Sitelite ultra mag laser professional boresighter

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your model wide variety.
  • guaranteed advanced accuracy with an entire life assurance
  • suits all calibers from . 22 to . 50 cal. Plus 20 & 12 ga. Shotguns
  • class iiia laser product, much less than five. 0mw strength output
  • consists of the srl scope leveler to level your crosshairs earlier than boresighting
  • includes a loose muley loopy dvd featuring a large 255″ muley taken via sitelite president rich langner

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sitelite extremely mag laser expert boresighter

the sl-150 is ideal for the hunter and avid shooter who’s searching out improved laser strength and battery lifestyles. The sl-one hundred fifty uses an ultra shiny red laser and only one cr2 lithium battery (protected) that provides a battery lifestyles of up to forty hours (non-stop use). The sl-a hundred and fifty makes use of the cutting-edge laser technology to provide advanced boresighting accuracy. Incredible-robust magnets within the arbor securely centers the laser in the muzzle for steady accuracy. A unique system of adapters and o-earrings suit . 22 to 50 quality handguns and rifles, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders. To boresight, level the scope with the protected scope reticle leveler and leveling target. Then input your particular rifle and ammo information into the covered ballistic concentrated on gadget software software to create a custom laser boresighting goal. Next, region the laser spot at the target, align your scope with the target crosshairs and also you’re boresighted for as much as three hundred yards.

product description

the sl-a hundred and fifty uses a brighter pink laser and has a forty hour non-stop battery. It is assured greater accurate than every other boresighter. It’s why the usa military and usmc decided on our boresighters, over all others, for their aviation unit weapons from five. 56mm to the 20mm canon at the ah-1z cobra attack helicopter. In addition, the us military is using our boresighter, with our special adapter, for the 25mm gatling gun on the new f-35 strike fighter. The sl-one hundred fifty consists of all adapters to match. 22 cal. To. 50 cal. & 20 and 12 ga. Shotguns. The system also consists of our ballistic targeting system software software to create a custom laser boresighting goal for your unique rifle and ammo. All sitelite magazine laser boresighters have an entire life warranty. And, an non-obligatory app is available in your ipad and iphone for use within the area.

3 reviews for Sitelite ultra mag laser professional boresighter

  1. J. Page

    If you are looking for a quick review with a thumbs up or down this probably isn’t the review for you. I’ve been using a variety of cheaper bore site tools for my various firearms for a few years before learning that this product existed… my experience with chamber inserted bore site lasers has always been pretty poor. Since the chamber type tool has to fit a variety of weapons it fits fairly loosely into the chamber and every time you reinsert it the laser will be off from the previous insertion. Additionally they are tiny and burn through a set of batteries in just a couple of minutes and those batteries aren’t cheap. The SiteLite overcomes some of the issues with other products. Namely, it is introduced into the muzzle end of the bore and has a machined aluminum rod to make sure that it is pretty closely aligned with the bore geometry. Tight fitting is achieved with provided o-rings as well as adapters for certain weapons like shotguns that are larger caliber. Since it is a larger unit it is able to use a proper battery and claims a continuous run time on the laser of about 40 hours which is phenomenal. Unlike the cheap tools it is also made in the USA, and comes with a quality case that can be used for storage as well as transport to the range. Honestly for the money it is pretty hard to beat, but I do have a few criticisms. Here’s the bore site process, if you want to do it properly; 1. You need a minimum of 8 yards between the end of the muzzle and the computer generated target. For many of us it will be possible to do this in a basement, but even apartment dwellers might be able to get an eight yard distance from one end of their unit to the other. You shouldn’t ballpark this you should actually get out a tape measure and get it as close as you can. In my basement I taped off 10 yards and marked it on the floor so I knew where to align the barrel for any weapons I was sighting in. 2. The weapon needs to be positioned properly and leveled. I recommend using a bubble level along the bore if possible, it doesn’t need to be exact but should be as close as you can get it and it needs to be stable so that you can adjust the sights without lots of weapon movement. I put mine in a shooting rest for this purpose and use a utility cart in my basement to make it easy to move around. 3. The weapon caliber, height above bore of the center of scope (can be easily figured out with calipers), ammunition type (information can easily be found online for the type of ammo you have if you aren’t familiar with this info) and other information needs to be plugged into the easy to use software. This will generate your target. You can either choose “true” zero (where laser spot overlaps with crosshairs) or if you choose a shorter target position range then the software will generate a target where the laser spot is below the crosshairs. In my opinion this is actually preferable as I have red dot sights and it can be hard to make out the difference between the red laser and the red dot. 4. Print the target, and rough position it on your surface that is the appropriate distance (8 yards, etc.) away from the weapon muzzle. Obviously your weapon should be unloaded while you are doing all of this. 5. Lube up the o-rings with some vaseline or similar petroleum or silicone based lubricant. Do not use weapon lube (it might corrode the o-rings or build up on them and cause the bore sight to not fit properly). Anyone writing reviews about chewing up o-rings clearly missed this step which is right in the instructions. If you are using a weapon .30 caliber or larger thread on the adapter and choose the appropriate sized o-ring. There is a chart that makes this pretty easy to figure out. 6. Insert the bore sight laser into your bore and turn it on. Position it so that it is aligned properly with the target and then adjust the target position on the far wall so that it is level and the laser spot is directly on the “laser” designator on the target. 7. Now just adjust your weapon crosshairs, red dot, etc. 8. You’ve just boresighted your first weapon. Once you get the hang of it you can do multiple weapons in one calibration session. This tool is not perfect. The tiniest of variations in the calibration procedure can result in offsets at the range when you do final zero in of the gun. Additionally different barrels, ammunition, etc., will behave differently. It is highly unrealistic to expect that you will zero with this tool and then upon testing your weapon at the range find that you are dead center on target at 100 yards. Keep in mind that the shorter distance you do the calibration the more errors are magnified at real distances. An error of .5 inches when calibrating at an 8 yard distance to the SiteLite target will correspond to an error of 6 inches at 100 yards at the range. For this reason you will get the most optimal result by calibrating at the “recommended” distance that comes up when you plug your information into the software. Unfortunately most of us don’t have access to a range where we can get our muzzle exactly 27.6 yards or 43.6 yards or 50.2 yards from the target, so using the shorter calibration in our basements will have to suffice. So clearly I am pretty impressed with this target, so why did I knock the review down to 4 stars? Well, there are a few things; 1. The bore site tool is too short to get properly seated into muzzles of weapons that have longer muzzle brakes. I have several such weapons which can have muzzle brakes over 2″ and at that point you can tell that the bore site laser is not completely seated so your site in might not be as accurate as you’d like. 2. For many of my carbines a zero distance of 50 or 100 yards is desirable or even necessary as some of these weapons employee optics that have ballistic drop compensators (BDC) that give bullet drop estimates for longer distances that assume a 100 yard zero. For CQB weapons I personally prefer a 50 yard zero as I know the holds out to 100 yards with a 50 yard zero and won’t use those weapons at longer ranges. Unfortunately the Site Lite ballistic software routinely reports that the minimum zero distance possible (based on the height above bore of your scope, bullet, etc.) is 125 yards. While this is still going to get me close enough to make final tweaks at the range I find this limitation frustrating. It should be possible to zero to 50 or 100 yards since all that would be needed is the laser spot to move further up or down on the target. This is more a limitation of the Site Lite software than anything and the fact that it hasn’t been updated since 2012 tells me that this sort of thing is not a priority for them. All in all though it’s pretty hard to argue that this thing is worth the money you will spend on it. The quality is there, it has a lifetime warranty and is made here in the USA. If you are shooting larger calibers you can easily be dropping $1 or more per round, blowing a few rounds just to get your weapon on target and then more cartridges getting zeroed in gets very expensive. Feel free to look at the photos I provided that shows how I ran my calibration setup as well as what the software looks like. Read more

  2. AR

    Have zeroed but have not range test. Probably will this week. However, if I’m on paper, will consider experience a success. I am addressing some reviews complaining of O-ring tightness, or not being able to slide Sitelight into barrel. Booklet explains that not all barrels are same. The 22 Cal (2 AR-15 O-Rings) come already attached as AR’s are so common. I could not insert the Sitelight, or perhaps was just hesitate to push in. It appeared too tight a fitting and result is it just hung there. But then, like they say, not all barrels are created equal. Decided to remove the first pre-attached 22 Cal O-ring. Although can use fingernail to get O-ring started and then slide off, I used a small eye-glass screwdriver, edged underneath the first O-ring (the one closest to the thin end, not the battery/laser end) and slowly, making sure not to rip it, I removed it. That left one already pre-installed 22 Cal (AR15) O-ring still attached. The unit then slid in beautifully, the magnet catching inside the barrel and leveled. Therefore, that’s my barrel size in regards to my Sitelight. I then adjusted scope cross-hairs as directed. (There are YouTubes, although they don’t reveal my tip on insertion. In order to post this tip, I need to choose star rating, however I have yet range tested. Rather than disparage the product I am choosing five starts, because what was promised thus far occurred. I may adjust rating after I range test. Like I said, on paper, I’m happy. Read more

  3. Scagnetti

    I purchased this laser boresighter in order to sight in two night vision scopes for my AR-15s. It would be a great product except that it chews through 5.56 o-rings like they’re nothing. I typically can’t even get the boresighter totally into the tip of my barrel without completely destroying one o-ring. And being that the boresighter only came with 4-5 o-rings, it didn’t take long before I was calling SiteLite customer service to get more. It didn’t take long for those to be destroyed, so I emailed a second time and received 15 more. It would be nice if SiteLite sold the o-rings separately because I would really like to have about 50-100 of them, but apparently this is not an option. Customer service was great, don’t get me wrong, but you’re essentially at their mercy when it comes to the number of additional o-rings they send. When I asked them if I could purchase a supply of 100 or so from them, they said I couldn’t. Further complicating matters is the fact that the size of the o-ring is unique and therefore impossible to separately procure from one of the many online o-ring vendors. This might not be an issue for most people, but in my case, the scopes that I have been attempting to sight in are not ordinary scopes. They’re a custom design, and as such, they require lots of removing and reinserting of the boresighter itself in order to fully tweak/sight in. Customer service recommended coating the end of the boresighter with vaseline in order to keep the o-rings from being damaged upon insertion into the barrel; however, in my experience, doing this has been of little to no help. The bottom line is that the o-rings, even when coated in vaseline, are too small and fragile to be inserted into the barrel without being torn or damaged in most cases. Sometimes I get lucky but it’s very rare when that happens. Outside of this issue (and it’s a big issue, don’t get me wrong), I have no complaints. I really like the boresighter and appreciate the fact that customer service has been so responsive with respect to replying to my emails and shipping new o-rings. I just need a lot more of the o-rings than they seem to be willing to send. Thanks. Read more

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