and 250 pounds this rack may feel narrow. Read more

    5. Customer

      Pros: holds all the weight I need and does all the things I need. The design is especially useful with a pulley – I can even do cable rows by strapping a pulley to one of the safety bars. Just an all-around extremely useful mechanical structure. Construction was easy and clear. Finish is great. I don’t love the neon-orange color, but my priority was getting as much of my gym into my garage as possible near-to or under the cost of a yearly membership and this is fantastic to that end. Cons: It’s not impervious to flex – this isn’t the same grade of equipment at your gym. It looks like they needed to concede in some areas to meet packaging weight requirements (the UPS driver asked me for help to unload it from his truck – said it was as heavy as they’ll ship and he wasn’t exactly a spry young guy). To their credit, as a mechanical engineer it looks like they used their weight budget as wisely as they could. Just be aware that if you attach a pulley at the top and do face pulls, you’re limited to 40lbs or it will fall over onto you (I’m not staying in my house much longer or I’d bolt it down!). It also has a bit of sway while racking, but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable on heavier squats or presses. The way you fix the J-hooks and safety bars is a bit annoying and you are prone to the hooks twisting on the frame as you rack and unrack. Last in the minor complaints: the pull-up bar has next to no grip. It has a nice, seemingly-durable finish, but the little dimples in the bar do nothing to help hands stay in place. On the one hand it’s good for grip strength. There’s no cheating here. On the other, it can be tough to get any fatigue on your lats if you can’t keep hold of the bar. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this rack to anyone looking for a versatile but not bank-breaking lifting setup. Read more

    6. Dan Z

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. **update Standard 1″ accessories will not fit. So I have moved this down to a 4* Product was very easy to put together. It holds the weight and sits flat on my mat. As mentioned in a different review it does not come with numbers on the holes. Great for an entry level home gym Read more

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