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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model wide variety.
  • day/night time mode – full shade viewing for day use; black and white or conventional green for night vision mode
  • excessive-definition sensor – excessive decision imaging with video recording in 1080p hd
  • 8x virtual zoom – a 2x optical machine for up to 16x magnification
  • hd photo or video recording (memory card no longer protected).
  • zero
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sightmark wraith hd four-32×50 virtual day/night time scope

  • day/night mode – full color viewing for day use; black and white or traditional inexperienced for night imaginative and prescient
  • high-definition sensor – excessive resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p hd
  • 8x digital zoom – a 4x optical device for up to 32x magnification
  • hd photograph or video recording (memory card no longer protected).
  • reticle options – features 10 reticle alternatives and nine unique colorations for simpler aiming and accuracy
  • 5 weapon profiles to store zeroes for one-of-a-kind firearms and calibers
  • ir flashlight
  • objective lens cowl
  • fixed picatinny mount
  • person guide
  • see the future in high definition with the brand new sightmark wraith four-32x50mm virtual riflescope. Hunt with an advanced 1920×1080 hd sensor, providing full-colour readability in sunlight hours; actually hit the left arrow to replace to night mode – with conventional emerald or black and white viewing alternatives.

    sightmark introduces its new progressive and flexible virtual riflescope, an appropriate scope for day and nighttime use. The high-resolution wraith is designed for all searching applications inclusive of hog, predator or even deer. Customise your riflescope with 10 reticle alternatives and nine color picks to fit you. 4. 5-hours of battery lifestyles with four aa batteries and an external micro usb port expands alternatives for energy. Introduced capabilities include a color mode for daylight shooting, black & white, or traditional green and springs with a removable 850nm ir illuminator with a detection range of 200 yards.

    key capabilities

    the wraith hd consists of a effective 850 nm removable ir flashlight allowing for as much as an extra 200 yards of detection at night.

    the weaver rail on wraith hd lets in you to feature additional add-ons.

    micro usb permits picture/video export and outboard additional electricity deliver.

    micro reminiscence card slot- reminiscence card lets in you to document picture and video and update firmware

    easy menu operation with easy button mapping. The user interface on wraith hd is extremely smooth to comply with so that you can ensure the whole thing is dialed in just right.

    10 reticle options and 9 special shades for less difficult aiming and accuracy.

    the wraith hd comes with a removable eye cup to forestall mild dispersion at night in addition to be removed at some point of the day for easier viewing.

    day/night time/green mode

    hunt with a complicated 1920×1080 hd sensor, providing full-colour readability in sunlight hours; surely hit the left arrow to interchange to night mode – with classic emerald or black and white viewing alternatives.

    day/night time/inexperienced mode

    hunt with an advanced 1920×1080 hd sensor, providing full-color clarity in sunlight hours; in reality hit the left arrow to exchange to night mode – with classic emerald or black and white viewing alternatives.

    day/night time/green mode

    hunt with a complicated 1920×1080 hd sensor, presenting full-colour readability in daytime; really hit the left arrow to replace to night time mode – with conventional emerald or black and white viewing options.

    day/night time/inexperienced mode

    hunt with a complicated 1920×1080 hd sensor, imparting complete-color clarity in daylight; really hit the left arrow to interchange to night time mode – with traditional emerald or black and white viewing options.

    zoomed-in daylight hours

    sunlight hours


    green-mode midnight


    2-16×28, 4-32×50, 4K Max 3-24×50

    4 reviews for Sightmark wraith

    1. Outdoor MacGyver

      Mounted on my custom .308. I have to say that I was skeptical at this price-point. Mounting and setup were very easy and fast. Zeroed in with two bullets. MAKE SURE you bore sight your rifle first to be certain you are on paper. Mine was pointed at the next county before I bore sighted it. Was WAY off. Reading other reviews about screen clarity and having some knowledge of nv scopes, I knew that the ir illuminator that comes with this was insufficient for my 500+ yard needs so I purchased a huge 650 yard illuminator that uses either a single 18650 rechargeable or an external lithium battery pack (Uniquefire T75 850nm). Also needed a one inch picatinny riser to install on the top of the scope. I use an Anker 18w 20k amp for both the scope and illuminator and guess what? Perfect digital clarity out to 600 yards so far. Did not put a dent in the battery after all night use. Holds zero beautifully after a box of shells. My only complaint, and for me this is HUGE.. This scope is a SECOND focal plane scope. Meaning that the reticle does not change size when you magnify. So the range elevation moa lines mean nothing and you have to basically guess where your bullets go after they go past your zero range. I’m a long range shooter and zero in at 200 yds and anticipate my targets to average 300-700 yards. So with this nv, I’m back to hillbilly guessing elevation. Note to Sightmark – Please make this a FIRST focal plane in your next firmware update and add a real-time range finder to the display, that would make this the best day or night scope ever made. I’d be willing to pay more for this if it had all this. Read more

    2. David Holcomb

      I have had this for a week now and experimented with it both day and night, and so far am impressed with most all of the features. The 2 that I think could be improved are when you power down the unit and power it back up it always goes into day mode, which causes a delay if you are using it at night and have to reselect the night mode of choice, and the rifle choice selection always reverts back to rifle 1 on power-up causing another time delay. Both of the items could be fixed by remaining in the last selected mode. These might seem picky but if you are hunting at night and come upon game, the less you have to do on power up to make a shot is important. Saving batteries on an all night hunt by switching the unit off when not needed will be important as 4 hour battery life is as described in the manual is all I got on the first set. I was able to sight in my 300 BLKOUT successfully, while the manual doesn’t make any reference as to how to do it, a little trial and error at the range and it will place 3 rounds inside of a quarter at 50 yards. What I did notice was that while using the scope in 3x zoom, after firing each shot that I would have to refocus, so I don’t know if that is a defect yet, or just annoying as making a quick follow up shot will be practically impossible. Read more

    3. Well Read Redneck

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The scope mounts very easily, tighten two screws and it’s solid. Right out of the box, it’s easy to use. Pop batteries in and you’re ready to set it up. There are lots of reticle choices, I’m trying to find my favorite right now. So far I’m sticking with the traditional crosshairs. The color choices are cool, too. I like to use a traditional black for contrast against a red target on the firing range, and I like red for night hunting. Zeroing is a piece of cake, fire a grouping (5 rounds is a good start) and navigate the menus to the “Reticle Zero” menu. Hold the center of the crosshairs on your point of aim and move the center of the red x to the middle of your grouping. Save the setting and you’re ready to go! Fire another group to see if further adjustments are necessary. You can set up to five different “Weapon Profiles”; names are limited to bullet caliber and weight. Moving from firearm to firearm is easy. Just mount it in the same position, select the profile you saved earlier, and the zero is right on. Daytime use is great; the brightness automatically adjusts for a useful image. Nighttime use is where this unit really shines (no pun intended). In total darkness with the illuminator is focused tightly, you can see your field of fire as brightly as if it was lit with stadium lights. Trees will cast infrared shadows over 150 yards out. Battery life seems to live up to the 4 1/2 hours as advertised. The infrared illuminator uses two CR123 batteries, so it doesn’t have an impact on the life of the scope. If there is one gripe I have, it’s that the video format is recorded in .avi format. This isn’t a terribly bad problem-I just run it through a format converter on my Android phone and it’s ready to go. All in all, I love this scope and would *highly* recommend it to anyone interested. Read more

    4. Walt

      Simple and easy to use and sight in. Most NV scopes aren’t waterproof and the ones I found at this price point and even twice as much weren’t worth owning. Bought two 64 gig cards and a remote power power source for it as well. Remote power source will run this scope for over 14 hours. put an extra IR light on gun one for broad spectrum sighting and another for focused beam for 400+ yd. viewing. Directions are somewhat lacking but with some experiments I had it working perfectly. This is a no nonsence NV scope for those of us that use them for work and play and doesn’t have all the features that the Utube warriors seem to think they need, I am a professional hunter not a techno geek. I have one on an AR10 in 6.5 Creedmoor and another on a 7.62×51 AR10 and am buying another now for a 6.8 SPC carbine. I believe this is the best entry level NV scope you can buy and at $500 it blows the competition out of the water. Read more

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