Sklz star-kick hands-unfastened adjustable solo football teacher – suits ball sizes 3, four, and five

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  • make certain this fits by means of getting into your model variety.
  • solo soccer teacher returns the ball to the participant, for unbiased drills that construct talents in shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, throw ins and extra
  • adjustable neoprene ball glove fits soccer ball sizes three, four, and 5 (ball now not covered)
  • neoprene belt with adjustable hook and loop closure suits players of most sizes
  • a excessive pleasant adjustable cord attaches the ball to the player, and stretches up to 18 ft (five. Five meters)
  • best for both area gamers and goalies; tether is transportable for solo play, exercise, and training everywhere
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sklz star-kick hands-free adjustable solo football teacher – fits ball sizes 3, 4, and five

the sklz famous person-kick fingers-unfastened adjustable solo soccer teacher minimizes time spent chasing the ball, supplying efficient solo soccer training that improves capturing, passing, receiving, juggling, throw-ins and extra. Providing an adjustable neoprene ball glove, it could accommodate football ball sizes three, 4, and five (ball not included). A neoprene belt with an adjustable hook and loop closure suits gamers of most sizes. The ball is tethered to the player with a excellent adjustable wire that stretches up to 18 feet (5. 5 meters). The sklz famous person-kick arms-loose adjustable solo soccer teacher is right for each area gamers to enhance passing manage and accuracy, and goalies to work on punting and reflexes. Portable for solo play, schooling, or practice everywhere.


sklz gives multisport athletic overall performance and ability improvement merchandise for use at domestic and in education environments. Sklz own family of products consists of workout, fitness, and agility gear, and schooling device for football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and golfing.

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the sklz megastar-kick palms-loose adjustable solo football instructor minimizes time spent chasing the ball, supplying green solo soccer schooling that improves shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, throw-ins and greater. Presenting an adjustable neoprene ball glove, it may accommodate soccer ball sizes three, 4, and five (ball no longer protected). A neoprene belt with an adjustable hook and loop closure suits gamers of most sizes. The ball is tethered to the participant with a excessive best adjustable wire that stretches as much as 18 feet (5. 5 meters). The sklz famous person-kick hands-loose adjustable solo soccer teacher is ideal for each field players to improve passing manage and accuracy, and goalies to paintings on punting and reflexes. Transportable for solo play, education, or practice everywhere.


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8 reviews for Sklz star-kick hands-unfastened adjustable solo football teacher – suits ball sizes 3, four, and five

  1. justin bitner

    I purchased two of these hands free ball trainers for my son’s. They have been using them nonstop for the past four days and loving them, both are seven years old and new to soccer, so this is really helping them learn technique without having to run after the ball every five seconds. I super recommend for younger kids!! Now onto the be careful part, for seven years old, there’s no worries in using this product. They don’t have enough power to injur themselves. However when dad who has played soccer all his life, uses it to show them how to punt, if you kick it really hard it’s going to fly back at you really hard (duh) resulting in the most painful jammed thumb of my life! So just bare that in mind. Use this for skills training not cranking up the power! If only I had it on video, would win America’s funniest lol.Yes I know you’re thinking well duh you moron, but when you’re playing around with the kids sometimes you don’t think of it . Read more

  2. Tim

    We got ours today. My 4 year old daughter and I took it outside and started playing with it right away. This thing is a lot of fun. If I thought it was going to last I would give it a five star rating. However, after only about 30 minutes of play we started to notice it falling apart in several places. I’m attaching a picture of one of the stitched seams coming apart. The bungee cord is also fraying. We’ll play with it until it breaks, but I don’t think that’ll take very long. Read more

  3. M. McGaha

    I took a gamble on this thing, hoping it would encourage my 9-year-old to practice more and work on his skills,…and hoping it wasn’t just a cheap gimmick, ’cause honestly it looked like it could just be a gimmick. I looked it up and it has an instructional website that shows you drills to work on, so it looked pretty legit. Today, we finally got out and practiced with it, and P loved it. I told him what to look and feel for, which he, of course ignored at first, because McGahas think they know everything already, but after I left him alone, he saw I was right and started doing it and enjoying his accuracy and quickness more. It works fast, at least in our experience. The boy likes it, it’s fun, and I think he’ll be using it more in the future. The SKLZ Star-Kick Trainer is good stuff. Read more

  4. brittanyshae

    Bought this for my 8 year to practice with in our back yard without it flying over the fence every 5 minutes. He works on juggling, juke moves, passing, throw ins- you name it. I love this thing and I’m sure our neighbors do too now that they don’t have to return our soccer ball every time he practices. He also gets more practice time with the ball since he doesn’t have to chase it every time he works on something. Highly recommend!!!! Read more

  5. John S.

    I originally purchased this for my daughter to help get her kick right. I also purchased one bicycle flags for targets. I took the flags and placed them in the ground at different angles so the flag part is 2 feet , 4 feet off the ground. Then had her stand back far enough that she could aim and try to hit the targets. This had really improved her kicking and knowing when and how to position herself and her foot to get the ball where needed. This worked so great I purchased 3 more to keep in my coaches bag and I now have my team use these during practices. The trainer itself I would say is geared more for youths. The waist band does not go around my waist and I usually wear a 32 or 33 waist in jeans. For my youth U11 team they work great with a lot of room left over if needed. They fit our size 4 balls with no issues at all. So far the elastic has held up very well and I have not had any fraying or damage at all. Yes they will twist up almost immediately but that does not really hurt anything while using them. I always straighten them out and inspect after ever practice to ensure no issues arise. These also help for learning how to receive a ball and trap it. Like I tell my kids, the harder you kick the quicker and harder it will be coming right back at you so be prepared. Overall these are great so any soccer player looking to improve in their skills. A quick and easy way to get more touches. Read more

  6. Jon

    Girls love this! As an adult who has played soccer my entire life (and also with this toy), I can tell you the value in it is really learning to kick the ball hard and then “settle” the ball as it bungeed back. As the buggie surrounds one half of the ball the dynamics to learn to add spin, or taking a couple “touches” before a kick is compromised. Girls even remove the bungee cord from the belt and hold it in their hands when they kick. This actually does a much better job of ensuring the cord doesn’t get in their way. Read more

  7. Kristen Donovan

    So I was very disappointed. When I was looking at buying this no where did it say it was for children! The picture on the box was very weird it had a teen with manly hairy legs. The waist belt wasn’t even adjustable at all. So needles to say I had to create my own belt thing and attached the bungee to that. With all that aside I enjoy kicking the ball and having it come right back. I feel lied to though. Read more

  8. They call me Mom

    I like the concept behind this, but not how it actually ended up. The cord gets in the way and interferes with how the ball would normally react. I’m still experimenting with it to try to make it work, but so far, it’s not my favorite item for training. Read more

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