Sightmark 30-30 boresight with pink laser

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your model number.
  • <5mw 632-650nm magnificence iiia crimson laser
  • precision accuracy due to compact and lightweight size
  • reliable and durable boresight that is straightforward to p. C. And tour
  • fastest gun zeroing and sighting machine
  • lessen wasted cartridges and shells

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sightmark rifle boresights

sightmark laser boresights provide the most handy and accurate method for sighting in all styles of rifles. Sincerely chamber the boresight like a everyday bullet and a laser dot will mission to reveal exactly where the rifle is aiming. Sightmark laser boresights make it easy to sight in any scope without firing a unmarried shot. Stay fire is best needed to high-quality music a weapon being sighted so one can catch up on inconsistencies, which includes bullet drop due to distance. Perfect for hunters or competitive shooters, the sightmark laser boresight is sure to take the frustration out of sighting in nearly any firearm. It’s easy to apply and could quick store both money and time with the aid of keeping off extended live hearth checks on the variety; use the greater ammo for honing the ones capturing talents and for the hunt.

sighting-in a brand new scope or double-checking zero on our favourite rifles, handguns, and crossbows? Sightmark boresights are the first, fine name in boresighting equipment. From regular barrel-mounted to caliber-particular in-chamber products, our boresights are designed to get you heading in the right direction speedy without wasting ammo.

  • pre-calibrated for precision accuracy
  • fine adjustment for real center
  • durable brass construction
  • largest choice of calibers
  • reduces wasted ammo
  • compact and light-weight
  • smooth to percent and journey
  • carrying case and batteries protected
  • a lightweight carrying pouch protects the laser for convenient use inside the subject and makes it smooth to p. C. And travel.

    sighmark boresights use a visible pink laser with a laser wavelength of 632 – 650nm and <5mw strength.

    the quality adjustment screws along the sides of the boresights allow the laser to preserve a true middle.

    product description

    chamber the sightmark . 30-30 boresight on your . 30-30 rifle like a normal cartridge, and a purple laser dot indicates precisely wherein you are aiming. Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters and le, this device drastically reduces wasted cartridges and shells. Certainly modify your points of interest or scope, and store your greater ammo for the quest. Consists of a sporting case, three (3) ag3 batteries, and commands.

    8 reviews for Sightmark 30-30 boresight with pink laser

    1. Jaymes

      Surprisingly great little tool. I purchased the Sightmark 30-30 Boresight to assist me in a quick lineup of the iron sights for an antique Winchester 30-30. Not wanting to rub any more than necessary bullets down the 65 year old barrel this tool provided. The laser is very easy to see at 20 yards to line up the iron sights. A great little tool I will use with other rifles as well. In the long run this will save me money on ammunition with rough line ups of scoped rifles. Bore lasers won’t account for bullet drop, but they’ll get you close enough to make tuning a fast & easy process. Read more

    2. Jared F.

      This Boresight is an absolute train wreck! Unless,. I just happen to get the “one” out of a 1000 that wasn’t worth the copper used in making a penny. The 30-30 was more than secure and strapped down in a riffle shooting bench much like a lead sled. The rifle did not move. With a target at just 25 yards centering the laser to the bullseye I adjusted the crosshairs accordingly. First round shooting at a target 12”x12” at just 25 yards……. barely and I do mean barely clipped the top left edge of the 12”x12” paper target. Second round hit just barely left of the first round. Clearly the problem did not rest with the rifle! Using this Boresight for rounds 1 & 2 the Boresight was 6&1/4 inches off to the left and 6&1/4 inches high at only 25 yards. The only reason I give 1⭐️ Is because looked like a case. Not much else to say. I am not impressed!! Next purchase will be A SiteLite mag. If it’s good enough for Shockey it’s gotta be good. Read more

    3. nick

      I bought this bore sight to dial in my old 30-30 for my son to hunt with this year and what a disappointment it is. I had my scope pretty much set but wanted to get it dead on. When I inserted the bore sight and set up a target at 25 yards it had me make extreme changes to the dials which I thought was weird but figured it knows better than I do. Once it was set I took a shot and was nowhere on the paper at 50 then 25 yards. Nowhere. I hade to set up a huge piece of cardboard and found that the adjustments had me shooting about 8″ high and just as far left. I shot it back in the old fashioned way and its close enough to perfect for me. I suppose this one must have been defective. Read more

    4. Mike Bell

      This worked well for my Model 94 in 32 Winchester Special (very similar to the .30-30, has same shell case dimensions except the bullet size). As I used it, it became obvious to me that I had the wrong rear sight. It got me well “on the paper” as I was sighting in the the old 32 Special. Read more

    5. Miguel Garcia

      At first I thought the batteries were no good, so I bought new batteries but the laser still wasn’t strong enough at all. So I thought I had a bad product. Then I noticed the little spring inside was very crooked so I straighten it out and I got it to work really good, the laser worked excellent. You can definitely put a bullet about 3 inches away from the bullseye at 50 yards. I gave this product an overall rating of 4 because I had to stress out about finding out what was wrong with the product. Read more

    6. Walter Seely

      I received my Sitemark cartride laser on time. I like how easy it was to get my scope sighted in with minimum use of amunition. After installing the cartridge into my rifel and adjusting the sights with my frist shot I was about ten inches off at app. 100 yards. Not bad! within six rounds of adjusting the sights I was dead on. Far cry from the usual fifthteen to twenty or more rounds it used to take me to site in a scope. I gave it 4 not 5 stars because no one told me that you have to install the cartridge manualy. Because it it shorter (no bullet round) You can not add it into the rifle like an ordinary cartridge. It will not properly enter the firing chamber. So if you manualy put the Sightmark laser in, it will be fine. It dose eject like an ordinary round however. Also it is claimed that you can see the laser at 100 yards. Not in daylight. I lost site of the laser at around 75 yards on a cloudy day. But it still got me onto the target paper so I was able to work it from there. Good product but as usual a bit exagerated as to its laser range. Read more

    7. Lauren

      Works great… when it comes on.. batteries came a little corroded so I cleaned them up but when using the laser would only work intermittently. Not good for trying to sight something in.. Read more

    8. joe cetrone jr

      I sighted in a gun I inherited from my Father that is about 45 years old. The gun had not been fired in about 15 years. I inserted the laser boresight and sighted in my scope. It was about four clicks off to the left. I sighted it in at 100 yards. My first time hunting ever and put the bullet in the lungs at 80 yards. Dropped right there. If that’s not posting a good review, then I don’t know what is. The laser red dot is super bright at 100 yards so you have no problems at all. Read more

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