Sightmark 300blk 7. 62x35mm boresight with purple laser

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  • make sure this suits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • <5mw 632-650nm elegance iiia red laser
  • precision accuracy
  • saves ammunition
  • reliable and durable
  • compact and lightweight

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sightmark rifle boresights

sightmark laser boresights offer the most convenient and correct approach for sighting in all styles of rifles. Sincerely chamber the boresight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will challenge to reveal exactly wherein the rifle is aiming. Sightmark laser boresights make it easy to sight in any scope with out firing a unmarried shot. Stay hearth is handiest needed to quality music a weapon being sighted on the way to make amends for inconsistencies, which include bullet drop because of distance. Perfect for hunters or competitive shooters, the sightmark laser boresight is positive to take the disappointment out of sighting in nearly any firearm. It’s smooth to use and will fast shop each time and money by using fending off extended live fire exams at the variety; use the more ammo for honing the ones capturing skills and for the quest.

sighting-in a brand new scope or double-checking zero on our favourite rifles, handguns, and crossbows? Sightmark boresights are the primary, excellent call in boresighting gear. From prevalent barrel-installed to caliber-particular in-chamber merchandise, our boresights are designed to get you on target speedy without wasting ammo.

  • pre-calibrated for precision accuracy
  • great adjustment for authentic center
  • long lasting brass production
  • biggest selection of calibers
  • reduces wasted ammo
  • compact and light-weight
  • smooth to p. C. And travel
  • sporting case and batteries covered
  • a light-weight sporting pouch protects the laser for handy use in the area and makes it clean to % and journey.

    sighmark boresights use a visible red laser with a laser wavelength of 632 – 650nm and <5mw electricity.

    the quality adjustment screws along the sides of the boresights permit the laser to keep a true middle.

    product description

    sightmark laser boresights provide the maximum convenient and accurate approach for sighting in all varieties of rifles. Simply chamber the boresight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will task to reveal precisely in which the rifle is aiming. Sightmark laser boresights make it easy to sight in any scope without firing a unmarried shot. Live fireplace is simplest needed to best song a weapon being sighted so that you can compensate for inconsistencies, including bullet drop due to distance. Best for hunters, competitive shooters, and le officers, the sightmark laser boresight is positive to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any firearm. It’s easy to use and could fast keep each money and time by using warding off extended live fireplace checks on the variety; use the more ammo for honing the ones capturing capabilities and for the quest. A light-weight wearing pouch protects the laser for convenient use inside the field. The sightmark laser boresight is available in several calibers and gauges to be used with almost all famous rifles and shotguns.

    7 reviews for Sightmark 300blk 7. 62x35mm boresight with purple laser

    1. Trekker

      I’ve seen several negative reviews on this boresight, so I thought I would set the record straight. I’m retired military and have been shooting AR’s for almost 30 years with both iron sights and optics. A few reviews have mentioned how fragile the boresight is and how it is easily damaged. First of all, don’t load this boresight into a magazine and chamber it like you would a round of ammunition! That’s just stupid. Lock the bolt to the rear, maually place the boresight into the chamber with your fingers, then SLOWLY ride the bolt forward. I tried the boresight in 4 different AR’s and had zero issues. I used the boresight for my new .300 Blackout AR to get my iron sights and optics close to zero at 25 yards, then I will take it to the range. The boresight is intended to get you on the paper with the first few rounds so you’re not wasting your time and ammunition zeroing. I did try the boresight in two rifles with a known good zero and it is dead on. The optics I tested against are Trijicon and Aimpoint, so I know they hold their zero. I’ve seen comments about BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation). Lasers are flat, bullet paths are not, they follow an arc. Once again, a boresight is intended to get you on the paper at between 25-50 yards. Then take it to the range and make your final adjustments after firing rounds. You should never use a boresight to “zero” your weapon, then put it back in the safe and call it good. Go fire it to confirm. It’s not uncommon to be 4 – 6″ off POA/POI, but you should be able to walk it in from there. The end cap of the boresight is tricky to get screwed back on, take your time and don’t cross thread it. With ammunition for .300 Blackout costing around 75 cents a round, I probably paid for this boresight with the ammo I saved at the range trying to zero. Read more

    2. Claudio Gonzalez

      Seems there are some negative reviews of this boresight. It is not meant to be put thru the rigor of real ammo. It is a sensitive light. Do not use a magazine to rack it into the chamber; open the bolt and put it in by hand. Same when ejecting, don’t rack it out, open and lock the bolt and let it gently slide out. I had a little free time on my hands so I created some pics. Hope it helps someone not to trash their boresight. One last thing, don’t be rough on the threads. I’ve found that applying a micro dot of some grease on the threads helps tremendously, wipe the excess [make sure it doesn’t get where the battery makes contact]. Read more

    3. Seth

      I’ve been sighting in weapons for years. I didn’t purchase this believing it would be the same quality as an US Army laser bore sight, but it definitely isn’t worth more than a dollar. I tested it on my AR pistol that was already zeroed, and there was some disparity. I then attempted to sight in my new bolt action .300BLK and it was difficult to go over 15yrds and see a visible beam. It wasn’t even hitting paper at 50yrds. I used a cheapo .223 to get on paper and then called it a day. Returning this as defective. I wouldn’t recommend. Find one local for cheaper. Read more

    4. Ryan Niksch

      Really on the fence here, The first time I used this out the box it was great. Very easy ! Sighted in at 25m indoors very visible fantastic Trying to sight in at 50m I had endless issues trying to get the laser to full power and visible outside. Very clear for at night but then you can’t see your sights. During the day I build a shaded target the bore sight had a powerful clear dot when held in my hand but the batteries don’t always connect well so when placed into the barrel they would shift a power would drop and the dot not visible Summary fantastic for indoor sighting for home Defence or close ranges but will take some effort at longer out doors. In which case I would have had more fun simply going to the range and sighting the noisy way Read more

    5. Some Guy

      I used this boresight to sight in my Magpul MBUS iron sights on my AAC MPW. 300 Blackout is a pricey round so it was good to at least get it somewhat accurate before firing live rounds through it. There are some things to remember though. You need to take bullet drop into account. That bullet isn’t coming straight out of the barrel and hitting the target in a straight line. Unlike 5.56 the drop varies widely depending on grain count in the 300 Blackout, especially when you are talking about supersonic vs. subsonic. Even supersonic has a wide range of grain counts which change the sighting. Certain optics that are specially made for the 300 Blackout round will have indicators for supersonic and subsonic but regular iron sights certainly don’t. I only use a couple of different grain counts so I have an idea of where the bullet is going to go for each. You may find yourself needing to sight for specific grain counts depending on what you use. Read more

    6. Dharma Rajan

      Mine worked great for about 3 minutes…. until I tried to remove it from the chamber. No matter how gently you ease the bolt forward on this device, the buffer spring will force the device into the chamber and the device is then STUCK. My advice, if you use this in an AR style weapon, LEAVE THE BOLT CARRIER GROUP OUT and insert the device into the chamber manually with slight finger pressure only. If the device doesn’t fall free of the chamber by gravity alone, use a cleaning rod and VERY GENTLY tap it out. Be sure to catch it as it comes out because the device is very fragile and might break if dropped. The device is very accurate for bore sighting…. but it’s just too damn fragile. it’s back to old school bore sighting for me. Read more

    7. Cactus Creek Coffee

      Built a couple of ar platforms in 300blk. Using vortex strike eagle, was able to zero in 5mins. Rifle was locked in a rest, Aim point was 55 yds with laser range finder. 102 yd target received 6 rds at 1.75 inches above point of aim, technically this will give me perfect point of aim and impact at 200 yds. Barnes bullets 110 gr, 16 grams of 296. Without the bore sight, my scope adjustment was 30 clicks high, 16 to the left. That would have been at least a box or two of ammo to get close to the paper. The bore sight while being brass like anything else can be damaged, so do load into the chamber by hand, I did let the bolt go forward from half way to get the correct pressure and head space. Read more

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