Sitelite mag laser boresighter black/red/silver

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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your version number.
  • assured superior accuracy with a lifetime guarantee
  • fits all calibers from . 22 to . 50 cal. Plus 20 & 12 ga. Shotguns
  • class iiia laser product, less than five. 0mw electricity output
  • includes the srl scope leveler to stage your crosshairs earlier than boresighting
  • consists of a free muley loopy dvd offering a huge 255″ muley taken by sitelite president rich langner
  • laser magnificence iiia, <5mw laser output

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sitelite mag laser boresighter

the sl-100 is right for the common hunter. Using just two button cellular batteries (protected), they may last as long as 1 hour (continuous use). The sl-100 uses the present day laser era to offer superior boresighting accuracy. Extraordinary-strong magnets in the arbor securely facilities the laser in the muzzle for constant accuracy. A unique system of adapters and o-jewelry match. 22 to 50 quality handguns and rifles, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders. To boresight, stage the scope with the covered scope reticle leveler and leveling goal. Then input your unique rifle and ammo data into the blanketed ballistic focused on device software program to create a custom laser boresighting target. Subsequent, vicinity the laser spot on the target, align your scope with the goal crosshairs and you’re boresighted for as much as 300 yards.

product description

the sl-a hundred makes use of a red laser and has about 2 hours continous battery lifestyles. It’s guaranteed more correct than every other boresighter. It really is why the us navy and usmc decided on our boresighters, over all others, for his or her aviation unit guns from five. 56mm to the 20mm canon on the ah-1z cobra assault helicopter. In addition, the usa military is using our boresighter, with our unique adapter, for the 25mm gatling gun on the new f-35 strike fighter. The sl-100 consists of all adapters to in shape . 22 cal. To . 50 cal. & 20 and 12 ga. Shotguns. The gadget also consists of our ballistic focused on device software program application to create a custom laser boresighting target in your precise rifle and ammo. All sitelite mag laser boresighters have a lifetime assurance. And, an elective app is to be had for your ipad and iphone for use within the discipline. Troubleshooting: observe: the battery cap threads & housing can also increase an invisible oxidation over time, therefore, the threads can also need to be buffed (very lightly) to do away with the aluminum oxidation. It’s miles endorsed to use metal wool or a pencil eraser to dispose of the oxidation. This may insure a great electrical path. Check this, first, if the laser does no longer activate properly.

5 reviews for Sitelite mag laser boresighter black/red/silver

  1. Whispering Barrels

    We own an arms company, we bought this at retail price for our west FL location. I personally opened up the package, appeared new, but after reviewing the package, it was used at some point. I did my own testing, the batteries I changed as the ones that it came with are almost dead. Used it on an AAC, SF, KAC, and FNH FH’s. It worked well with all of them. I would recommend it this over the other models (more expensive), all you need is 15feet – 25 yards max to properly zero in your host. I used a DBAL (MIL issued) to compare laser strengths. 11/7/18 Its unfortunate, but the unit has stopped working. We have not heard back from support yet, but being in a busy gun environment, disappointed that the unit has been kept still inside the original plastic packaging, stored on a shelf, handled only by 2 of my employees. Will update if anything changes, but would recommend another model…. Read more

  2. kelly taylor

    I bought this for my husband. I noticed that the cursing in his work room has quieted down. Read more

  3. Barry S.

    You get what you pay for when it comes to some things, and the SiteLite SL-100 definitely proves my point. The boresighter seems to be constructed using the upmost quality control. It has an excellent instruction booklet, giving different methods of bore sighting in your firearm. In my opinion, what sets it apart from other brands of laser boresighters are two things in particular. First, it comes with access to SiteLite’s “Ballistic Targeting System” Software. Most any cheap boresighter will work to get your firearm “on paper” at 50 yards, then you can shoot ammo to finish dialing in your scope. No problem doing this, but unless you are shooting cheap 22LR bullets, ammunition is expensive, and taking multiple shots all day to sight in your gun adds up quickly for the wallet. SiteLite has software that allows you to input in your rifle model, the brand and type of ammunition you are using, scope hieght from the barrel and distance you desire to be sighted in for. It then prints out a target specific for that one application. After doing this, you will be within 1/4 inch most times, requiring very little fine tuning of the scope. The software will even calculate custom hand-loaded ammunition, you can input the grains of powder your using, bullet shape/type and bullet weight. The second thing that I think sets them apart is their customer service. I happen to have an IMac computer, and even though they have software downloadable for both PC and MAC, my Mac wouldn’t open the software correctly due to some security settings. I went to SiteLite’s website, called customer service. Not only did they explain how to make the software work, the gentleman on the phone took down the info on what guns I was boresighting, and custom made three different targets for me, emailed them to me for me to print out. He then said to just email him anytime I ever have trouble making a custom target and he would make one for me. Excellent customer service like that isn’t found with cheap imported products. I wish I could give this thing 6 stars, and am definitely very happy with my purchase. Read more

  4. Rusty_In_OR

    So I bore-sighted a few rifles when I bought this around 8 months ago to use instead of the stand-alone bore-sight cartridges I’d had for several calibers. Went to the range after lining things up, and couldn’t get on the paper without tons of help and a spotter. Bore sight settings weren’t even close … literally “yards” away at 100 yards. I set it aside, and didn’t use it for a while. Then I got a new scope for a Ruger Precision Rimfire (22) and figured I’d try again. Even dialed all the way up, I couldn’t get the red dot up to the horizontal cross-hairs. That’s when, just for fun, I rotated the bore sight in the end of the barrel and was shocked to see the red dot turn in a 1-foot diameter circle on the wall just 10 yards away. I confirmed that it was inserted correctly, right o-rings, well-seated, etc. The darn thing is “crooked”. I bore-sighted with a stand-alone 22 sight I had, and was able to center up the scope just fine. Now I know why this thing couldn’t get me on the target. Maybe I just got a bad unit, but now I’ve had it so long that I’m kind of screwed. On the positive side, my cats LOVE chasing the red dot around the living room … so yeah … at least there’s that. Great concept – looks awesome – doesn’t work … at least not the one I got. Now if you’ll excuse me, the cats are waiting for me! Read more

  5. SteveJ

    It works. After reading the directions and matching the o-rings to calibers I was able to adjust the sights on several revolvers. I had tried sighting them at the range with live ammo but that is expensive in ammo and fiddling with tools on the firing line is hectic. The boresighter allowed me adjust the sights at different distances in the privacy of my own home. I wondered if the device was accurate so I tested it in a semi-auto handgun with fixed sights that I know to be accurate. The laser dot was aligned with the top of the front blade sight and centered perfectly. The magnetic portion of the boresighter has a snug attraction to the stainless steel barrels which I boresighted. Tips: -Use silicon grease for lubricant. -If much resistance is met while sliding into the barrel remove and add a little more grease. -Daub some grease onto the muzzle crown itself to ease insertion. -Insert slowly. -Ensure that the o-ring is snug in the correct groove. If it has space between the inside of the ring and the groove move it up one notch. -Use a wooden or plastic toothpick to remove o-rings from spindle. Don’t use a metal pin or paper clip. You will cut the o-ring. -When inserted all the way pull it back out just a little and slowly insert completely. This corrects for an o-ring that may have partially slipped the groove and puts it back in the groove. Read more

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