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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your version range.
  • heavy-responsibility metallic creation – this exercising strength tower has a long lasting metallic body that’s strengthened with a powder covered end, making it a chunk of gadget that’s guaranteed to withstand excessive use. Its heavy-duty structure can preserve up to 300 kilos
  • multifunctional domestic fitness center – designed with a couple of exercising stations, this flexible gadget includes a knee raise station for middle-strengthening, an adjustable push-up adjustment bar, and a dip station for working on higher body exercises.
  • padded backrest – the stb-98501 energy tower showcases a tender cushion that supports your returned during workout sessions. The two-inch faux canvas covering maintains you comfy and well-assisted at the same time as you comply with extreme exercise regimens.
  • multi-grip pull-up take care of bars – carry out a spread of pull-usawith the energy tower’s pull-up station! Support your lats, shoulders, and hands with its more than one grip handles and carry out powerful sports so one can tone your upper body.
  • adjustable take care of bars – the adjustable dip handles let you lower or improve the bars to suit your schooling needs. Whether or not its dips or deficit push-ups, the energy tower dip station will assist you broaden shoulder and triceps strength.
  • all-in-one workout station – keep away from switching between exercising stations with the energy tower’s blended 3 strength-constructing systems. This multipurpose strength tower is incredible for strengthening specific muscle organizations and executing entire workout routines.

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from the manufacturer

electricity tower the best toned and sculpted frame within the comfort of your home with the steelbody power tower. Boasting of heavy-responsibility steel creation, this exercising equipment allows for diverse body strengthening and firming workout routines. Paintings your upper frame with the dip station and outline your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Sculpt your abs as you project your middle with the vertical knee station. The steelbody power tower also capabilities multi-grip handles and take a seat-up assist foam rollers to make certain consolation and protection.

multi-grip pull-up handles permit for overall returned and core development; enhance and tone your lats, shoulders, and fingers.

the dip handles are adjustable; region them in lower positions for push-ups.

sit-up help foam rollers can help you do the simple fundamental exercise for ordinary center development.

goal and define your abs and middle with the vertical knee enhance station.

marcy’s records

– at the early age of nineteen, walter marcyan began schooling with barbells and soon after received the vital aau light heavyweight lifting championship. From 1934 through 1940, walter marcyan started entertaining audiences as a vaudeville strongman, performing incredible feats of energy and balancing acts.

– within the early 1940’s, walter marcyan moved to santa monica, california where he started out schooling on the newly mounted muscle seashore: a famous education facility that also exists today and wherein a number of the mythical pioneers of bodybuilding consisting of jack lalanne, invoice pearl, and arnold schwarzenegger started their careers.

– in 1946, walter marcyan opened the first of seven power schooling gymnasiums, residence of health, in the los angeles place. He become the first to provide private trainers to his contributors and emphasised the significance of electricity training to men, women and youngsters.

– within the early 1950’s, walter marcyan participated within the first prepared body building competitions. Based totally on his very own private studies, walter marcyan commenced constructing his own electricity training system for his gyms in l. A..

– in 1959, walter marcyan founded marcy fitness center gadget corporation. Walter marcyan believed that everybody ought to have the opportunity and the knowledge to exercising at home with their own, professional grade equipment. Walter marcyan was an innovator and a visionary. His patented designs have been years ahead in their time and nevertheless extensively utilized in industrial and domestic packages today.

– now, 50 years old and still going more potent than ever, the mythical marcy logo maintains to make its mark through presenting new and innovative merchandise to purchasers international.

product description

rack up a extra muscular body with the steelbody power tower! Gaining your preferred frame calls for difficult paintings, field, time, and money. Engage in severe education without having to depart the comfort of your own home or pay membership club fees with this multifunctional fitness equipment!

this pull up dip tower is product of heavy-obligation metal. Its long lasting steelwork successfully resists harm from severe use, making certain you an funding that is built to remaining! This exercise machine offers diverse exercise stations in your upper frame and core to develop stronger arms and abs. This exercise gear additionally functions a thick, soft synthetic canvas vinyl overlaying that provides consolation at some point of strenuous education!

the steelbody energy tower showcases a vertical knee increase station, a movable dip station, a multi-grip pull-up station, in addition to an adjustable push-up station. Goal the improvement of muscle companies on your middle with the vkr station or sculpt your hands and shoulders with the dips station. Whether or not you’re a fitness beginner or a certified fitness center buff, this versatile exercise tool will let you completely customise your training appropriately, no matter your talent stage.

you gained’t have any excuse for missing out on education with this handy home fitness center device that offers complete full-frame exercises. The steelbody power tower is the correct addition to a small-sized leisure room or makeshift gym in your property. Its progressive shape combines the capability of diverse sorts of workout device to shop space in your home fitness center!

educate like a seasoned and remodel your frame proper within the comfort of your own home with the steelbody energy tower!

8 reviews for Steelbody power training electricity tower pull up & dip station vkr home gymnasium stb-98501

  1. Luke

    I’m 6’4 and 240lbs. I did a ton of research on power towers before buying this one — looked at everything I could find in the $100-200 range and nothing met the criteria of being tall and robust. I really didn’t want to have to awkwardly curl up my legs while doing pull-ups or feel unsafe with towers that did not have heavier and stronger frames. There is absolutely no movement when doing dips or any kind of pull up. The ‘quick-exchange’ dip/push-up bars are also a great bonus. I didn’t think about this benefit when buying, but very glad to have them since I like to work through quick sets of different exercises. All-around incredibly happy with this purchase. (Assembly is easy and straightforward. I did it by myself and it took ~1hr.) Read more

  2. Billy buck fish

    Very solid quality unit. I was worried this may be wobbly or not comparable to what I have used in gyms, however, this is built very well. I weight 225 lbs and do kipping pull ups on it and the unit does not sway or budge. Dips and leg raises also work great. I highly suggest for serious at home use. Read more

  3. D. Mickelsen

    I am 6’2″ and 210lbs so I was looking for a sturdy tower to put in my office so I can get in some exercise between calls. This tower is perfect for what I was looking for–Very sturdy (doesn’t sway or shake), easy to assemble, Multi-use (Pull-ups, Chin-Ups, Dips, hanging leg raises, push ups, sit ups). Yes, it may cost a little more than some of the other towers on Amazon, but if you are a bigger person and want something sturdy, this was worth a little extra $ in my opinion. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I would have given this five stars but when it arrived, the main parts of the frame had paint chips in it. My wife is convinced that this was a unit that somebody else had previously assembled and then returned. This is because so many of the parts had paint chips. Also, most of all of the hardware that should have been contained on a piece of cardboard wrapped in plastic, was not. When we opened the box there were nuts and bolts and washers scattered everywhere. It is a miracle that none of them found their way out of the box. That being said, it seems very well-built. I am 6 foot one 205 pounds and have no reservations about using this Power tower whatsoever. Read more

  5. Mta

    I researched the heck out of power towers and decided to purchase the steel body. I’m impressed with the good quality construction. My only complaint is with the packaging. Overall, it was packaged very well. However, the hardware (nuts and bolts) was poorly packaged with loose washers and bolts rolling around the package. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the loose washers and bolts by carefully unwrapping things, and I had all of the needed hardware, but they could have easily fallen out of the carton in transit. The instructions for assembly were very good. Read more

  6. Mickey

    Very good piece of equipment. Solid, stable, quality build. There is only one thing that I found that wasn’t right on this piece and that was that two of the holes were drilled just barely off enough that two of the bolts didn’t quite go through. The area that was miss drilled was not at all a significant fault in that, it doesn’t affect the stability of the system nor does it affect the usability. I’ll just need to take a round file to the holes to knock back part of the hole where it was miss drilled by about 1/8 of an inch. Other than that I really like the piece very much. Very well worth the price, definitely worthy a place in a pro gym. Read more

  7. Monergist

    decided to build a home gym since we’re on lockdwon. i’m 6’1″ 180lbs and was looking for the tallest power tower i could find, since i prefer to keep my legs straight during pullups, which this allows me to do. this thing is really sturdy and it’s all you need for upper body while gyms are closed. i put it together in about an hour, but watch out for over-tightening. it’s hard to tell when to stop tightening, and the frame bends easily, so a few parts of the frame on mine are squeezed in. besides that, hanging leg raises can be challenging, as i hit my head on the bar while hanging, but now i just don’t bend my arms as much and i’m able to do the leg raises without a problem. all that being said, these are becoming hard to find, and the ones available are selling too high. it should only be about $300-$400, as that’s the price it was on amazon, target, walmart, dick’s, etc. Read more

  8. Gary U

    I was concerned that the unit wouldn’t be sturdy and was pleasantly surprised. I am 6’3″ and weigh 215 pounds. It easily holds my weight and the pull up bar is a perfect stretch for my height. I put it together in about an hour. Gym quality construction. Great value. Read more

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