Stud bar: ceiling mountable pull up bar, small

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your version quantity.
  • domestic exercise session: notable for when you cannot make it to the gymnasium. Drill in your wall or ceiling
  • width: forty eight” width strains up together with your present studs bearing in mind smooth mounting for your present ceiling or wall studs
  • hammertone powder: gym first-class welded hammertone powder coated steel 600 lb weight capacity lifetime assurance
  • adjustable: optional settings permit bar top to be set for most efficient reach. 1/14″ bar diameter for secure grip
  • nice constructed: sturdiest fitness center excellent pull up bar available all mounting hardware protected
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studbar pullup bar mountable to ceiling


Large (10-foot ceilings), Small (8-foot ceilings), Standard (9-foot ceilings)

5 reviews for Stud bar: ceiling mountable pull up bar, small

  1. Eric

    I just got this bar, and the bar is great. However, it’s loosing a star for the mounting hardware; do yourself a favor and throw the bolts straight into your trash can and go get some real lag bolts from a hardware store. I got this almost fully mounted when the second bolt broke. It wasn’t just the head that broke off, the shaft of the bolt snapped. I figured no problem, grab the vice grips and spin it back out… NOPE, vice grips just ate away at the threading and then the bolt itself. I don’t know what these bolts are made of, but they are soft and crap. I ended up cutting the broken bolt flush with the wall and putting a new one right next to it. I then went back and replaced all 8 mounting bolts with some I got from the hardware store and threw all of the ones that came with this in the trash. Read more

  2. CenTex Guru

    Solid, well-built product. I installed their small model on my slightly over 8′ high garage/gym ceiling. Just the right height with the bar in the lower position, with a 7′ clearance for anyone walking underneath. I deducted one star due to the questionable lag bolts (I went out and bought eight steel bolts locally, not wanting to have the problems some other buyers have reported). Drilled small pilot holes and used a small amount of Vaseline on the bolts — as recommended by the MFR, before installing them with a 14v impact driver. No problems whatsoever. My recommendations to the seller would be to let buyers know if they’ve finally resolved the bolt quality problem, and possibly include a mounting (pilot-hole drilling) template with the included instructions… I cut off a side of the shipping carton it came in, placed it on the floor, set one of the brackets on top of it, then marked/punched the four hole positions. With the homemade template in hand, it was an easy one-man job to install the whole thing (easier than the method depicted in their online video). They could even print a template on the carton for buyers. This is just minor nit-picking. Once installed, the Stud Bar’s not going anywhere! Read more

  3. Random Amazonian

    I opted for the tallest one as my garage ceiling is almost 10 feet. I ended up cutting off the bottom mounting holes with an angle grinder as it was just too low; especially after having to add wood adapters (pictured). My joists were, unfortunately, only 45″ (instead of 48″); so mounting directly to them was a no-go. It would be nice if this kit could accommodate this as it seems to be quite a common issue. The longer set of lag bolts that came with it were two different sizes with two different heads. It’s unbelievable after all the complaining about the hardware on these reviews that the owner/manufacturer has not yet addressed this issue. As with others, I ended up buying my own from my local hardware store. The product feels extremely sturdy once mounted and the material is solid. I have no issues with gripping the bar myself, but I’m also not prone to sweating so It feels perfect to me. Between trips to the hardware store, cutting wood, cutting the vertical metal mounts, drilling pilot holes, measuring a million times, etc. it took me 3-4 hours from start to finish. If my joists were 48″ and the bar was the right height, it probably would have take an hour or so. Read more

  4. Ryan Kulla

    I grew sick of my doorway pull-up bar being in the way and too short to do all the things I wanted. So I set out and researched a lot of stud mounted pull-up bars from all the various crossfit capable bars from titan, rogue, etc. before deciding on the studbar for a few reasons. Not only was the studbar the perfect dimensions (bar thickness is perfect, bar length is perfect, reviews were perfect not just on amazon but from youtube channels I follow of functional fitness instructors who recommended the studbar) and best of all I can get it on Amazon Prime quick and free shipping. I also love how the studbar website has a lot of videos with tips with to install and use it. The company also answers your questions right away through e-mail and they are located in San Diego. I’ve had the pull up bar for 3 weeks and used it every day with no issues. I installed it in my home office on 10 ft ceilings so I would be encouraged to use it all the time, even when it’s too hot or too cold in my garage. I decided to wall-mount the pull-up bar because my ceiling studs were facing the wrong direction for where I wanted to hang it to have room to do things like leg lifts and attach exercise bands to it. While it’s still typically slightly better to install it on the ceiling, I’ve had no issues with this bar being wall mounted. I simply got the standard size one for 9 foot ceilings (even though I have 10′) because I’m 6ft tall and wanted to hang it higher up on the wall (I hung it at 94″ so I have to jump up a couple of inches to get up on it, and so things hanging off of it wouldn’t hang to low. I love it this way. It sticks out 22″ from the wall which is plenty of space to hang from it from the opposite direction to do leg raises. I’m very satisfied with the bar and only wish I had got it sooner. Read more

  5. Rocitt

    Never owned a pull up bar before, so decided to up my game. After a lot of research I found the Stud Bar Pull Up Rig. Price was within budget and everywhere I turned it was hardpressed to find and real negatives about it so I said lets givit it a try. Order arrived as expected though throygh shipping the bar itself was dinged up pretty good and scratched in multiple places. I was gointo return to amazon then I noticed an orange card saying to call or email the company direct. So I did and after a couple quick emails the company sent me a brand new bar and it arrived perfect. I installed it the next day in my 8.5 foot garage ceiling and being 6 foot I was skeptical if it was going to be too low, however once installed my skepticism was eliminated. This thing is seriously solid I weigh 228lbs and have done quite a few sets on it now. Feels like I am on a stand alone rig that would be bolted to the floor it is that solid. Very very happy not only with this great product but the amazing customer service! Read more

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