Streamlight 88090 protac rail mount hl-x laser usb with rechargeable usb battery & usb wire – 1000 lumens,black

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  • make sure this suits by coming into your version wide variety.
  • max candela – 18,two hundred. Battery quantity – 1-2
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streamlight 88090 protac rail mount hl-x one thousand-lumen rechargeable tactical long gun light with integrated pink laser

  • multi-gasoline – uses one rechargeable usb battery; also accepts cr123a lithium batteries
  • ten-tap programmable multi-function tailcap and far off pressure switches
  • mounts directly to weapons with mil-std-1913 rails
  • one exceeded on/off & tighten interface keeps palms away from muzzle whilst attaching/detaching
  • serialized for superb identification
  • the protac rail mount hl-x laser is a 1,000 lumen long gun light with an incorporated crimson laser. It features multi-gasoline innovation that allows it to just accept streamlight’s usb battery or cr123a lithium batteries, ensuring you’ll constantly have a beam while you want it.

    the light affords 1 hour 15 mins of continuous run time on excessive and over 20 hours on low intensity. The rail clamp is designed to hastily and securely connect/detach from any weapon with a mil standard 1913 rail. Specific clamp design allows windage and elevation screws to be in the proper orientation for laser sighting in any set up function. Rail grabber is break away light so that you can rotate it in the clamp and preserve windage and elevation settings.

    c4 led generation for intense brightness.

    c4 white led, impervious to surprise. Stable-state cutting-edge law for constant illumination degree and the reflector produces a concentrated beam with top-rated peripheral illumination.

    high lumen hooked up tactical light with integrated pink laser

    long lasting, 6000 series machined plane aluminum construction with type ii mil-spec anodized end. Excessive temperature, shock mounted, ar coated, effect resistant boro waft glass lens. Ipx4 water resistant. Substantially stay-fireplace examined. Running temperature: -20 ranges to +a hundred and twenty degrees fahrenheit.

    multi-function, push-button tactical tail transfer gives one surpassed operation of momentary, variable intensity, or strobe mode. When the usage of the twin remote stress transfer, the light and laser operate collectively.

  • length: 6. Fifty six in. (sixteen. 7 cm)
  • width: 1. 47 in. (3. 73 cm)
  • height: 1. 76 in. (four. 47 cm)
  • weight: 10. 3 oz. With cr123a batteries
  • weight: 10. Eight oz. With li ion rechargeable battery
  • tail transfer gives one-passed operation
  • the protac rail mount hl-x is a 1,000 lumen lengthy gun light with purple laser. Multi-gas innovation ensures you’ll continually have a beam when you need it.

    streamlight is a arms-on corporation. We concentrate. We research. We get it.

    and we have for the reason that organization started in 1973. We examine through doing; we recognize what our customers want because we’re accessible doing what they do, the use of the equal lighting fixtures within the equal ways. We go through firefighters’ training. We take publications in low-mild capturing. We are hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports fanatics. We accept as true with it is our hands-on, real-international experience that leads to new thoughts and innovations that set streamlight apart. Who is aware of what we will provide you with subsequent?

    product description

    low profile, weapon installed tactical light with incorporated ir led illuminator/laser and seen white led illuminator. High for maximum illumination: 1,000 lumens; 270m beam; runs . 75 hours (cr123a batteries); runs 1. 25 hours (18650 usb battery).



    7 reviews for Streamlight 88090 protac rail mount hl-x laser usb with rechargeable usb battery & usb wire – 1000 lumens,black

    1. Jason

      This is almost a great light which is why this sucks as they just barely missed the mark. It’s bright, the rechargeable battery is awesome, it feels like it’s built like a tank (and it is a bit heavy but to be expected). Reason for the 3 stars – as another guy said, you can’t operate the light and laser separately with the pressure switch. Then, they made the body of the flashlight an octagon. So if you remove the mount and want to use a seperate mount that you would with surefire or their other line, like the streamlight 88066 you can’t. I don’t know why they went with the unorthadox body but I wanted an offset flashlight ring mount and due to the barrel being octagon and not round I can’t do it. Also, the laser is inside the light, which is cool. However, it’s set off to one side and the side they chose was the size furthest from the barrel. This is a poorly thought out design for the same reason you want as little offset as you can with an optic. You can remove the light from the mount and rotate it 180 degrees so they laser is now closes to the barrel (makes a solid 1/2″ difference) but if you do that, the laser adjustment screws are hidden by the barrel so to adjust the laser you have unmount it everytime. It seems like Streamlight thought of this last minute and put out the laser light as a gimmick, and it’s not fully cooked yet. Almost, but no cookie. Read more

    2. William Johnston

      Very easy to install and the white light is very bright. The red dot is easily visible as well. Adjusting the red dot is a bit tricky, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! If you turn the adjustment screws too far you can break it. It’s very easy to have the light on temporarily or all the time. My only complaint is that you don’t seem to be able to toggle the red dot on separately. They are either both on or both off. Read more

    3. pbl57lsu

      Pains me to 3 star this light. You do have access to 10 tap through the switch. What you do not have access to is laser independent of the light while running it through the remote switch. That was too easy to no make a feature. Pulling the battery to charge isn’t ideal. Finally. Green dots should be a standard in all lasers by now. We all pay more for these things when available. Read more

    4. George

      …this is one BEEFY boy. Much larger then expected. I get it, lasers cost extra real estate, chunkier batteries, etc. Not faulting Streamlight for this. I am however faulting them for one thing, which has already been mentioned a bunch of times below… no possible way to turn on just the laser while using the pressure pad. This should have been a simple thing to do but it honesty just feels like they just forgot about this when it came to using the pad. The size and lack of laser-only pad selection dings this for a full 5 stars. The sad part is I KNOW Streamlight can do better. Their TLR series are some of the best weapon lights, both on rifles and pistols, I’ve ever used, hands down. I couldn’t praise the TLR high enough, and this too is a great quality product (if you don’t mind the size and pad issue) and it will serve you well. If you have the extra cash to spend, buy a TLR light/laser combo and a LaRue mount. If you don’t, this will work very well but just be aware of it’s down sides. Update: Ok, I don’t know if this is a fluke, designed (don’t think so) or just my light, but I found a way to turn on just the laser WITH the pressure pad. After screwing on the pressure pad cap on fully, rotate it BACK a hair, just until it loosens and then stop. Barely moving it. Suddenly just the laser turns on. Again, I don’t know if this might eventually damage the light/battery, or if it’s fine or even if this is just mine but there you go. Read more

    5. Anonymoose

      This thing is VERY big and VERY heavy. If you’re thinking of mounting it to a smaller AR, please make sure you are 100% sure you want a one pound chunk of metal hanging off the end for your hand guard. I was going to mount on an AR Pistol but the light itself is more than half my barrel length (10.5”). I mounted on a shotgun instead were it is much better suited. Read more

    6. Penelope

      No IR illuminator as per description. A lot bigger and fatter then the streamlight hlx Read more

    7. X. Fossor

      Don’t get me wrong…, this is a 5-star light/laser that is botched by a) its weight and b) a design choice that needs to be corrected post haste. The weight concern is reasonable, but why this unit is so heavy is understandable: this is a feature-rich, super-powerful flashlight mated with an excellent laser. But still, it really adds a small brick to the fore-end of the rifle. The design choice is, frankly, incomprehensible. If you choose to use the switches at the cap end you can choose light, laser, or both. But if you use the remote switch (marked “laser” on its underside) you might think you get the same capability. But you don’t. When you use the remote switch all you get is both. Hard for me to fathom as there are numerous circumstances where I would want the laser only. To be honest, I bought this knowing this “failure” up front, but I had read on the interwebs that some users had been able to trick the unit into giving you the same three modes as using the end cap. Maybe there’s some truth to these hacks, but if there is I haven’t been able to make them work. Look, this is easily a 4-5 star item. As such, my “3-star” review” is simply for the purposes of a) making a prospective buyer fully aware of this limitation and b) to get Streamlight’s attention. The company needs to offer an updated accessory that allows for 3-mode operation using the remote switch. Why give the buyer a remote switch marked “laser” when it really doesn’t give the user the option to use the laser on its own. Offer a better remote switch ASAP, Streamlight! 3 stars. Read more

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