Southpole guys’s lively basic jogger fleece pants

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • elastic closure
  • machine wash
  • sp active is an lively sports line of southpole
  • adjustable waist cord for consolation
  • ribbed ankle
  • big and tall to be had
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  • what length is a 34 x 32
  • query: what size is a 34 x 32 answer: i’m length 36×36 what length ought to i go together with by way of amazon purchaser on february 15, 2021 failed to get solutions. See extra answers (four) crumble all answers

  • what aize is a 28-32?
  • question: what aize is a 28-32? Solution: it would be a medium size by means of pita on august 17, 2019 crumble all solutions

  • i’m 129 kilos put on a 29-30 waist what length would that be around
  • query: i am 129 pounds wear a 29-30 waist what size would that be around solution: go together with a small . I’m 5’7″. One hundred forty , 30 waist. And that they appear to a touch bigger than i wanted although they match suitable. I order another pair in more small and that they in shape ideal by using roy black on may additionally 27, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (2) fall apart all solutions

  • is it appropriate to wear these in public?
  • query: is it acceptable to put on these in public? Solution: my high school age daughter complained about me sporting them because guys/jocks in her school put on the same pants. I get dressed on the nicer aspect normally however would not look twice if i noticed someone carrying these in public. I love mine a lot! With the aid of mark w clark on november 27, 2016 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (14) collapse all answers


    X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 4X-Large, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6


    Black, Heather Grey, Black (Cargo), Heather Grey (C, New Navy (Cargo, Black New, Burgundy, Burgundy New, Heather Charcoal, Heather Grey Ne, New Heather Charcoal, Olive, White, White New, Heather Charcoal (Cargo), Red, Black Open, Heather Charcoal Open, Heather Grey Open, Navy Open, White Open, New Navy

    8 reviews for Southpole guys’s lively basic jogger fleece pants

    1. Sc

      I love these, perfect fitment and comfort. I recently had an awful moment where I had shat myself in these. No ordinary shat, it was a moment of trusting “just gas”. Then the feeing struck as a felt my ankle get warm and wet. I’m 28 years old and never had a moment like this since I was fed smooshed pees as a child. Anyway there was no saving these amazing pants so I sadly had to toss them. But before leaving the porcelain throne I ordered a new set of the same exact ones! They are that great! Read more

    2. Jessica Christine

      These are a medium. Son is 5’7″, generally a medium. Fits as a medium. I don’t like the baggy look on him. He’s small but muscular build, about 145lbs, 28-29 inch waist. He prefers to pull them up a bit because God forbid anything obstructs the view of J’s🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄…That stated, they are not short, there is probably 2-3 inches bunched and scrunched throughout the length of his legs which are very long. I guess we may have been lucky, as I ordered 5 sets in various designs and none had holes or anything else. He likes them a lot, so how could I complain? Would buy again and again…oh yeah, I already have!!!! Read more

    3. DLT

      I’m a woman, and as I was searching for sweats for myself I couldn’t help but notice that men’s sweatpants were significantly cheaper, which is ridiculous, so I bought men’s sweatpants. For all the women out there looking for sweats, feel no hesitation in purchasing these. They’re great. I went with a Medium because, well, I have hips. Typically I’m a size six. So far so good. Read more

    4. Lisa G

      I bought these for my husband who is 6’1” with an athletic build (about 190lbs). He likes the pants despite not being his regular style. He likes that the pants are soft but Doesn’t like that the the rise is low…like every time he bends over, his butt crack could show depending on the shirt. Just something to consider. The cargo style pockets are nice. Update: these pants were nice but I only purchased them back in January (it’s now April) and the pants have slow disintegrated… there are a million mini holes all over the material. If these had lasted longer, I would have definitely bought another pair. My husband mostly wore them for lounging around or runnining errands so it’s not as if he was hard on them. Read more

    5. Ben

      Listen y’all, these aren’t pants. These are warm, soft clouds that just sorta hover around your lower body. These things are unbelievably comfortable and cozy. The material is soft and flexible, so you have plenty of range of motion. As to the fit- I’m 5’10” 260 and got size XXL. They fit just about perfect. They’re not too baggy, but they’re not skin-tight. The come in at a good length as well. I know these are classified as “Sportswear,” but I’m certainly no runner; these also work great as lounge-wear, they’re “stylish” enough to be casual wear out and about. The pockets are deep, but your phone will definitely slip out easily, so just watch out for that. Overall, solid purchase. Especially considering the price, I highly recommend grabbing a pair of these bad boys. Read more

    6. Jae

      I like the fact I found mint green in mens sweat pants. They are made of a heavy weight material too. Read more

    7. Beni

      The fabric is piling inside and out after single wash following washing instructions. I have used a lint shaver several times but it has become incredibly uncomfortable to wear, only good for wearing one time. Waste of $15 in my honest opinion there’s better brands like Russell athletics which do not pile as bad as these however those have gone downhill in quality as well. Read more

    8. Sam Mohyee

      I loved these pants out of the box – the style, fit and comfort were exactly what I was looking for. Then I put them in the washer/dryer for the first time, and they came out unwearable: covered in white specks and hair and lint. Seems the material attracts all the stuff the dryer is supposed to catch, as well as the fabric itself pilling considerably. I went to town with a lint brush and it still looks dirty, covered in dust and white lint that stands out on the navy fabric. I’d be embarrassed to wear these in front of other people now. DO NOT BUY THESE PANTS. Read more

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