Sunny fitness & health vinyl covered kettlebell for energy weight training

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  • ensure this suits via coming into your model variety.
  • excessive first-rate vinyl coat finish: long lasting forged iron encased with colour-coded vinyl prevents corrosion, increases durability and protects flooring. Featured in multiple weights varying from 5 to twenty-five lbs.
  • huge handles: clean, exquisite textured take care of provides a cozy & comfy grip for high reps and gradual managed moves. You can additionally do a multitude of ballistic and grind sporting activities.
  • flat bottom: flat base lets in upright garage. It additionally makes it easier to maintain in push-up postion, renegade rows, established pistol squats & other sporting events requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.
  • for all fitness fanatics: kettlebells can be used by crossfitters, energy running shoes, sports overall performance, hiit workout routines and many others. Build up your cardio and muscular endurance with the all-in-one health device. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats.
  • ergonomic: compact kettlebell length allows you to take your weights to the park, gym or on the cross. Use these cannonball-shaped exercising gear to get a leaner and tighter figure.
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no. 066 – vinyl covered kettle bell

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and health has helped our customers obtain their particular fitness dreams.

we take high-quality satisfaction in being a most beneficial distributor of excessive best health and health products carrying handiest the best workout system to make certain performance at the same time as you work out.

sunny fitness and health’ commitment on your fitness fulfillment continues us prompted to keep to provide products that assist you emerge as higher.

sunny health & fitness vinyl covered kettle bell in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 lb – no. 066

expand energy, endurance and balance with sunny fitness & health no. 066 vinyl covered kettle bell. Working out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the complete frame. Lifting and controlling, forces the complete frame particularly the center to work as one, constructing each electricity and balance at the same time. Made from high grad solid iron material, it’s far exquisite for training interior and outside. Whether you exercising at domestic or at your house gymnasium, take them anywhere you pass.

  • vinyl coat end
  • wide handles
  • flat backside
  • color variations: crimson, yellow, red, blue, and grey
  • product weight options: five lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, and 25 lb
  • clean, extraordinary barely textured manage gives a comfy & at ease grip for excessive reps, makes chalk unnecessary for both guys & ladies.

    durable cast iron encased with coloration-coded vinyl prevents corrosion, increases sturdiness, reduces noise and protects flooring. The weights are shade coded with the aid of weight.

    flat base allows upright storage. It also makes it less difficult to hold in push-up position, renegade rows, hooked up pistol squats & different exercises requiring a kettle bell with a flat backside.

  • purple – five lb
  • yellow – 10 lb
  • purple – 15 lb
  • blue – 20 lb
  • grey – 25 lb
  • kettlebell workout

    carry and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Repeat this 7 times on every arm with 15 second rests.

    brilliant for novices. Exercise conserving the liberty pose to bolster muscle groups on your shoulder, triceps and traps.

    perform 10 kettlebell swings using the proper arm, left arm, then each fingers. Repeat 2 instances with 30 2d rests.

    swing your kettlebells right below your legs and returned up. Maintain this position and swing again. This exercise is exquisite for cardio and power training. Target abs, arms, and forearms.

    – 15 russian twists.

    – 3 times.

    – 15 second rests.

    feel the burn in your core, obliques, and hands. Actually keep the crunch position and use the kettle bell to touch each aspects of your frame in a ‘twist’ shape. Have interaction your side abs, upper abs, and arm electricity.

    kettlebell exercising

    – 15 squats (kettlebell on each arm).

    – 2 times.

    – 15 second relaxation.

    interact your fingers and booty with this absolutely frame workout. Get into a squat function and use your arm to hold your kettlebell right to your chest and underneath your chin.

    – carry out loose or against a wall.

    – forty five second holds.

    – three instances.

    – 15 2d relaxation.

    sense your legs shake like an earthquake as you take a seat against a wall. Preserve your kettlebell near your chest, under your chin for a more tough exercise. Construct muscular tissues on your legs, calves and palms.

    – 15 squats.

    – 3 instances.

    – 15 second rests.

    with legs spread shoulder width aside ‘sumo squat’ down and pick up your kettlebell. Slowly drop down and lift up with out your kettlebell. Repeat by means of squatting down, lifting the kettlebell, and bringing your self up.

    product description

    develop electricity, persistence and balance with sunny fitness and health no. 066 vinyl lined kettlebell. Growth the intensity of your exercise with these excessive high-quality kettlebells in an effort to sculpt and tone the whole body. Lifting and controlling forces the muscle concentrated on in the middle, palms, and back at the same time as building energy and balance. Comprised of high grad solid iron cloth, it’s far remarkable for education indoors and outdoors. Whether you exercising at home or at your house gymnasium, take them anyplace you go. The sunny fitness health vinyl protected kettlebell is the suitable desire for the ones looking for a unique facet in power and strength.


    10 Pound, 15 Pound, 5 Pound

    8 reviews for Sunny fitness & health vinyl covered kettlebell for energy weight training

    1. SA

      I purchased the Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettleball for my spouse to use during her workout. While 5 lbs does not seem like much, the kettleball provides a decent workout. The important thing is squatting and arm swings to get max benefit. I was concerned after reading other reviews but the Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettleball is well made. The handle is smooth and the vinyl coating is a nice. There is no un-even-ness, bulging, or metal sticking out. Read more

    2. Hannah

      I bought the 25 lb version and it is…well, shockingly terrible. I’ll tackle the aesthetics first. The vinyl coating has large cracks in multiple places. It goes up a good three inches more on one side of the handle, as well. The primary issue with the kettle bell is that the handle is rough, uncomfortable, and way too small to fit both hands. Read more

    3. Lisa B. Powell

      I bought these out f desperation because I wanted 5 lb weights and the market was stripped from everyone buying work out equipment for there at home work outs since COVID-19 eliminated going to the gym. They take getting used to and I wear my biking gloves for a better grip. These were very affordable, well made, and I like the bright pink color. Read more

    4. dolphin girl

      I admit I was a bit worried about the horrible metal splinters I have been hearing about from other reviews. I have inspected my bell extremely carefully and there are no splinters. What I did find was that the “seam” is matched up very well and is pretty smooth. My bell is painted with a black coating (paint?, rubber?… I just don’t know) that covers over any rough spots there would have been. There is also a colored vinyl coating over the round bottom part but not on most of the handle. It does not sit solidly upright, but it does not flop over either. It does not seem like it would be solid enough to do pushups with, but then it was not made for that anyway. I am really happy with my new Kettlebell. I have read up on them and they are really good exercise. I can happily recommend these wholeheartedly Read more

    5. Mar

      I bought the 10 lb kettlebell. The bottom of kettlebell where vinyl is, is defective and thus kettlebell hard to sit on the floor or flat surface, this is a safety issue during exercise. The product was described as “High quality vinyl coating” and what I received was poorly applied vinyl to the extent of kettlebell falling off when placed on floor or any surface. The handle is described as “smooth high-quality texture” and this also not accurate as the handle has iron bumps all over and it hurts your hand to hold especially for the intended exercises. Last and least important, but still odd is the vinyl is scratched all over to the extent where I wondered if I had bought a used product by mistake. Read more

    6. Christy F

      Great value! I previously ordered a 10 lb kettlebell from another company just to see if I enjoyed the exercises before I ordered a larger size. When the package arrived it was barely containing the kettlebell. This purchase was double-boxed and arrived looking nice. Love the vinyl coating for home use in our wood-floor living room. The handle has a gentle curve so that when using for double-handed exercises your fingers don’t feel cramped. Also, the vinyl coating is low enough not to rub your hands during exercise. Some other low-priced kettlebells didn’t have such a nice handle. Very reasonable price and shipping. When I get muscle-bound and need to go up another size up I will use this company again for sure. 😉 Read more

    7. Adaires

      Happy with this kettlebell. I have small hands (female) and was worried about ordering a kettle bell sight unseen especially after looking at them in stores such as Dick’s. The handle diameter is not too large for my hands. At the same time, the space between the bell and handle is large enough that my husband who has normal sized hands could use it as well. Handle also didn’t have any rough edges so I’m able to use it without gloves. Looking forward to using it on a regular basis. Read more

    8. Ksenia Green

      I bought 2 5-lb kettle bells. Arrived fast and are easy to work out with for beginners. Also they’re small and pink and so cute, lol, totally worth it! I will buy heavier ones once I work up to that level. Happy with this product and would recommend. Good pricing compared to others. Read more

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