Steiner predator binoculars, versatile light-weight performance hunting optics for early season or heavy cover hunters

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your version number.
  • looking necessities – steiner’s particular coloration adjusted transmission (cat) technology helps you to see recreation which can be hiding in foliage and coloration.
  • excessive-tech binoculars – hold prey in awareness at any velocity, any distance with steiner’s superior technology.
  • crystal-clear optics – revel in vivid three-d depth and more suitable information in your goal in any condition.
  • long lasting clarity – assume the lightweight, waterproof, fog-proof layout for razer-sharp scouting anywhere.
  • heritage warranty – we stand in the back of our merchandise. Length! We are able to restore/replace faulty products at no price for the lifetime of the product. Assurance does no longer cowl harm, loss or robbery.
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steiner predator af binoculars

a massive leap forward in binocular design and function. This advanced optical layout keeps the whole lot in focus, close to and far. 10x magnification, cat coatings and a huge discipline of view make these the proper hunting binocular. Steiner’s specific cat (shade adjusted transmission) technology assist you to see deer and other recreation which are hiding in foliage and colour.

the brand new predator af keeps prey in awareness at any velocity, any distance. Superior cat lenses monitor sport hidden in cowl or shadow. Vibrant three-d intensity & element decorate your goal in all situations. Bombproof makrolon frame. Agile open-bridge layout. Water-proof, fogproof, razor-sharp scouting anywhere. Simply, this is the one to take while you’re out for meat.

  • rugged makrolon housing
  • usually centered – from 20 yards to infinity, at any velocity, anywhere
  • wheel-free open bridge design
  • cat sport-sensing lens coatings
  • military-grade porro prism difficult
  • ergonomic silicone eye cups
  • laser-textured all-conditions grip
  • functions

    the steiner advantage

    amplifies contrast inside the height human vision sensitivity variety, to spot game in any surroundings.

    helps you to awareness each eyepiece in your imaginative and prescient as soon as, then continues pictures razor-sharp from 20 yards to infinity – no greater chasing cognizance on moving objects.

    makes this binocular lighter and less difficult to grip. It’s also greater comfortable to preserve whilst scouting for sport.

    bestbinocularsreviews. Com offered the steiner predator af binoculars because the

    “2019 exceptional light-weight binocular for hunting.”


    10×26, 10×42 Auto Focus, 8×30 Auto Focus

    8 reviews for Steiner predator binoculars, versatile light-weight performance hunting optics for early season or heavy cover hunters

    1. Chris

      First off these are for hunters. The coating on the lenses is specified for this and will dull others. The glass is the clearest of any bino’s under 1000 dollars. You CANNOT go wrong with German glass. (Yes Steiner and still made in Germany with German cut glass) I have used them at the range and had no issue picking up a .270 hole on a target at 100 yards on a white target. Read more

    2. Phil

      For the second straight time the box factory seal is open. The first time both factory seals on top and bottom of box were open so I returned. Second time only the top seal was undone. I can’t help but think someone opened it and returned it OR worse some one at Amazon opened it for whatever reason.. I mean why can’t they simply seal it back up? For that reason it gets 1 star. Binoculars themselves are great. Read more

    3. North Michaels

      I was struggling to decide between the Steiner and the Bushnell XD binocs. I researched and studied them for about 18 months checking pricing trends to make sure I got the best deal for the pair that would perform best for me. I am beyond pleased with this pair of binoculars. They function with ease and speed. They work remarkably well at dusk and dawn and have pinpoint precision. Silly test I put them through…I put up a copy of a newspaper about 40 yards away and was able to read the headlines and fine lettering detail from quite a fair distance. The precise image with minimal shake is impressive! In real world application settings…I was able to glass black timber at dawn and dusk with surprising clarity and detail. I can also now see what my neighbors are having for dinner about two miles away when they are grilling on their back deck…if I needed that type of information. Remarkable pair of binoculars that I will be recommending to my friends! Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Love these binoculars. I have 95% IPD (Interpupillary Distance) and most binoculars do not have enough spacing between the oculars to get a correct view. These binoculars have enough IPD to give a correct view, at least up to 7.3 cm. They will work for wider IPD, but you need to verify they work for you. With the eyes fully in the eye cups and properly spaced IPD, there should be no blacking out of portions of the image if you move your eyes slightly. If you wear glasses your prescription should have an IPD measurement. I have Steiner Predator roof prism binoculars that do not adjust to my IPD, love them except for the IPD problem. My wife now has them, as she has more normal IPD. In my experience, porro prism binoculars accommodate wide IDP better than roof prism binoculars. Practically no binocular manufacturer specifies IPD, so you need to try the binoculars to see if they fit. Amazon’s return policy make this no risk and I just bought the 10 power version of these binoculars for a little more reach. Since i already had a set of 8x 42mm Predator binoculars these were no surprise on the clarity and color shift. The smaller objective lenses make these binoculars much lighter, smaller and easier to grip. I use these in my vehicle for general observation of terrain and animals and the color cast makes animals easier to spot. The single focus setting allows you to track objects without refocusing, important for fast moving subjects coming at you or moving away (birds and aircraft). Cons: No settings mark for oculars, so if more than one person is using the binoculars they need to be reset each time you switch users. Resetting is easy to do, but takes time and you might lose sight of a moving object during that period. Best for one user. Not good for serious bird watching. The color cast and 20 meter minimum focusing distance can make identification difficult. Not good for night observation. The objective lenses are too small for good night vision, best use from late dawn to early twilight. I have 7 x50mm and 8 x 56mm binoculars for low light conditions. Finally, the neck strap is OK, but could be wider and padded to make it more comfortable. All in all, I think these are great binoculars for the price, even better values when Amazon has them on sale. Read more

    5. T. J. Nelson

      I purchased these, because of the name, quality, and image quality. The image quality was ok, but expected more from Steiner. I sent them back, they replaced them with a new pair. The new pair are wonderful and what you would expect from such a fine company. Customer service was excellent, friendly and considerate, a real pleasure to to business with. Read more

    6. James L Gascoigne

      I gave it 3 stars as they are ‘ okay’. However, I’m very disappointed in these. I have some Steiner Merlin 10 x 42 that I have had for years and love them. These are basic and not up to the Steiner quality I was expecting. Focus wheel is too ‘easy’ to turn and doesn’t hold the focus well once you get it. The clarity of image wasn’t great…okay…but not great. the eye piece wrappers are too small and almost poke you around the eyes. I returned these are ordered the Steiner Wildlife XP and they are much better…a little more expensive, but these just aren’t worth the money Read more

    7. shortlines_and_sidings

      purchased the 10 x 26 predator, fit and finish is great, curved eye guards fold down if you wear glasses, comes with a nice carry case, sharp and crisp, notes: a 10x needs a more solid rest then a 8x to eliminate shake – I replaced my 8x with the 10x, And second the eye dust covers are a loose fit but well made, just need to attach to neck strap. Very Very satisfied with purchase Read more

    8. Hlyschae

      Not overly impressed. Focus worked well and edges were fine with not much CA. But overall sharpness was just not as good as I expected. My vortex diamondbacks are significantly sharper. Also the autofocus was a little more taxing on my eyes, not a big deal. But a bigger issue for me was the focuser on the eyepiece. There was not enough friction to keep them set well. Little bump or rub would move them. Kind defeating the purpose of the autofocus having to continually watch and reset focus. Read more

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