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  • make certain this fits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • strong chrome plated metallic bar: train like a seasoned with the difficult and relaxed exercise instructor supporting tough workout routines. When installed properly, the health bar holds as much as 220 pounds providing you with full guide for pull-up and chin ups.
  • adjustable duration: without difficulty regulate this workout bar so you can take your fitness at the go! Adjustable period (24. 5 to 36 inches) affords a customizable exercising.
  • consolation grips: decrease dangers of calluses or hand cramping with padded handles. Non-slip extra-long foam grips for additonal consolation to decrease hand fatigue. Positioned the door bar decrease to the ground and use it to help you carry out push-ups!
  • maximum balance: consists of weight bearing brackets for optimum balance at some stage in your chin-u. S. A. And non-weight bearing brackets for sit-ups. Suits into any standard door body
  • clean storage: set up in seconds in nearly any doorframe and without problems save away in a closet. Adjustable length (24. 5 to 36 inches) affords a customizable workout for your own home and body.
  • to make certain user safety, please examine included commands. All vital screws and elements need to be well installed before the tool should be used
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no. 1/2 – doorway chin up bar

for over 18 years, sunny health and fitness has helped our clients achieve their unique health desires.

we take exquisite satisfaction in our high-quality health and fitness merchandise carrying handiest the best exercising gadget to ensure efficiency at the same time as you figure out.

sunny fitness and fitness’ dedication for your fitness achievement maintains us encouraged to retain to provide products that assist you come to be higher.

sunny health & fitness doorway chin up bar – no. 0. 5

maximize your workout with the sunny health & health doorway chin-up bar. It’s miles the last multi-device as it is good for pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, or you could use it as a foot anchor for sit down-united states of americaand crunches. Its adjustable duration lets in it to suit into any doorway and the soft padded, non-slip grips gives you with a comfortable, fully controlled exercising.

  • robust, chrome plated metal bar, with a max weight potential of 220 lbs
  • non-slip, smooth padded hand grips ensure most stability and grip
  • set up in seconds in almost any door frame
  • no. 1/2 functions

    includes weight bearing brackets for maximum balance all through your chin-americaand non-weight bearing brackets for take a seat-ups.

    decrease dangers of calluses or hand cramping with padded handles. Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to decrease hand fatigue. Placed the door bar lower to the floor and use it to help you perform push-ups!

    effortlessly adjust this exercising bar so that you can take your fitness at the move! Adjustable period (24. 5”-36” inches) offers a customizable exercise.

    product description

    maximize your workout with the sunny fitness & health doorway chin-up bar. Sturdy, chrome plated metallic bar, with a max weight capacity of 220 lbs , and non-slip, tender padded hand grips ensure most stability and grip. The simplicity of the sunny health & health doorway chin up bar is its strongest asset as it lets in you to have full manipulate of your workout. Adjustable length (24. 5 to 36 inches) presents a customizable exercising region and suits into any fashionable door body. It’s miles the final multi-tool exercising bar as it is ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, or you could use it as a foot anchor for take a seat-u. S. A. And crunches. Consists of weight bearing brackets for maximum stability at some stage in your chin-u. S. A. And non-weight bearing brackets for sit down-ups; the brackets ensure you are thoroughly supported in the course of your workout.


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    7 reviews for Sunny health & health door way chin up and pull up bar

    1. tay

      Should not even give this one star .Installed bar in included brackets. Used for about six months. While I was doing a forward stretch it popped from the brackets, throwing me across the room and my right arm into a wall. My shoulder was dislocated and the head of the humerus destroyed. I had to have a reverse partial shoulder replacement which has taken (so far) three months of my life and cost (so far) well over $30000. The bar shortened in length during use despite set screw set “tight.” This is a class action accident waiting to happen The product should be removed from the market. Read more

    2. Melissa Whiting

      I concur with other comments – the bar is cheaply made, the screws strip, etc. It’s what you should expect from a cheap $15 bar. My bigger issue is with the design. You twist the middle part to extend the ends that lock it into place. But when you use the bar, the middle twists and can fall right out of the brackets. It is also bad for the wrist to have something constantly rotating around. So here’s a solution: When the bar is fixed in place, drill a pilot hole on the inside of the extension part on each side of the bar. Sink a short screw in and you have it fixed in place (see image). You then have to remove the screws to take the bar out, and you have to locate the holes to get the bar back in, but it’s probably worth it for the stability. Read more

    3. Becca

      This product is dangerous. While I was doing chin-ups, the bar popped out of the brackets. I fell directly onto my knees, which was obviously quite painful. I had to use a cane for several days until the swelling went down. I was lucky that I did not shatter my patella. The fall also compressed my spine, which still aches three weeks later. The bar had not loosened since the last time I tightened it, as I could not put the bar back into the brackets after it fell out. The wall brackets simply aren’t deep enough to support any sort of weight, even well within the maximum listed. I am 5’7” and only weigh 138 lb. I’ve attached a photo to support this review, which shows the brackets still firmly screwed into the door jams with the bar held up next to them to show the bar does not fit back into them without shortening it. This does not prove anything but is hopefully enough dissuade some of you. But don’t just trust this review; see the many others where the bar has broken, slipped, or popped out of the brackets. After reading most of the other reviews, a few are clearly user error like not screwing the product into the wall correctly, but many, many more happened even with what is described as proper instillation, as did my injury. Save your knees and your back, spend an extra $20 dollars on a better-constructed bar. Read more

    4. Sammy

      this was really a game changer for me and my wife. I started out only able to do 7 chin ups, but w/in 6 mo up to 25 and after 1 year can do 40. I got a screwed up back so great to have this exercise ability at home as it does not agitate my 3 herniated discs ( lumbar, middle, and upper). for my wife, it turned out to cure her shoulder problem (had limited range of circular motion due to sharp pain when rotating arm fully extended behind and around head, like when swimming) . she just hung on the bar every day for more and more time, and slowly raised herself over time. after a few months… cured! Read more

    5. Lee

      I bought this for my son’s doorway. Its much more practical than the larger one that you have to grab every time you want to use it (which means you won’t use it) and its always out of the way. I’ve never worried about it falling and installation was easy. It easily holds my weight at 190 lbs as well. Being always there he will casually walk in or out of his room and just do some pullups or swing from it throughout the day. I would recommend pre-drilling the holes to make both installation easier and avoid any issue splitting the door frame. The padding where you grip is comfortable and has shown no signs of wearing out after years of use. The only down side to it is that if you twist it at all while using it you are making it either shorter or longer so you have to check it every so often to make sure it is still pressed tight against the wall. Its still much easier than worrying about falling with one of those hang over the door designs. Read more

    6. P. Walker

      I was stupid for following the suggestion from a review in this site saying that it would be enough to hold your weight if you just expand the sides outward until its tight. That review should be put down because it could lead to serious injury for new buyers. I’ve been using this bar for about a month and it works as advertised. I’ve been slowly testing the limits and have been able to do kipping pullups with no problems. The only issue is that you have to keep readjusting the sides so they are well tucked into the bearing brackets, this is because the bar rotates slightly each time you use it. But this is a very minimal inconvenience. One upside is that the black handles you see on the picture are too close together for me. I would have appreciated to pull them apart by 2 inches to get a more natural neutral grip from shoulder width. The handles themselves are nice and foamy. They will prevent you from sliding on the bar from your own sweat, even though I personally prefer the Playground style bars, this bar does the job. TLDR; This bar does the job but please do yourself a favor and use both of the weight bearing brackets. Read more

    7. Frugal and Fruitful

      This was harder to mount than expected in our doorway. I think it will be safest to use the screws and support ends to ensure this doesn’t fall mid workout. Simply the tension of the rubber at the ends again the flush doorway does not create enough support for all the members of our family to feel confident as we take turns hanging. Everything else about this bar is great. It seems to fit on various size doorways well. UPDATE (June 2017) After making some adjustments to the “tension”, we all can use this bar without need of the screws. For our family we go elsewhere if we want to lift our chins directly over the bar as we do not have enough clearance above the bar. If we lowered it, the husband would have to duck to get through the doorway. Read more

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