Spalding nba tack-tender indoor/outdoor basketball

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  • ensure this suits via coming into your model number.
  • respectable nba length and weight: size 7, 29. Five inches
  • top class composite cowl
  • shipped inflated and recreation-prepared
  • designed for indoor and outdoor play
  • backed with the aid of spalding’s assurance
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intermediate size and weight: length 6, 28. 5 inches to be had – 1




.Intermediate size and weight: Size 6, 28.5", .Official Size 7 (29.5"), Intermediate size and weight: Size 6, 28.5", Official Size 7 (29.5")

8 reviews for Spalding nba tack-tender indoor/outdoor basketball

  1. Joe Somebody

    When making this ball they created a smooth, slippery, recessed spot and printed a upc code there directly on the ball. I don’t know why they couldn’t print the upc on the box like every other basketball on earth. If your fingers hit that spot when shooting the ball you are going to notice and it is going to annoy you. So, look at all the images to check out the upc code and make sure you are ok with that before purchasing. I found it to be very annoying so I returned it. Other than that, it is not a terrible ball so I gave it 3 stars. The tackiness is nice but the stupid upc symbol is unforgivable. Note to the manufacturer: It matters how the ball feels on your finger tips so don’t put extra weird stuff on the ball. Read more

  2. 2cents

    Got this in a size 6 as a first ball for my tween daughter just developing an interest in basketball. She felt like she was getting a serious, primo ball, and I felt like I was getting a good deal. So far neither of us has changed our mind. Would have been nice if it also magically made me a passable ball handler and/or shooter, but I don’t hold it against the ball that I still suck. Read more

  3. Cindy S.

    I LOVE this ball! It’s nice and bouncy, has a great grip, and the smaller women’s NCAA size helps me gain so much control over the men’s official size. It adds so much pleasure to shooting hoops! I looked and tried to many basketballs before setting on this. I purchased 2 by mistake and was going to return the other one, but I like it so much, its great to have a second great ball for others to use. A+ Read more

  4. DJA

    We bought this ball to use indoors only. It’s well-made and has no signs of wear after using it a number of times. It holds air just fine, and it feels like it’s made to last. My only issue would be that despite being called “tack soft” it really isn’t soft. It’s made to handle the rigors of outdoor courts so I’m not surprised. Just don’t expect a ball that feels like an indoor only ball (like the Baden Elite or Wilson Evolution). Read more

  5. Stairwei

    Some balls have too little bounce. Some have too much. Some have too little grip. Some have too much. Some feel too nice to use outside. Some feel too rough to use inside. This ball can do it all. It’s the LeBron of affordable basketballs. Enough said. Read more

  6. turfdevil37

    This is a good basketball that is what it claims……a suitable ball for outdoor/indoor use. Nice tack (not too sticky, as some reviews claimed), and isn’t hard-as-a-rock (which is good for my 8 year-old daughter). I couldn’t believe some of the negative reviews I read: Yes – The ball gets slippery when it gets wet Yes – The grip on the ball will wear off when playing on outdoor surfaces Yes – It will get dirty and rough-looking from playing with it outside These are all going to be negative side-effects from playing on concrete with ANY leather-composite ball! If you want a ball that doesn’t lose it’s grip as quickly, a cheaper rubber ball is a better bet. But if you want the authentic leather feel of a real leather ball that serves it’s purpose and will hold up just as good as any of its kind, buy this ball. Read more

  7. Tamra

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Ball came completely flat. My daughter has her first game tomorrow and needed an inflated ball now I gotta go find a pump to blow it up. Quality control should have bounced it before they boxed it up. Read more

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is a great outdoor/indoor ball and although I’ve only used it one time so far, it’s definitely feels like it’s going to be a good basketball for a while. Really happy with it after playing earlier today! Read more

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